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PostPosted: Thu May 27, 2004 9:27 pm 
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The Dark God and his Dark Priests did it again!

T.o.M.E. 2.2.7 aka "Stoke Me A Clipper" is released as source, windows zip and windows installer.

Go grab it while it's hot from:

This is, as all minor version number releases, a bug fix only version, everybody should upgrade asap.

T.o.M.E. 2.2.7 aka "Stoke Me A Clipper" changes

Gameplay changes:
- No more nuke traps -- neil

Object changes:
- The activation of an items with the ACTIVATE_NO_WIELD flag is described
without the line "if it is being worn. " -- masmarangio
- object1.c: Added descriptions for SENS_FIRE (thanks to Scott Bigham)
and IMMOVABLE, removed IM_NETHER from the resistances -- masmarangio
- Show "to damage" and "to accuracy" messages for yet more confusing items
-- neil

Misc changes:
- Missing space in the description of Vecna -- masmarangio
- Corrected some typos (mostly from the forum, thanks to Carg85)
s_yavann.lua: spell 'grow grass' description: 'a grass' -> on grass
q_haunted.c: cave -> building
a_info.txt: some missing spaces in the description of artifact bolts
corrupt.lua, corspoil.txt: 'teeth allows' -> 'teeth allow'
k_info.txt: missing space (Golden Horn of the Thunderlords)
s_stick.lua: 'a thunderlords' -> 'a thunderlord'
d_info.txt: 'the the land of Rhun' -> 'the land of Rhun'
-- masmarangio
- Updated luck spoiler -- masmarangio
- The Old Mage's quest will erase from your quest screen when fully rewarded.
-- fearoffours
- Backport of mostly old helpfile updates: wrong school in m_divin.txt,
comments in spells.lua, deleted hint about shoes in r_hobbit.txt,
ability.txt, ab_info.txt: updated Ammo-creation and Far-reaching attack,
c_axemas.txt: starting weapon is a hatchet,
magic.txt, skills.txt: Updated schools improved by Spell-power,
corspoil.txt: Updated the info about permanent corruptions,
birth.txt: removed corrupted subrace, vampires are a normal subrace,
m_air.txt: Updated description of Noxious Cloud -- masmarangio
- Corrected Alchemist, Assassin, Axemaster, Rogue helpfiles -- masmarangio
- skills.txt: Corrected information about Spell-power -- masmarangio
- Capitalisation: Metal Boomerang, Lay of Protection.
r_pettyd.txt: magic items -> magically enchanted items -- masmarangio
- bounty.lua: Added a period -- masmarangio
- spells2.c: Typo (vulerable -> vulnerable) -- masmarangio
- skills.txt: Fixed broken link -- masmarangio
- Added new help file for the debug commands -- iain_mac

Bug fixes:
- Eating some corpses produced a division by 0 error -- masmarangio
- Wearing an item of life (-100%) reduced the mhp to 0, causing a
division by 0 error in cave.c -- masmarangio
- Corrected the spell selection for monsters:
defines.h: Added RF6_S_ANIMALS in RF6_SUMMON_MASK.
melee2.c: Updated comments in monst_spell_monst and make_attack_spell.
Removed the spells RF4_MULTIPLY, RF4_S_ANIMAL, RF5_SCARE from spell_attack.
Corrected the spell numbers of RF6_TELE_AWAY and RF6_TELE_LEVEL in
spell_escape (formerly RF6_DARKNESS and RF6_TRAPS were used).
Corrected the spell numbers of RF6_TELE_TO, RF6_DARKNESS, RF6_TRAPS,
RF6_FORGET in spell_annoy (formerly RF6_RAISE_DEAD, RF6_S_BUG, RF6_S_RNG
were used).
Added RF4_S_ANIMAL and RF6_S_ANIMALS and limited the spell number to
160 + 31 in spell_summon. -- masmarangio
- Barad-dur doesn't exist, it is still Mordor. Corrected god quest directions
to reflect this. -- fearoffours
- Fixed the speed of Bearform combat -- masmarangio
- Fix for Flame Imperishable from the forum -- masmarangio
- You should now receieve a message about failing the god quest at the
correct moment, and not when in a random dungeon. -- fearoffours
- Further measures taken to ensure god quest relic is created appropriately.
-- fearoffours
- Scumming for god quests (by losing and regaining xp) is now prevented.
-- fearoffours
- Fixed device trapkits loaded with rods -- masmarangio
- Exploding ammo used in trapkits will explode after hitting a monster.
-- masmarangio
- Mage staves were without the WIELD_CAST flag -- masmarangio
- Between quest crash fix, also for Thieves and Trolls quests -- masmarangio
- god.lua: The relic could be created in a wrong position -- masmarangio
- cmd7.c: Preserve the spell stored in random spellbooks --masmarangio
- xtra1.c: Lucky characters (current luck > 0) don't get death fates;
fixed a typo in luckspoi.txt (from the forum) -- masmarangio
- generate.c: Fixed arena levels by refilling the level -- masmarangio
- Correctly cap the spell levels of wands (patch by 'Sumendar') -- neil

Voila voila, go grab it while it's hot!

[tome] joylove: You can't just release an expansion like one would release a Kraken XD
[tome] phantomfrettchen: your ability not to tease anyone is simply stunning ;)

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