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PostPosted: Sat Mar 11, 2017 2:29 pm 

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Spells that bounce off the wall infinitely till they hit an enemy, enemies that have that as well but it would warn you when an enemy has that ability
Or a reflect shield that reflects an attack back onto the enemy.

A way to charge up your weapons gear or whatever you pick up with your own spells doing varying degrees of little buffs that the main weapons do not have.
Or a class that can do it. It could be for any class or any spell or even any attack.
It could make the spell bigger a little bit more powerful or add ice to a firespell or electricity to another spell.
Even change the movement of the spell what it does its properties or make it go farther etc.

A way for you to exchange an item that you have FOR another weapon of the same class armor etc.
I was thinking of a npc in a waterfall you throw the item in and you get a better similar or worse item of that class.

An item that will double the slot of your items that you have. So it would have to be a weird talent tree where you grow another arm or head and now you can have three weapons or two helms etc for all body parts.

Spell splitter or modifier
Split spells to have more projectiles or you can modify and create your own spells.

Have chests that spawn enemies, hover your mouse over it and it will tell you what kind of enemies there are.
Not only that but have items that change those chests into different enemy variants or change the rarity of the chest higher the rarity harder the enemies.
I got this idea from this game
I think it would work perfectly in this game and it allows fine tuning your environment
Poe - Strongboxes
go to 1:38 to see what im talking about
Have another item that cancels out the random variance from the strongbox and let the player do it again till they see fit.

A crafting system kind of like POE where you can get rid of all stats off of an item and use different items to build up a new one to replace it.

A spell that randomizes an enemies stats
A spell that spawns a new enemy while replacing the old one.
It be fun entering into a place using the spell turns general enemy into a boss and you be scared out of your mind because of it.

An instance where people can go into it set up shops that other people can buy from, maybe have a pvp arena, or online co-op/online pvp server grant it they have the same mods and they will need the same game seed. It will inform the person what mods they need and they will download the mods for you and you can start it up. Glorified chat room.

A mod checker.
A lua error stopper.

What about mining, herbalism, cooking, fishing, those types of things.
You go mine and then you can smith the weapon that you wish but you will have to train it up hardcore to make what you want.
Herbalism, you go to down combine your herbs with enemy foodstuffs you drop and create food that has random buffs.
I can totally see this going with this game as well.

and for the last thing is for a mod
party adventurer mod
Can you make a random spawn class spell because I feel if i choose my own guys it eliminates the purpose of this mod.
Or can you make it so you do quests for people in a game through circumstance they join your party. or you have to save someone or something.

Other then these gripes this game is absolutely one of the best games I ever played.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 12, 2017 12:08 am 

Joined: Sat Mar 11, 2017 1:52 pm
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Just how you can modify chests have an item that can modify levels with special properties, be able to erase it if yhou dont like it and redo it again

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