[1.6] Anorithil Guide stub

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[1.6] Anorithil Guide stub

#1 Post by Zonoshee »

Hi all,

Since Anorithil has changed so much between 1.5 and 1.6 I thought I'd share my notes gathered from experienced players in the Discord (mostly Sehn).
Please discuss! Sehn's insane win

Race: Yeek / Higher / Doomelf.
Prodigies: Ethereal Form then Corrupted Shell or Armor of Shadows.

Class Skills

Sunlight : 1/5/1/5
Searing Light : No.
Sun Flare : Nice damage, blind, and light/dark res which you will need for Darkest Light.
Firebeam : Nope.
Sunburst : Nice damage and bonus light damage.

Twilight: 4/1/3/4
Twilight : Add more as your neg max increases.
Jumpgate : ???
Mind Blast : 48 power confusion in rad 10.
Shadow Simulacrum : Good later when you have more cunning??

Star fury: 1/3+/1/5
Moonlight Ray : Float points early to survive.
Shadow Blast : Nice damage??
Twilight Surge : Energy gen.
Starfall : Nice damage?? Rad 3 stun, don't hit yourself.

Eclipse: 5/5/5/5
Blood Red Moon : 19% crit.
Totality : You need pen on insane/late game. CD Reduction is nice.
Corona : Late game dmg.
Darkest Light : Combo with Empowered Glyphs and Sun Flare to reduce dmg taken.

Glyphs: 3/1/2/2
Glyphs : 3 for duration??
Glyphs of Fury: No.
Empowered Glyphs: You're here for this. Combos well with Sun Flare and Darkest Light.
Destabilize Glyphs: Helps keep Empowered Glyphs stacks up??

Circles : 2/3/1/2
Circle of Shifting Shadows : Good for keeping up Armor of Shadows.
Circle of Sanctity : Silence immunity and silence.
Circle of Warding : 1 point is enough to keep melee attackers off??
Celestial Surge : Slow is nice??

Generic Skills

Combat training: 5/1-3/0-1/0/0/0
Thick Skin: Yes.
Heavy Armour Training: If you get Corrupted Shell use heavy armor. 3 If you find a good massive armor.
Light Armour Training: If you get Armor of Shadows use light armor.

Chants : 2/1/2/1
Chant Acolyte : Good but generic starved?? Chant of Resistance when far away, Fortitude when close. Or just Fortitude. Switch for cleanse.
Chant Illuminate : No.
Chant Adept : Cleanse 1 and all cross-tier instantly.
Chant Radiant : Good but generic starved??

Light: 2/4/2/3 All the talents here generate positive energy
Healing light : Good heal?? Pos energy gen.
Bathe in Light: Yes.
Barrier : Good shield?? combos with BiL. Pos energy gen.
Providence : Cleanse 1 each turn for 6 turns.

Hymns : 3/1/2/5
Hymn Acolyte : Good but generic starved?? Use Hymn of Perserverance. Switch for buffs.
Hymn Incantor : Good but generic starved??
Hymn Adept : Instant damage shield. Combos with BiL. Free movement infusion.
Hymn Nocturnalist : Max late game to proc Corona.

Yeek racials: 1/5/5/5
Dominant Will: Yes.
Unity: Yes.
Quickened: Yes.
Wayist: Yes.

Equipment: Heal mod, Stun/freeze/confusion immune, Dark/Light%, Crit/mult, Mag/Cun.
You need 40 eff def by lvl 25 for Ethereal Form so save high def items.

Gameplay: Don't die??

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Re: [1.6] Anorithil Guide stub

#2 Post by Eerevaenshee »

My observations after my last run :
Sunlight :
Firebeam should theoretically help with positive energy generation while doing procs, but since you cannot target it, the beam often shoot ennemy that are alone and outside of corrona range

Twilight :
2 points in twilight were enough to nearly fill my negative energy bar at lvl 50 on my playthrough. I wouldn't go pass that.
Shadow simulacrum is very nice, it did carry me through the bandit lord early and was usefull on any hard target. After the forth point the life percentage increase is quite small.

Starfury :
Moonlight Ray was usefull all along to finish fleeing ennemy at long range, it's the longest range on your darkness spell
Shadow Blast damages felt negligible, it still procs corona & co
starfall 3rd radius augment felt more like a drawback since there isn't anything in your kit to avoid friendly fire

Eclipse :
Darkest Light is nice but only last 5 turn and is costly, I couldn't use it as much as I wanted

Celestial surge do stupid damage if an ennemy is standing in all 3 circles like oneshotting most thing that weren't a boss (on top on the circles effects).
On my play through I did up the circle to have better range for this.

It felt disapointing often not being anywhere any ennemy at all and not triggering at all during a fight, sunflare can give 57% resist I'm not sure you need anymore resist than that, and a cat point for this seem excessive.

On massive armor : I really had problem with having enough positive energy to the point I had to reduce what little fatigue I had, I don't know how I would have done with heavy armor. spydre robe + shadow armor did the trick for my armor need

hymn accolyte doesn't seem to give that much benefit after the first point beside hymn of perseverance, I didn't really have that much point to put there

I took armor of shadow but I think corrupted shell would have been more beneficial in the end

Race :
Shalore seem quite good, more crit and timeless are pretty much everything I wanted as anorithil

also manacoil is awesome on ano and since I didn't take glyphs, I had a generic point for tinker

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Re: [1.6] Anorithil Guide stub

#3 Post by visage »

Eerevaenshee wrote:On massive armor : I really had problem with having enough positive energy to the point I had to reduce what little fatigue I had, I don't know how I would have done with heavy armor.
I thought 1.6 removed fatigue's impact on positive energy; did it only remove fatigue from generation?

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Re: [1.6] Anorithil Guide stub

#4 Post by Eerevaenshee »

I saw skills varying in cost with the armor I took so I assume they only removed it for generation (I didn't check for generation).

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