brawler attack speed

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brawler attack speed

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leather and metal hand-gears have an attack speed of 100% and 83% reletively on non-brawler classes, and with brawler's 20% attack speed bonus it should be 125% and 100%, but the item tooltips show 167% and 125%. This dismatching is known to a lot of players, and itself it's just a ui bug which isn't a great deal.

What is a great deal is that you can actually get both 167/125 and 125/100 ACTUAL attack speed:
to get 167/125 attack speed: you need to enable auto-assign talent points at birth, then in your start-game level-up window, unlearn all talents, then put a point into unarmed mastery
to get 125/100 attack speed: either disable auto-assign talent points at birth, or enable it and leave unarmed mastery untouched.

I don't know which one is intended, but the other option should be eliminated.

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