Dialogue options that spend skill points

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Dialogue options that spend skill points

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One of the things I'd love to see - More ways to build character. Especially higher access to various generic trees\talents.

One of the ways to do it is to add more trainers to towns and more quests that give rewards of that kind. BUT.... It is impossible to do that right now because players will just buy every skill with their gold and will be obliged to do all minor quest for an optimal strategy.

I think there are a solution of that problem. Make it possible to spend skill points in dialogue options. So, let's say we'll add a trainer in Angolwen that trains Arcane reconstruction with 0.7 mastery for gold. Stuff like that can't be implemented right now without breaking the game. Every character WILL grab it. But let's say you need to pay gold AND 2 generic skill points per talent level... it is not that straightforward decision anymore.

Same goes for quests. Some quest may give a chance to train like that... but if it will come for the cost in points. Even existing quest may be modified that way. Let's say to get that 10% confusion resistance and +15 mental save from Yeek wayist you need to pay a generic skill point. Or escort rewards (it opens some room for escort rewards, they can provide free options that are less powerful and ones that are more powerful but do cost points) It also allows to add rewards to existing quests like siding with Assassin Lord may give you a one time opportunity to choose some talent to train but for the cost.

One problem is that characters usually have no points to spent as they are spent during level up. I think there are two ways to go around that problem. First one is to allow to go negative up to some limit (like what you'll get in next 3 level ups) Second one is to unlearn unlearnable recently learned skills.

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