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Reflex Defence, Duck and Dodge and Lucky Day

Posted: Mon Nov 10, 2014 10:50 pm
by Mankeli

Two questions:

1) Is there a cap for how big a percentage reflex defence can reduce the incoming damage and how high is this cap (since I expect it exists)

2) Does Duck and Dodge trigger before Reflex Defence so that you can always get the defence boost to boost your Reflex Defence?

Did some quick character vault searching and you can get over 30 % damage reduction easily from Reflex Defense and you can also get over 50 points of additional defence from DaD to boost your Reflex Defense further (I'm sure both numbers can go much higher with stronger characters too). Sounds yummy but how well does this actually works?

Also is it possible Lucky Day would not suck with this combination?

I'm mostly looking at difficulties Insane and Madness.