Class: Bombardier

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Class: Bombardier

#1 Post by Werekracken »

A new Bombardier class which is a variant of the Alchemist. Bombardiers forgo using a golem in order to focus more on the effects of their bombs and their own combat viability.


- No golem.
- Bombs never hurt self or allies.
- Flame bombs can stun, Ice bombs can slow and freeze, Acid bombs can disarm, and Lightning bombs can daze.
- Alchemy infusion sustain cooldowns are reduced to 10 and the usage speed made instant to encourage switching.
- The second talent in each alchemy tree is now a passive bomb effect that buffs self and allies or, in the case of the Explosives tree, debuffs enemies. The Smoke Bomb talent from the flame-alchemy tree was removed for one of these passive bomb effects.

## Generic talents

- technique/combat-training
- spell/stone-alchemy
- spell/staff-combat
- cunning/survival (locked)
- spell/aegis (locked)
- spell/conveyance (locked)

## Class talents

- cunning/tactical
- cunning/trapping
- spell/enhancement
- spell/explosives -- Bombardier's version of Alchemist's Explosive Admixtures
- spell/flame-alchemy -- Bombardier's version of Alchemist's Fire Alchemy
- spell/ice-alchemy -- Bombardier's version of Alchemist's Frost Alchemy
- cunning/artifice (locked)
- spell/caustic-alchemy (locked) -- Bombardier's version of Alchemist's Acid Alchemy
- spell/lightning-alchemy (locked) -- Bombardier's version of Alchemist's Energy Alchemy

## Changelog

Initial release

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Re: Class: Bombardier

#2 Post by Laughmore »

Trying out your class with a Shalore.

Attacking Spellblaze Crystal with an escort hovering nearby. Attacking with "Throw Bomb", "Arcane Strike" and "Channel Staff". Died a couple of times. With the last attack, Channel Staff, against the boss, the LUA error popped on screen. When I cleared the pop up, my character was no longer visible, health at -0, the date kept incrementing a lot faster than expected in log and the Escort, out of view, died. I also can't properly exit to main menu or exit game; for both, it just returns me to the game screen (with the date rapid-fire increasing still)

Game version: tome-1.7.4
Addons: convenient-digging-1.5.5[X!], items-vault-1.7.0[O], bombardier-1.7.4[X], PlenumTooltipCustom-1.7.4[X], cleaner-descriptions-1.7.0[X], turn_separators_v2-1.6.0[X!], easy_map_v2-1.6.0[X!], inv_tiers-1.7.2[X], ashes-urhrok-1.7.4[O], clean_doll-1.7.2[X], invorder-1.7.0[X], cults-1.6.0[O!], orcs-1.7.4[O], possessors-1.7.4[O], compare-1.7.0[X]

Game version (character creation): tome-1.7.4
Lua Error: /data/talents.lua:138: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'dam' (a nil value)
At [C]:-1 __mul
At /data/talents.lua:138 damDesc
At /data-bombardier/talents/spells/bombardier-explosives.lua:270 info
At /engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:85 info
At /mod/class/Actor.lua:6836 getTalentFullDescription
At /mod/class/interface/PlayerDumpJSON.lua:308 dumpToJSON
At /engine/interface/PlayerDumpJSON.lua:69 saveUUID
At /mod/dialogs/DeathDialog.lua:36 init
At /engine/class.lua:147 new
At /mod/class/interface/PartyDeath.lua:62 die
At /mod/addons/ashes-urhrok/superload/mod/class/Player.lua:24 die
At /mod/class/interface/ActorLife.lua:33 takeHit
At /mod/class/Actor.lua:3060
At /data/damage_types.lua:553 defaultProjector
At /data/damage_types.lua:824 projector
At /data/damage_types.lua:1368 projector
At /mod/class/Actor.lua:8379 projectDoAct
At /engine/interface/ActorProject.lua:621 projectDoStop
At /engine/Projectile.lua:232 act
At /engine/GameEnergyBased.lua:129 tickLevel
At /engine/GameEnergyBased.lua:64 tick
At /engine/GameTurnBased.lua:51 tick
At /mod/class/Game.lua:1582 base_tick
At /mod/addons/turn_separators_v2/superload/mod/class/Game.lua:45
Log file
(33.16 KiB) Downloaded 13 times

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Re: Class: Bombardier

#3 Post by Werekracken »

Wow, that's wild. Not sure why Channel Staff would cause an error in the Shockwave Bomb talent description (bombardier-explosives.lua:270), but I'll dig into the log and try to figure it out. Thanks for reporting it.

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Re: Class: Bombardier

#4 Post by Werekracken »

This looks very similar to this bug that was reported a few years ago: viewtopic.php?p=234400#p234400

The engine calls saveUUID when a character is saved to upload data to
saveUUID uses dumpToJSON which gets all info about a character including all talents, which is when it hit the error in the talent description.
The talent Shockwave Bomb is a direct copy of the same talent from base game alchemist with no changes.
Looking at the code I can see how the local 'dam' (a nil value) could happen if you are out of ammo, but I have been unable to reproduce this as alchemist or bombardier.

I think there might be an issue the local 't' value getting emptied in death before the dumpToJSON, but I don't know why it wouldn't barf consistently.
I'm sorry that's as much as I can tell about what's going on here.

If it happens again and has bombardier in the stacktrace please report it again and I will petition for some help with this.

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Re: Class: Bombardier

#5 Post by gooder1029 »

Hello, I really like the mod you made, I translated it into Chinese, thanks

This translation only talents and birth data.

I also put them on google driver:

Code: Select all

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Re: Class: Bombardier

#6 Post by Werekracken »

That's super cool gooder1029.
Keep up the good work!

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Re: Class: Bombardier

#7 Post by Werekracken »

- v1.0.1 Fix Flash Freeze.
There were no text changes, so no need to update the translated version.

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