[1.7.0] Faetouched Collection v1.1.0

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Mr Frog
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[1.7.0] Faetouched Collection v1.1.0

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DL Link: https://te4.org/games/addons/tome/mclass_faetouched

In the realm of Titania, the Midsummer Queen, there live the Faeries, mystical beings as graceful as they are fickle. Drama and mayhem spring forth wherever they walk, and those whose lives they touch are forever changed, their fates intertwined with that of the mysterious Faesong. Luminously-beautiful and deadly, those who learn to ride its mercurial ebbs and flows shall wield power far beyond mortal magic.

New paths opened by the Fae currently include:

Charmed (class): Ordinary creatures drawn haplessly into the faeries' mischief. Adapt to their capricious will and unleash havoc upon the battlefield in a chaotic flash of mist-woven steel!

Wood Sprite (race): Eyal-born faeries of wood and wind, mischievous and mobile. Unburdened by heavy armour, fly circles around your witless adversaries before sending them peacefully to their graves in a gentle Midsummer Dream!

Additionally includes a new starting scenario with original art, music, and dialogue. Further content updates planned -- the realm of the Fae is ever-shifting!

Look not with your eyes, adventurer. The beauty you see hides terror beyond reckoning.
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Re: [1.7.0] Faetouched Collection v1.0.1

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Quick hotfix to address some issues people found shortly after release! I'm tired so don't nobody explode the game for at least another 24 hours ;v;

Changes for v1.0.1:

Titania clones will not generate lua errors after exploding upon saving and reloading
Titania is now properly referred to with female pronouns
Titania and Titania-adjacent entities will no longer spawn with random classes, occasionally unleashing a level 777 alchemist golem that runs around stealing your kills
Running a Wood Sprite in EoR will no longer crash the game immediately due to attempting to load an intro text from an entirely different addon (OOPS)
Titania's final dialog in Queen's Claim now forces the respective fixedart to drop if it already has (this might stop the intermittent bug with it crashing, or might not)
Titania's fixedarts in Queen's Claim similarly now have their 'rarity' properly set to false to hopefully prevent them from randomly showing up in the clones' inventories (see above)

E: aaand another quick fix which will hopefully address the faerie realm appearing as a formless white void if you don't have shaders enabled!

Changes for v1.0.2:

The Faesong's FG effect will now check if you have shaders active, and will simply do nothing if you don't instead of swallowing your entire screen in a white abyss

E2: dang y'all are good at finding holes in my code lmfao

one more

Changes for v1.0.3:

Fairy Advisor will now respawn your fairy on act if it is not summoned for whatever reason
Hey! Listen! now properly checks if your fairy exists before doing things with it
Fixed total loss of functionality from attempting to draw the Caprice bar sans shaders

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Re: [1.7.0] Faetouched Collection v1.0.3

#3 Post by smithfield »


Mr. Frog is back.

I look forward to trying this out.

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Re: [1.7.0] Faetouched Collection v1.0.3

#4 Post by Recaiden »

Faerie Steps is the only vivacity talent that actually gives you a benefit all the time. It also tempts you to move extra to try for the cooldown, while the other tree happen very automatically. Doesn't seem to quite fit in.

Titania can nominate talents whose you can't use due to some pre_use condition you don't fulfill. Is that right?

In the Arena, is the character stuck with one Mist skill forever?

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Re: [1.7.0] Faetouched Collection v1.0.3

#5 Post by astralInferno »

Charmed is the most fun I have had in tome in *literal* years. It is a work of art that I would gladly buy as a DLC.
Recaiden wrote:Titania can nominate talents whose you can't use due to some pre_use condition you don't fulfill. Is that right?
pretty sure I remember from when he coded it that yes. Titania is amused by making you jump through hoops. :P

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Re: [1.7.0] Faetouched Collection v1.0.3

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Arena does lock you into one Mistweaver talent. I could fix it but without mincing words I don't care enough to do so.

I was thinking about restricting Titania from asking for locked skills but balked for several reasons; then someone compared her asking for Shatter Afflictions to a "yes honey" meme and sealed it as a permanent feature.

(ilu2 astral uwu)

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Re: [1.7.0] Faetouched Collection v1.1.0

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Finally, Updatanium has been mined! The Caprice tree has been rebalanced a bit, our first fixedart has been added for general collection (exciting!), and most importantly, Charmed is now NPC enabled! Terror and mayhem!

Changes for v1.1.0 "Capricious Chaos!":

Charmed is now enabled for random bosses! Cower before the faeries' chaos, adventurer!
Added our first unique world artifact, the Chrysalis! Perhaps you'll find it if you're lucky :D
Caprice is now hooked properly into the Classic UI set for display
Nerfed Refrain's damage boost a bit (20-60 > 15-50)
Encore now resets your Caprice to the initial value granted by Graceful Cadence
Increased Encore's cooldown (24 > 30)
Luminous Sphere's targeting no longer snaps to enemies
Command Staff, Attune Mindstar, and Implant: Medical Injector are now specifically banned from being selected by Queen's Whim talents; this also addresses a heretofore-unencountered issue wherein if a Queen's Whim selects Attune Mindstar it can never be triggered due to the latter not actually returning anything and so not triggering OnTalentPost effects. Lucky!

NPC mechanics alterations:

Wyrds have a flat -80% chance of triggering for NPCs; if the total chance is less than zero it will never trigger
While the chaos created by Wyrds is fun and I want to keep that element when facing Faetouched NPCs, their indiscriminate nature means them triggering from NPCs is almost as detrimental for the player as it is when they trigger one themself!
At that, NPCs really can't be expected to manage their Caprice intelligently, so they're likely to trigger Wyrds one after another!
So, this is a compromise -- Wyrds may happen, but at a greatly reduced frequency, and after one happens the player gets a break for a couple turns :)

Rare+ NPCs always start combat with at least 50 Caprice (similar to, and additive with, the bonus granted by Graceful Cadence)
NPCs are unlikely to manage their Caprice intelligently, so they are given a boost to prevent themselves from neutering themselves immediately upon starting combat :)

Refrain, Pearlescence, Opal Halo
See above comments about Wyrds being indiscriminate.
In the player's hands, these talents read: "Blow up enemies, at the risk of blowing up the player."
In an enemy's hands, these talents read: "Blow up the player, at the risk of blowing up the player."
This does not scan.

Pot of Gold
Difficult to make the AI use properly.
Teaching the AI to use this properly will cause them to unleash immense damage spikes that will almost certainly one-shot the player.
Not worthwhile, overall.

Pixie Finale, Midnight Fireworks, Fae's Madness
Difficult to make the AI use properly.
(May rectify this but for now they are no-npc)

Golden Aura and Hallowed Spark are suspect due to their ability to cause huge damage spikes but I want to give players an opportunity to play around them before disabling them outright.

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