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First win on any difficulty / permadeath

Posted: Mon Aug 24, 2020 4:35 am
by mckwack
Link here: ... f5883578aa

Nothing to write home about: it's on Normal / Adventure, it has horrible build, horrible Race / Class combo, and to be honest I was quite surprised when I managed to get through 'There and Back Again' with this char, much less winning the game :wink: (my last 'successful' build for AoA was a Bulwark who didn't even managed to clear 'There and Back Again'; the one on Exploration mode didn't count).

To be fair, this char was built specifically to unlock Cryomancer (which I managed to obtain :wink: ) and Krog (which I failed to :( ). Then again, seeing that I managed to rack up a solid 1 mil of cold damage with this char alone means that the build is frozen solid, if you'd excuse the badly forced pun. :mrgreen:

Looking back, the defining moment might be when I got lucky and managed to find and safely escorted 3 Defiler escorts, which is how I managed to get the Psionic / Feedback tree. 2 of those were fairly early on in Kor'Pul (got the locked Feedback tree from here) and Trollmire (got the Resonance Field skill from here). The last one was found in Dreadfell (extra point in Conversion). Unlocked the whole tree at level 20 (used level 10's point to unlock Higher Draconic Abilities if I'm not mistaken).

I got cocky and went to Dreadfell after I got my first prodigy (ICCTW) but before I got Antimagic, just so I could get the 'Burnt to the Ground' achivement. :mrgreen: Died once in the Dark Crypt trying to safe Melinda as a result when I went out of Dreadfell trying to level up some more. :(

At around level 30 or so I finished Dreadfell, killed Ukruk, gave the Staff to the Apprentice Mage for the achievement mentioned, got Antimagic, killed Urkis, got the mission to free the Krogs, and only managed to keep one from dying. :( At this point I only had 1 Wild infusion (physical) so was pretty much unprepared for the barage of mental debuffs. Oh well..

Anyway went to the East, got back West, got back East again, and got killed the 2nd time by Vor's Pride Boss. :( (got careless, had all my debuff management on CD when he just suddenly popped out of nowhere and 2-hit me with meteors).

After Vor, I cleared up the Charred Scar by utilizing Lightning Speed as needed, cleared the rest of the Orc Prides, went into the Slime Tunnel, and skipped most of High Peak contents to get to the final battle a.s.a.p. To be honest this was the first time I'm anywhere near end-game contents, so I decided to play it safe and keep as many remaining lives as possible, skipping most of the bosses and hidden vaults, including 2 more from items. Got killed for the 3rd time here trying to keep Aeryn safe, and in the end got her killed as well. :(

In the end though I simply slogged it through, firstly killing the sorceress with swords (what's her name again?) and secondly killing the one with the Awakened Staff. And voila, Adventurer unlocked! Yay! :D

Now let's see if I could survive Nightmare with the exact same build.. :wink:

..or not, seeing that I have to get lucky again with the escorts.. :(

Re: First win on any difficulty / permadeath

Posted: Mon Aug 24, 2020 10:26 am
by smithfield
Its a lot of fun figuring out how to make a class work.
The step up to Nightmare is a real wake up call at first, then you don't want to play anything else.
Takes the things you learned on Normal and puts them to the test.

Re: First win on any difficulty / permadeath

Posted: Sat Aug 29, 2020 12:41 am
by mckwack
Thanks smithfield. :)

TBH I have been playing on Nightmare ever since I bought EoR a couple of years ago. I only return to Normal if I want to unlock something that's just too 'stubborn' to be unlocked on Nightmare, or ones that I simply don't want to invest too much into.

Most of my 'unlocking' builds are either too specialized to take me into the East, or I simply played too recklessly to get there. This time, however, even with the 'specialized' build of this char (1 mil cold damage + antimagic? :shock: ) I managed to even win the game. :mrgreen:

That's why I want to bring the same build to Nightmare and see if I could win it as well, as proof that I have 'learnt from my mistakes' as someone mentioned somewhere. :wink:

Edit; sorry, my bad.. forgot to add credit where it's due.. :oops: while the build itself is mostly my own creation, I did take hints and tips from various Wyrmic guides in the forum, especially Fighterman481's Beginner's Wyrmic guide and Tryble's Weapon Wyrmic guide :wink: