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Meet the newbie!

Posted: Sun Jan 24, 2010 6:28 pm
Hi everyone. I'm FACM, and I'm not a bot. I know the name doesn't look coherent, but I'm a real person.

With that out of the way, a proper introduction.

I've been playing roguelikes for 13-ish years now, though I've never won one. My first (and general favorite) was Linley's Dungeon Crawl, though I've at least tried most of the other big name roguelikes. When I looked into ToME for making my own, I was really surprised at how different it was from the last time I tried it, and from other roguelikes in general.

I'm an American, and have been doing programming for a small company for the last 2 years since graduating with a degree in Computer Science. I primarily use Visual Studio .NET, but I keep an eye on everything going on computer-wise and try to do a bit of programming in what little spare time I have to learn about things my job would never let me learn. Most of these only keep my attention for a weekend or two, but this project has managed to beat that, so it may actually go somewhere.

I started an original module for T-Engine 3, heavily deriving from ToME for now, shortly before the new year, after finally getting the desire to make some progress on a game/hobby project to mess around with different languages. So far, my module's mostly accomplished removing most of the Middle-Earth specific parts of ToME and adding a very small bit of my own stuff in. It's mostly in the world-building state, so a friend and I are still working on what goes into the world and where everything belongs, etc. That said, I've gotten a bit of an idea behind how the LUA scripting works for most of the different parts of the engine, though some details without documentation still elude me on their specific functions/scales/etc.

After looking around at the wiki and the main page, I noticed that ToME wasn't terribly active behind the scenes. When I finally found the forums, it was a little more clear that a transition was going on and that there may be development going on that I can't see. I've done a little bit of reading around here, but I'm not entirely sure who is in charge of what now. DarkGod runs most everything but the forum from what I can tell, but is he still on active development? And who is generally in charge of what parts of the project?

Outside of my own module, I wouldn't mind helping out on the main ToME project somehow. I've done C programing in school, but that was a couple years ago, give or take hacking up a driver for a gigabit ethernet card in Linux that didn't want to run in gigabit mode properly a couple months ago. I could try to contribute to the main engine, though I think for now I'd be better suited to contributing development to my module upstream (unless there's been a lot of development on the ToME module since the alpha19 release), or on helping document how things work. I've figured out some of it by trial and error, but there are other parts that aren't clear that I still don't quite understand yet.

Like probably everyone else, my job tends to keeps me busy, so I may have patches of time where I can't do very much to help. I'm sort of in one of those until April, give or take, but I try to make it a goal to do something to my project daily, even if it's a one-line start on something later.

Re: Meet the newbie!

Posted: Sun Jan 24, 2010 10:11 pm
by Shoob

Darkgod is still around and he does work on ToME... though at the moment Nerdanel and Elcugo are the main ones working on the T3 engine (and module). The module itself is what is fairly far behind the engine, just a few more things that need to get done on the engine... one problem being randarts which has caused grief for several (read a lot of) months. Im not really sure how much work needs to get done as I have only been somewhat paying attention to t3.

but yeah, this is still a work in progress and any help is appreciated

Re: Meet the newbie!

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 2:26 am

I started putting this together today, to help me figure out what can and cannot be done with the T-Engine. I was going to have to do this at some point if I wanted to see what was possible as a module developer, and figured I should share it. It's only a rough draft, but it should already be fairly helpful. The only part I've really gotten to describing is the player_descriptor part of it, but I've gotten some other interesting parts' types in place to be described. ... tation-txt