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PostPosted: Mon Jan 05, 2015 2:42 am 

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How does burn damage interact with Eternal Suffering and Incendiary Blows? Using a combination of those two skills I was able to create a burn for about 10K a turn after about 100 turns using a Thalore Doombringer. If I start throwing in Draining Assault (which seems to really multiply the effect), I can push the damage into low Earth orbit and get amounts like the subject line after about 150 turns. I have Eternal Suffering at 5/5, Incendiary Blows at 2/5, and Draining Assault at 5/5. No special gear, 47 spellpower. Bump attack x5, Draining Assault, Repeat and throw in Surge of Power as needed for stamina. It appears that Eternal Suffering adding to the burn timer is multiplying the burn damage, however the burn damage is extremely variable. I could get 200K one turn and 130K the next. I probably could design a much faster lift-off if I understood the mechanics behind what is going on.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 05, 2015 3:25 am 

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When you add two burns together, it averages the duration and adds the total damage. So a 10 turn burn for 20 damage per tick is 200 total damage, and a 6 turn burn for 100 damage per tick is 600 damage, which adds to 200+600=800 total damage and averages out to a (10+6)/2=8 turn duration, for 100 damage per turn for 8 turns.

Eternal Suffering is ignoring total damage and just extending whatever burn you have, which effectively multiplies the total damage by (burn duration + 3)/(burn duration) which then gets factored into the per-tick damage the next time you apply a burn, so yeah, it'll multiply to a large amount after repeated procs. The best way to accelerate the process is to just do what you're doing. Inflict lots of short-duration burns to bring the burn duration down while still keeping the damage, and to get as many Eternal Suffering procs as possible. Destroyer and Abduction get you 5 hits right off the bat, and of course if you're Shalore then you have the global speed bonus too.

Incidentally, 100 turns is also how long it takes you to apply 100% damage reduction with the Oppression Tree. Doombringers are really strong in theoretical 100+ turn fights, although in practice most fights are over by that time anyway.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 16, 2015 11:03 pm 

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For some reason last time I played a doomie (shalore) and fought atmathon I teleported away because he was wrecking me harder than the last IMF recked spain's rating, when I see on the feed "16.000 fire damage to something" and kill athamaton. I'm still questioning why or how that happened.

But yes, the fire damage you can pull gets pretty derpy pretty fast, specially since I only had blows and the first of heart of fire.

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