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PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2006 9:04 pm 
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A new alpha is available at with quite a few changes and bugfixes, check the list below.

T.o.M.E 3.0.0alpha12 aka "Dragonland's River"

Player changes:
- ToME stats are fully linear, no more player.adj_* silly tables.
Ranging from 1 to 100, with a "natural" max of 50 (awaiting playtest)

Bug changes:
- Creating a new character named the same as an old one wont keep the saved
levels anymore(but still will erase the old one)

Dungeon changes:
- All project() effects(like spells, fire_foo() function, ...) can have a
range(instead of the default 16) as their (new) last parameter.
Check out data/magic/water.lua the spell geyser for an example.
- New "temporary_terrain" subsystem that allows for well .. temporary terrain
Check it in tome/scripts/dam_types.lua
- Allow "semi persistent levels". Saved levels can be set to "decay", that is
lose monsters and items after a while to simulate movement while the player
is away. Basically this means one can have saved level but with random monsters.
I'm a pondering doing that for ToME actually, as it prevents using saved levels
for extra storage, still provides new monsters ad infinitum yet makes the
dungeons feel more "connected". Oh and it means damage done to the level stays
too, that's fun :)
- Many new musics! Thanks Reenen Laurie and Cosmic Gerbil!

Interface changes:
- Babyface renames savefiles when needed
- Backspace/delete removes a savefile in Babyface
- Windows handling has changed to be customizable: Modules can define
their own windows contents.
*WARNING*: Module authors must change lines like:
player.window = player.window | PW_FOO | PW_BAR
player.window[FLAG_PW_FOO] = true
player.window[FLAG_PW_BAR] = true
- IMPORTANT: New addon "module_packer". This allows module makers to package their
module from within the game, in a standard format.
Just press CTRL+A for wizard mode and then CTRL+P and it will package.
It tells you where it generated the team file.
CVS, SVN, hidden unix files, auto saves(*~ and *#) are ignored and never packaged

Monster changes:
- Monsters now correctly handle spell range and will not try to fire spells
out of range(as they did previously, casting when up to range 18 even
though spells were only of range 16)
- IMPORTANT: Monster melee combat has been subsystemified. To use the default one do
This does not handles cuts and stuns as the old one, if you want them have a look
at ToME's scripts/monster.lua

Object changes:
- Objects "power" calculation is now module customizable.
*WARNING* By default the engine just gives power 0 always.
The subsystem "object_enchant_drop" contains the default ToME implementation
that uses dungeon level to roll power from -2 to 2

Misc changes:
- object_enchant_drop subsystem can take a new parameter(drop_creation_check)
that returns true or false to allow or not the craetion of drops for a monster
- Added delete and rename operations to the physfs layer
- New configuration framework. Configs go to ~/.tome/3.0/conf/settings.cfg
Check the esettings.* functions.
SDL, babyface and the audio and net subsystems are now configurable there
- Fixed a nasty bug that prevented module dependent on other modules to
work in team form
- Scores go in /scores isntead of /apex
- *ALL* arrays originating from the C core are now double exported in lua
for double indexing(start at 0 or 1 as you wish):
Index from 1(current way): array[x]
Index from 0: array(x)
So that array(x) == array[x+1] this means no more silliness having to
access some tables as idx+1
- Projection path is now computed using "mmove2" jsut like projectability,
target path, archery, .. so that they all behave the same.
Please report any inconsistencies you notice in the trajectory of spells
- Musics and samples can now fade in
- Modules can define how speed(speed is bound from -100 to 100) relates to energy use.
Each game turn "things" get +100 energy. When 1000 energy is reached things can act.
Each action takes energy based on the speed to energy table(by default at 0 speed
an action takes 1000 energy).
Check engine/stats.lua for the default table and how to define your own
(Hint: player.define_speed_ladder)
- New "random ambient sounds" system. Check out Cirith Ungol in ToME's
- Log file is now luaified and the engine is able to process log files and
convert them in "nice" format

[tome] joylove: You can't just release an expansion like one would release a Kraken XD
[tome] phantomfrettchen: your ability not to tease anyone is simply stunning ;)

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