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PostPosted: Sat Oct 21, 2006 10:55 pm 
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The next version of the T-Engine is now at

New stuff and fixes as usual :)
Including a new death interface!

T.o.M.E 3.0.0alpha9 aka "The Emerald Sword" changes

Interface changes:
- Disabled 'U' powers, they were utterly broke anyway.
I'll probably roll my own implementation in lua, but anyway
it's a few lines of code, you can do it ;)
- Winner screen can be changed by making a files/winner.txt file
- I am pround to introduce you the SLAK(Smart Learning Auto Keys)
This is a special "macro" system that notices when you try to use
undefined keys and asks if you want to bind an action.
The MAJOR difference with true macros is that this wont break because
of a wierd keypress while recording or because not enough escapes where
put in the macro to rid of text messages.

Monster changes:
- Monsters dont get feared when hit, it's up to the modules to decide
such things, not the engine
- hook.MONSTER_DEATH now can have a second parameter which tells who killed
the monster
- Prevent monsters to have a first turn upon level entering. Should avoid
instadeath. Modules who want ot be unfair can remove it easily by removing
MFLAG_BORN from the monster().mflag field

Player changes:
- Welcome back beornings!
- Welcome back mimicry(as a skill)
- player.faction now contains the player's faction(FACTION_PLAYER) to be in
line with monsters structure
- Scorelist is back, modules should define player.register_score() for meaningful
scores and descriptions

Misc changes:
- Subsystemified & namespaced mimicry. To use it do load_subsystem("mimicry")
and then it's mimic.add_shape(check ToME example).
BEWARE if you copied ToME display or player calc stuff, they use
the old mimicry code and thus will error out. The changes
are trivial, in most cases you jsut replace stuff like resolve_mimic_name
by mimic.resolve_name
- Module data is now in ~/.tome/engine_version/module_name/module_version/
So that data wont mix up between major versions
- Gobal permanent data working again(set_perm_data and get_perm_data)

Bug fixes:
- Not really a bug but a notice to all module makers:
add_loadsave() *IS* persistant trhought death/birth.
This means a data saved MUST be reset on hook.BIRTH if
you dont want the new character to "inherit" it from the
old one
- Monster picking up items fixed
- No more crash on startup bug

[tome] joylove: You can't just release an expansion like one would release a Kraken XD
[tome] phantomfrettchen: your ability not to tease anyone is simply stunning ;)

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