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PostPosted: Sat Oct 07, 2006 10:41 pm 
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The next version of the T-Engine is now at

Many nice new things like unlimited player & skills levels and the new "Babyface" startup interface!

T.o.M.E 3.0.0alpha8 aka "It's bad to be good!" changes:

Interface changes:
- Added(and swicthed to by default) the Babyface interface, meant to
make startup looks cooler to newbies ;>
People who know their stuff can just add
to tome.cfg to remove it
When we get configuration saving there will be an in-UI switch
- Modules can change the way the startup interface displays their savefile data

Monster changes:
- Monster can have timed effects now, things liek cuts, poison, speed, ... just like
the player, using a simplified version of the player timed_effects.
See data/monsters/monster_effects.lua

Player changes:
- Max skill value can be increased by modules by additing something like
skills.MAX_VALUE = 100 * skills.STEP_STEP_VALUE
to a script(probably data/player/stats.lua)
- Max player level, max exp and max money are module parameters, can go up to
Player level is not bound anymore to 50. If your module did not call
player.define_experience_ladder to set the exp ladder it now must
- Customizable faction combat
- Player HP tripples in ToME to scale betetr with monster HP, monster attacks
trippled to compensate
- Player levels sacled up to 100 in ToME, this is no power increase but a simple
smoothing to make dungeon levels and player levels more logical
- Barehand default combat subsystem, check for example in ToME scripts/combat.lua
- Luaified the targetting system. it is now customizable and all :>

Misc changes:
- Added music(ogg) support.
Make a /media/music/music.lua file and do inside it:
Then place a whatever.ogg file in /media/music
When you want to play it just do:
sound.play_music("whatever", repeats)
Note this is for music only, sound samples support will come soon.
- Fix engine bug when there where less spells than schools

Dungeon changes:
- Special levels can be persistent but not saved using the PERSISTENT flag
- Companions are not duped when using saved levels
- Modules can customize the distribution of room types in the default generator
on a per dungeon/level basis

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