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PostPosted: Tue Dec 07, 2004 11:50 pm 
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The Mad God of Utter Darkness did it again, with the help of his Dark Priests!

T.o.M.E. 2.3.0 aka "The Most Dangerous Wish" is now released as source and windows binaries.
Go grab it while it's hot at:

One of the biggest changes of his release is the removal of the class-bound "angband skills", that is things like "fighting", "disarming", .. that were innate to class/race. Now those are fully bound to skills, this means that 1 point in weaponmastery will have the same effect for a warrior than for a mage. This should help people that want to play, say, a warrior-mage or other fun combos :)

And there is the usual changelog:

Gameplay changes:
- Added the new Mimic shapes and updated the old ones -- masmarangio
- Destroying items manually now takes no time -- neil
- Added the spell Sterilize and Staves of Sterilization from ToME 3.0.0.
- Added the spell Inertia Control from ToME 3.0.0 -- masmarangio

Object changes:
- Removed portable holes as have been useless for as long as merchants have
been removed from game. --fearoffours
- k_info.txt: Changed comments and descriptions of the items, mostly from
the wiki (Bug # 176) and added missing descriptions (IdeaArchive)
Added article (&) in the name of armours (Bug # 81),
The spelling of some item names was changed: Scroll of Enchant Armour,
*Enchant Armour*, Curse Armour, Summon Monsters, Basilard
Added COULD2H to the Claymore and MUST2H to the Espadon.
- ra_info.txt: Added a STR-increasing part without combat bonuses for diggers
- e_info.txt: Diggers cannot be of Earthquakes anymore (there are combat boni
involved) - perhaps an own ego type should be added... -- masmarangio
- No more blessed boomerangs -- neil

Player changes:
- Class no longer influences the internal Angband 'skills' of Disarming,
Magic Devices, Saving Throw, Stealth, Searching, Perception, Hand-to-Hand
combat, Missile Combat, and Throwing. ToME skills instead have the same
effect for all classes. -- neil
- Water Bite no longer has a damage cap -- neil
- Except for infravision, all innate class or racial effects on skills are
gone. All skills have equal effect for all classes, and races now give
starting skill bonuses. -- Neil
- Mages are more geared toward a mix of Magic and Combat, while Sorcerors
have more options than pure Sorcery -- Neil
- Priests disarm as well as Warriors do now -- neil

Misc changes:
- a_info.txt: Updated names of artifacts in the comments -- masmarangio
- object.pkg: Added psychometry() for easier mindcraft testing.
- birth.txt, index.txt : Corrected and added abbreviations
gen_idx.lua: removed non-existent file and sorted file list
- Updated luckspoiler -- masmarangio
- Typo in s_fire.lua, from the wiki -- masmarangio
- rm_skeleton.txt, rm_zombie.txt: They cannot restore life force, and zombies
are not resistant to nether -- masmarangio
- Helpfile updates for all character classes. -- masmarangio
- util.pkg: Added lite_spot() and note_spot() for modules -- masmarangio
- g_melkor.txt: Added fire resistance for worshippers of Melkor
- p_info.txt: Removed the useless skill Prayer for Maiar -- masmarangio
- help file documentation restructuring, copying appropriate rewrites from
wiki. -- fearoffours
- Various minor changes to helpfiles, reflecting current changes to
documentaiton on the wiki. --fearoffours
- k_info.txt: Fixed name of the commented out portable holes -- masmarangio
- Fixed some typographical errors, mostly from the wiki:
cmd1.c: [The monster] fall -> falls, deleted space (Bug # 80 from the wiki)
k_info.txt: Added & for Climbing sets (Bug # 81 from the wiki)
q_one.c: You felt -> You fell (Bug # 94 from the wiki)
monster2.c: It tries to breed but he fails: he -> it (Bug # 98 from the wiki)
bldg.c: Changed wording of the soothsayer (Bug # 106 from the wiki)
tables.c: Minor changes in the One Ring quest (Bug # 117 from the wiki)
q_invas.c: jumps out of the between -> appears, deleted spaces,
added single quotes in direct speech (Bug # 119 from the wiki)
q_between.c: Deleted space, changed comments -- masmarangio
- book-4.txt: Capitalised 'Ring' (Bug # 135 from the wiki) -- masmarangio
- options.txt: Also removed the options from the help file -- masmarangio
- cmd6.c: replaced the recall activation code by recall_player -- masmarangio
- monster1.c: missing spaces in description (Bug # 169) -- masmarangio
- Modules need to define three new variables to control the chance or
random artifact generation. random_artifact_weapon_chance,
random_artifact_armor_chance, random_artifact_jewelry_chance control
the chance for different types of items. -- neil
- mods_aux.lua: Added default values for random artifact generation;
updated the skill values -- masmarangio
- cmd6.c: protect evil -> protection from evil, s_stick.lua: town -> surface
q_betwen.c, q_invas.c: speak -> speaks (from the forum) -- masmarangio
- tr_info.txt: Spelling of Lite (Bug # 182), Armor, Paralyzing -- masmarangio
- The (Ctrl-Q) Quest screen now shows which number god quest you have been given
and an additional line in your character dump shows how many have been
successfully completed. -- fearoffours
- Help updates from the wiki - lots of it Maylith's work, esp FAQ updates.
-- fearoffours
- Corrected the description of the Disarm, Call the Elements and Channel
Elements spells (without changing the code) (Bug # 175) -- masmarangio
- tome-faq.txt, index.txt: Typo (Bug # 196) -- masmarangio
- s_info.txt: Antimagic: generates -> generate (Bug # 198) -- masmarangio
- powers.c: replaced the recall power code by recall_player
q_troll.c: Fixed typos from the wiki (Bug # 208) -- masmarangio
- tables.c: Removed harpers and some other small changes (Bug # 212)
cmd6.c: Added "and" in the description of ACT_ROHAN (Bug # 213)
-- masmarangio
- m_demono.txt, s_demon.lua: armor -> armour class (Bug # 217)
- dun3.18: description of DimGates: fills -> fill (Bug # 223)
-- masmarangio
- init1.c: The parser adds missing spaces at the end of the
description of artifacts, like it did for objects. -- masmarangio
- Race, class and race modifier help files updates to reflect changes
in skill bonuses. -- fearoffours
Some changes to random artifact and scrolls of artifact creation
(See Bugs # 206, 222, 226 on the wiki):
- externs.h: Moved some functions listed under spells2.c to proper sections
- k_info.txt: Added "mundane" to the description of the scroll
- q_ultrag.c: Quest texts changed as reported in Bug # 210 -- masmarangio
- spells.lua: Sorted the Conveyance spells by level (Bug # 233)
-- masmarangio
- Helpfiles reflect changes to skills (priest disarming and racial
spirituality update). -- fearoffours
- library.lua: Added OBJ_FOUND_REWARD to the tome (Bug # 237) -- masmarangio

Dungeon changes:
- Added the first new special level from ToME 3.0.0, Galleon in Helcaraxe
-- masmarangio
- Added the special level Factory in the Illusory Castle -- masmarangio
- dungeon.c: Level of the Death dungeon is the minimum level from d_info.txt

Bug fixes:
- dungeon.c: Light should consume fuel at a rate of 1 / turn -- masmarangio
- A store (e.g. the mathom house) can contain up to 255 items (in defines.h
STORE_INVEN_MAX limited the number of items to 24) (Note: the limit is
stored in a byte in loadsaves.c) -- masmarangio
- s_meta.lua: Inertia controlled spells are not casted in wilderness mode.
s_mana.lua: Inertia level of Disruption Shield is 9 (needed spell level 45)
m_meta.txt: Added a list of controllable spells -- masmarangio
- p_info.txt: Archers and Rangers gain the missing Spirituality skill
p_info.txt: Removed the old Mimic Cloak (new cloak in player.lua)
- p_info.txt: Thunderlords start with Stealth -16.000 (from the wiki)
- cmd7.c: Fixed Alchemy recharging bug (thanks to Scott)
- al_info.txt: Removed the old Mimic Potions -- masmarangio
- monspeak.txt: Added some lines for Groo to fix a bug -- masmarangio
- files.c: Corrected display of Climb flag, immunity to Nether, negative
pvals < -9. Added Sentient, Clone, Spider ESP flags. -- masmarangio
- files.c: Added flags from the gods and spell schools to the character
screen. Added also flags from wielded symbiotes. -- masmarangio
- cmd4.c: Quest list without random quests in DL > 98 -- masmarangio
- randart.c: An item with pval > 0 (e.g. an Elven Cloak) can gain parts
with a max_pval = 0 (e.g. resistances and immunities) -- masmarangio
- ow_info.txt: missing C: lines reduced the purse to 0 -- masmarangio
- object1.c: don't wield bolts with instruments and pebbles with boomerangs
(Bug # 127 from the wiki) -- masmarangio
- object1.c: mention_use and describe_use list all available slots, check all
weapon weights and distinguish between instruments and bows (Bug # 87)
object1.c: Res Chaos implies Res Confusion (for the character screen)
xtra1.c: Magical breath implies Water breath (from the wiki) -- masmarangio
- Z and Cth monster options removed, as in ToME 3. This fixes, among other
things, the Death Orb issues. -- neil
- a_info.txt: Corrected two typos (Bugs # 140, 146 from the wiki)
k_info.txt: Changed description of Bastard Sword, added RES_CHAOS to the
known flags of a Blade of Chaos (it's mentioned in the description)
files.c: Terminated highscore strings with \0, changed total_points
slightly to prevent an overflow error (Bug # 139 from the wiki)
v_info.txt: Corrected the x size of vault 99 and 104 -- masmarangio
- dungeon.c: Set dungeon_type to wilderness when recalling out. This should
fix the various Moria recalling bugs (Bug # 95)
- spells2.c: Redraw trap status after passwall (Bug # 51)
store.c: Removed '))' when displaying a large store -- masmarangio
- al_info.txt: removed recipe for Scroll of Spell (Bug # 179), added recipe
for Staff of Sterilisation (Bug # 77) -- masmarangio
- cmd6.c: Added timeout for junkarts in the activation description (ugly fix)
tables.c: Replaced ACT_CURE_POISON by not used ACT_CURE_POIS -- masmarangio
- Once a god quest is failed, you will not receive any more god quests.
-- fearoffours
- bldg.c: Research item (Bug # 191) and research monster are now paid
correctly -- masmarangio
- spells2.c: Diggers cannot be enchanted with scrolls -- masmarangio
- files.c: Fixed displayed barehanded damage (Patch from Scott, Bug # 195)
-- masmarangio
- files.c: Remove / restore CAVE_VIEW before / after saving the game.
This solves a long standing bug with the lighting of the dungeon
since the temporary arrays that hold the position of the viewed
grids are not stored in the save file (Bug # 19). -- masmarangio
- cmd6.c: the selection of artifactable items can be escaped now
randart.c: *ID* the object before listing the powers, some re-ordering
- spells2.c: Re-add diggers to item_tester_artifactable, and limit the
selection to normal items due to complains (no ego items or artifacts)
- ra_info.txt: Fixed two W-lines with 4 entries and added a missing C-line
- k_info.txt: Reduced throwing damage of totems to 1 -- masmarangio
- st_info.txt: Fixed the changed item names in the stores (StatusReport3)
- Fix for disappearing artifacts (especially guardian artifacts) during load / save
thanks to SimonSorc

Now go grab it and have fun!

[tome] joylove: You can't just release an expansion like one would release a Kraken XD
[tome] phantomfrettchen: your ability not to tease anyone is simply stunning ;)

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