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PostPosted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 4:33 pm 
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As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta34 ! See
Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !

This is a bugfix/balance release.

Release highlights:
Fixes the dreaded wilderness/map change crash bug
Fixes the smooth shadow "jittering" when moving fast
Fixes keyboard handling
Many smaller fixes
Talents respec! Kinda!

Expanded changelist:?
Unfocused dialogs will not darken anymore, it was just annoying
Ghouls correctly get their speed penality
Added a fourth page of hotkeys bringing the total to 48
Arcane Eye correctly requires level 4 to track
Updated keyboard handling, should not double trigger anymore
Textbox/Numberbox should correctly work with movement keys
Donators names now appear in green or blue (for recurring donators) in the ingame chat
Winning as an alchemist by self sacrifice will correctly record the win
Perhaps fix wilderness map going bonkers
Assassin Lord should not pop on level 1 and always on level 2
Limited talents respeccing available: The last 4 class and 3 generic talent points you spent are always reassignable (unless they are on a special talent like imbue item to prevent abuse). Birth talents are also respeccable on birth this way.
First half of the big LOS/FOV update:
FoV no longer improperly peeks around blocked corners
LoS is now equivalent to FoV
"Smart" LoS: if you can see it, you can target and project to it
FoV has a permissiveness setting that can be set for each level
Distance metrics are now consistent for FoV, AoE, and talent ranges (defaults to rounded circle)
fov_beam_any_angle function now uses "dx", "dy" as input instead of "angle"
Fix weird health bars
Extract Gem now works on high end stuff even in low level zones
Buffed the Void Star
Fixed cursed items
Fix Arena start under some circumstances
Adjusted anomaly damage scaling
Chronomancy 'teleport' spells now behave similarly to other teleport spells
Anomaly swap should no longer be able to swap players into vaults
Spacetime mastery hit bonus fixed
Adjusted static history scaling
Fixed Forgery of Haze
Fix Ambush
Going East will keep our friends with you
Fix attack runes cooldowns
Fix Epoch fight
Alchemist Gems can not become cursed
Learning combat training on the golem from an escort wont lower his (hidden) mastery
Golem Pound does not affect the alchemist
Locked doors have a padlock on them
Ruined dungeon and Arena unlock locked doors have tiles
Fix text lines on very large screens
Fix bug when doing "New Game" after doing "Load Game"
ObjectActivable:useObject changed to return a table, objects implementation using use_simple or use_power must thus return a table too
Fixed using object turn-usage. Turn will be spend when the target is selected only
Reduced the duration of Blinding Spores
Wintertide Phial now has an activation
Buffed the Murderblade damage and added an Frenzy proc
Skullcleaver drains life
Fearscape and Flame of Urh'Rok correctly interact
Fearscape icon fixed
Lure time increases with talent level
Summoners can make their minotaur drop their weapon
Fix projectiles in flight from actors that died using Cease to Exist
Elementals are now stun/blind/confusion/knockback immune
Crown/Bindings of the Eternal Night correctly work after a save/reload
Fix Celia being brought to the Fearscape
Fix Volcano when save/reloading
Reavers's Ruin talent now also heals them for each hit they do
FOV/LOS shape can now be altered by modules using a simple: core.fov.set_vision_shape("circle") . The parameter can be one of "circle", "circle_floor", "circle_ceil", "circle_plus1", "diamond", "octagon", "square"
The Rod of Recall can be used again to stop recalling
Vampiric Gift provides a bit less healing
Black Robe procs reduced
Chat filter options are now correctly saved when changed
Chat log dialog will not scroll on new messages if not at the bottom
Inventory window encumberance title changes color the closer you get to overburned
Learning a talent triggers its cooldown (except on birth)
Fixed the shadows "jittering" when quickly moving around with smooth shadows
Negative fatigue is not possible for psi
Screenshots works in dialogs & targetting mode too
Reseted keybinds, this should be the last time, hopefully
Reaver's Ruin talent damage is computed on the fly so that Bloodlust can affect it
When the There and back again quest is done Zemekys home closes (since he gets out)
Fixed random crash on changing levels
Paradox Mage in the "The Way We Weren't" quest can not self resurrect even if the player could
Vox correctly states it increases vim
Inventory title bar (in Metal UI) fills up with a special color to represent encumberance
Fixed psi tooltip
Augmentation, Beyond the Flesh, and Quicker than Thought are now instant cast
Projection Mastery and Absorption Mastery now have whole-number cooldowns
Psi Archery talents now properly disallow sling use.
Mindhook inflicts a 1-turn daze
Reshape Armor buffed and description fixed
Clarified Shattering Charge description
Quicker than Thought now properly grants 20% movement speed per talent level
Eldritch Blow and Eldritch Fury no longer produce errors when used without a shield
Eldritch Fury can now properly daze
Golem Crush now correctly checks the target's susceptibility to pin instead of stun
Invisibility and Darkest Light reduce your damage output while invisible
Invisibility drains less mana
Invisibility Runes do not have charges anymore but prevent healing while active and reduce damage output
Removed speed runes
Made horror talent descriptions clearer
Anomalies now reduce paradox when they occur depending on the cost of the talent that triggered them (the anomaly that does damage to spacetime still exists however)
Anomalies are now called before failure checks so the player can't hit a point where it's impossible to trigger an anomaly
Rethread and Gather the Threads now have mechanics to reduce paradox
Energy Decompositoin description clarified
Brawler birth description clarified
On birth all talents are respecable
Rebalanced Epoch
Various chronomancy fixes

Have fun!

PS: svn 4439

[tome] joylove: You can't just release an expansion like one would release a Kraken XD
[tome] phantomfrettchen: your ability not to tease anyone is simply stunning ;)

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