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PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, 2010 3:56 pm 
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As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta7 !

Maybe a bit less stuff in this release because the rebalancing of class/generic talents and the Alchemist class took much much time, but it’s all for the best!

I am going for a week and I did not want my fellow players/testers to miss the alchemists!

Release highlights:

* Much balancing and fixes
* Screen UI change
* New Class: Alchemists (base, no unlock needed), infuse mana in gems to throw them like bombs, control your golem and harness the true power of your staff!

Expanded changelist:

* Check encumberance upon strength change
* Changed left side panel, shows less useless info, shows current effects, displays minimap
* Fixed a bug with negative weapon power
* Begin turning easy mode into a tutorial, not done yet, disabled
* Fixed stores
* Fixed Get Quantity prompt
* Weapon training talents now tell what effect they have
* Fixed anaconda rank (no it’s not an elite boss!)
* Left mouse drag does not move the player
* Renamed talents to “class talents” and skills to “generic talents”
* Restored 3 stats points, 2 class talent points and 1 generic talent point at birth
* Tweaked a lot of talents to switch between class/generic
* Tweaked a lot of classes have a better balance of class/generic talents
* Replaced 2handed weapon talent “Crush” with “Blood Frenzy”
* Fixed ranged defense stat to affect ranged attacks instead of melee ones
* Remove out of focus sleeping mode to prevent the dreaded black screen bug
* Increased exp curve
* Health talent requires more CON
* NPCs get some random resists as they levelup
* Reduced Feather Wind defense bonus
* PlayerRest interface can now be used to rest for various events
* Fix Sun Flare damage
* Resizing the window does not make mouse movement bug
* Fyrk got more life
* Staves do elemental damage
* resolvers.rngtable{} added
* If actors die from a DOT they wont act upon their death
* Zone:makeEntity() now can accept a fifth parameter, if true it will filter by generating a probability table with the filter, this way there is no possibility of not getting an item that is possible to get
* Rings of invisibility and amulets of telepathy now have a cost to using them
* Sanity checks to level generators, thanks shoob
* New class: ActorsSeenDisplay, it displays a list of currently seen actors
* Tab will now switch between hotkey & actors seen display
* Resting in water will fail if the player has no water breathing
* Many character dump improvments by shani
* New class: Alchemists, mage subclass, available from start
* Note in the UseTalent dialog which talents are currently sustained
* Fixed kinetic (now phase), of deflection, .. type of egos to not erase the previous stat of the object but add to it
* All bosses are immmune to instant kill abilities
* Bad shaders should not crash the engine, just not work

Have fun!

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