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PostPosted: Mon May 12, 2008 6:46 pm 
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Unexpected it was, but it did happen, so behold the new T.o.M.E. 2.3.5!
Grab it at
Windows & Mac ports should follow quickly.

This is a bugfix release, everybody should upgrade.

Thanks to Phillip Neiswanger and Neil Stevens for their efforts!

T.o.M.E 2.3.5 aka "Into the unknown" changes

Interface changes:
- The X11 and Xaw interfaces now save the dungeon and player when the
window is closed.
- Fixed cpu churning bug that occurs when using certain window managers and
ToME is maximized.

Gameplay changes:
- Player speed now set correctly when Demon Hide corruption is enabled.
- ToME now correctly sets various Balrog flags when player in Balrog form.
- ToME now correctly sets the teleport flags when teleport corruption is
- ToME now uses the file when generating princess quests.
- Bigs changes for generate.c to get it to produce the princess and thrain
rooms. Also code clean up of room geranation code.

Object changes:
- Slings of Buckland can now be generated.
- Wiki Bug 510. Added the WIELD_CAST flag to all artifact instruments to
fix problems when casting spells.

Misc changes:
- Fixed small typo in the commands help file.
- Added help for the Mathom House.
- Fixed various compile time warnings in various files.
- Added makefile support for main-gtk2.c in makefile.std
- Values found in documentation for spectral race modifiers now match values
found in p_info.txt.
- Wiki Bug 837. Removed references to old inscriptions handling code in
- Wiki Bug 564. Do not use the word 'restrict' as a variable name anymore.
It conflicts with keywords used by the Sun Studio Compiler.
- Wiki Bug 517. Fixed incorrect descriptoin of artifacts in help files.
- Changed description of Disarm spell to more accurately reflect what it
- ToME now correctly compiles main-gtk2.c on 64-bit machines.

Bug fixes:
- Wiki Bugs 841, 405, 360. Changes to get ToME to correctly build 64-bit
- Applied killerbunnies patch to identify objects on grid before squelching.
- Applied killer bunnies patch to keep the fate "you are fated to find
something special" from creating something special with an inappropriate
base object.
- Applied killerbunnies patch stops symbiotes from gaining levels simply
by being hypnotized and released.
- ToME now saves tim_fly, tim_poison, tim_regen and tim_regen_power.
- Stores now display the inventory correctly after a purchase.
- The race the legends display now works correctly with more than 10 dead
characters in history.
- Characters are no longer generated with 0 mana points.
- Wiki Bug 839. ToME no longer penalizes an object when it is not actually
- Wiki Bug 838. The melee style will now switch correctly from Bear to the
primary melee style when switching out of Bear form.
- Wiki Bug 826. The inventory and equipment windows now update when the
player identifies the entire pack or uses the *Greater Identify* spell.
- Wiki Bug 819. No more bogus level leaving messages.
- Wiki Bug 722. ToME no longer crashes purple staircases have been trapped.
- Wiki Bug 624. Ensure savefiles go to save and not scpt when using modules.
- Wiki Bug 537. Partial fix of infinite loop during stair allocation on
small levels.
- Wiki Bug 530. ToME no longer drops items inappropriately when changing
melee styles.
- Wiki Bug 528. Character dumps now show the correct number of princess and
lost sword quests.
- Wiki Bug 526. ToME no longer enters an infinite loop when fighting in
bare-hand combat sylte and bare-hand skill is < 1.
- Wiki Bug 523. All types of recall check if the user really wants to leave
a unique level.
- Wiki Bug 506. ToME no longer crashes attempting to drop non-existant
- Wiki Bug 419. Use SKILL_BOULDER instead of SKILL_ARCHERY when throwing
a boulder.
- Wiki Bug 411. Black breath no longer gets 3 chances to happen.
- Wiki Bug 394 and 393. Inertia Control autocasting can no longer cast a
spell when antimagic field > 0 or when wielding a dark sword.
- Wiki Bug 334. Companions are no longer saved in dungone save files.
- Work around Mac OS 10.4.11 getlogin() bug - Neil
- Wiki Bug 397. ToME no longer crashes on XP and Vista systems when viewing
quests or other info from the knowledge menu.

Have fun!

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