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PostPosted: Sun Jun 15, 2003 8:14 pm 
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The mad god with the help of his dark priests did it again ! Source,
windows and dos(ibm) compiles are available on

This release, as usual, adds or change quite a lot of things, but the
biggest of them is modules.

What is a module ? It is a set of text files and lua scripts that uses the
ToME core engine(T-Engine) to create a new game. It can be seen as
"variants-made-easy" :) The changes can range form some small mods, to a
total overhaul of the game(and I mean, total :).

Modules also remove the need to do various ports for each platforms as
they only use lua scripts and text files. To install a mod you just
uncompress it in the lib/mods directory, the T-Engine will then
automagically(at least on windows & unix) detect it and ask which module
to play.

To support and help module makers I have opened a new site at:

This lets module makers upload their module to the common repository. It
also contains a list of small scripts & other packages implementing new
ideas, or simply helpful stuff.

There is already a handful of modules being developed by various people,
feel free to join :)

The ToME API exported to lua is also being fully documented and shall be
available soon.

To help module makers there is also a new utility being developed: Scribe.
Scribe is a portable(being java program ;) module editor able to
understand various info files format and present them in a nicer way. It
currently supports d_info, p_info, a_info, k_info, e_info, misc.txt, lua
scripts(syntax coloration), and no editors are being worked on(map editor
;). Note that it is far from complete but can still be quite helpful. It
acn be found on

Voila voila, quite a long announcement :)

Have fun!

Here is a not so complete, but still quite long change log:

Interface changes:
- Work / fixes in spoiler creation (items, essences, menu) -- masmarangio
- Add columns, tweak UI in character info sheet -- markrax - Updated the
artifact spoiler creation -- masmarangio - Cleaned up some code in the
character info sheet -- masmarangio - Allowed the user to abort when asked
to engrave on a grid. Also, don't
let the player engrave on a grid with no mana. Thanks to Pav of for this patch. -- takkaria
- Updated the broken spell spoiler creation (works for the bookless
LUA schools should be added -- masmarangio
- Unidentified objects are marked in slate(the inventory letter) -
Stores/homes inventory letters are colored just like inventory/equipment
thanks to Pav
- Better fountain command interface. -- Kusunose - squeltch.c: Ask for
overwriting rules file and display saving message in the
same box -- masmarangio
- wizard2.c: Initialised the lua command (^A >) with the help file index
generation -- masmarangio
- Automatizer can now be used to auto-inscribe items, thanks to jepler -
Automatizer can now display rules in a more english like maner, xml mode
is also available, switch by pressing 'x', thanks to jepler
- z) slot is hidden until needed -- thanks to Scott Bigham - Some cosmetic
changes and improvements to char dumps -- thanks to Scott Bigham -
Hopeless attempts to dig will be noticed to the player -- thanks to jepler
- Useless but fun, when a wield monster takes damage instead of you
the monster will be named. If you named it(with the #foo inscription)
- Boomerangs now display damage with 'I'nspecting, thanks to Scott Bigham
- Genocide and genocide like effects that require monster race now allow
targetting of a monster to select the race. Gfx users can now correctly
genocide :)
- d/s and g/p work in both home & stores. Pfft. - Only show enemies in the
uniques list -- neil - X11 port can now do text selection copy&paste with
the mouse, thanks to kieron - Show "ironman_rooms" setting in the
character dump -- neil - Automatizer rules now have an module attribute,
defaulting to "ToME". The
module name is case sensitive, as always. <rule module="ToME"
name="Die" type="destroy"> will only destroy items when you're playing
the ToME module. -- neil
- Somewhat nicer char screen, thanks to lemmings(I think ;) - Some junk
removed from the character resistances grid -- neil - Reworked 16x16 gfx
by - '+' command(alter terrain) wil ltry to open
doors instead of tunneling
- Turned on by default the linear stats display - Maxxed stats now show a
"!" in the character screen and dump, too -- neil - ToME should try harder
to use proper thematic flooring when appropriate
-- neil
- No more spell list window flag. It hadn't done anything since ToME 2.0
anyway -- neil
- The player now gets warned during race/class/subrace selection that a
class is experimental. -- neil
- Princess quest reward selection is not cancelable - Autoroller now uses
linear stats when requested - Object window will now display the
'I'nspection of the last manipulated
- Inscription and discount clauses for the automatizer thanks to Scott

Gameplay changes:
- Princess now offer 3 reward and the player selects one - Applied the
Artifact Activation patch -- masmarangio - Alchemists can no longer make
artifacts granting Precognition or Immunity
to Nether -- neil
- God quest wont trigger for Lost Souls until they reach the surface -
Summoner can extract totems from skeletons / carapaces. -- masmarangio -
Trees are now passable by wraith beings. Monsters that fly will pass
Dead small trees will be dead small trees. Monsters tunneling will also
destroy trees
- Trees/grass can only grow one some terrains(yes that DO exclude lava;) -
Wielding the One Ring now has real disadvantages, you've been warned :)
What ? I didn't mention what disadvantages ? Oh yes, I didn't.
- Bump required level and difficulty rating of Minas Anor quest, as the
trees changes have made it just a little harder. -- neil
- The lost temples for god quests now have harder monsters to make the
gain rather more substantial and obvious I hope. Deeper monsters appear
as player clvl increases. -- fearoffours
- Fixed the teleport-level ability of Deathmolds, so they
can teleport out of a dungeon, instead of getting a message saying
there's only air above them. -- WeZ
- A new quest! An ultra ending! "Falling Toward Apotheosis"
After banning Morgoth spirit in the Void, you can pursue him there to
forever end the darkness. But beware, it is more than likely that you
will die. But for the few that succeed, the fame will be great! Note:
you can only do it if you choosed the way of Good and thus destroyed the
One Ring. An evil ultra ending is planned and will come a bit latter.
- Another new quest! An old mage in Minas Anor needs help, too. -- neil -
Bree house is not available from start anymore, you have to get it
as a reward from the thieves quest
- The Lothlorien and Gondolin homes aren't free anymore, either -- neil -
The Minas Anor and Khazad-dum homes must be won, too -- neil - Random
quest are now disabled when persistent dungeon levels are enabled.
-- neil
- Singing happy drunks will freely accept alcoholic beverages from you.
-- fearoffours
- Angband now blocks the magic of the Thunderlords' Nest -- neil - The god
quest is a (little) bit more forgiving about the direction the
dungeon lies in, and you also get an approximation of it's distance. --

Monster changes:
- Give Farmer Maggot the NO_TARGET flag -- neil - Companions and pet
uniques can now be killed

Object changes:
- Removed the double pval for Mana-items (40%)(+2). The description of
Mana and Life items is now with percents. -- masmarangio
- Centered Map around Minas Anor -- masmarangio - CURSED two items with
HEAVY_CURSE, thanks jup -- markrax - CURSED Ring of Durin (had
HEAVY_CURSE), thanks jup -- markrax - Added description from Sangband to
the Shield of Gil-Galad -- masmarangio - init1.c: added two times
OBJ_FOUND_SPECIAL -- masmarangio - generate.c: OBJ_FOUND_MONSTER for final
artifacts / objects -- masmarangio - cmd7.c: Added OBJ_FOUND_SELFMADE for
created items/artifacts -- masmarangio - e_info.txt: Added indestructible
and cursed amulets to simplify alchemy
-- masmarangio
- New artifact: The Sling of the Thain -- neil - Cloak of Air. Generates
an air bubble around you so you can breath.
Just in case you need it ..
- Lebohaum activation is now true to the original material.. - Dragon
Scale Mail now has more options for egos and random artifacts
-- neil
- Wishing for dual ego items works
- Goods stolen from stores now get a 100% discount. -- neil - Handmade
items like arrows and totems are fully identified -- neil - The artifact
that had aggravation and a stealth bonus no longer has
that useless stealth bonus -- neil
- It's now much harder for sentient weapons to get the Acid realm -- neil
- Beat down the power of randart rings yet more -- neil - heavy Xbows of
Siegecraft, thanks to Fang - Ingeborg S. Norden's artifact bolts added --
neil - Boomerangs now have just a 1% chance to break, have their chance to
improved by Boomerang-mastery, get sold in shops, and are a bit less
rare -- neil

Player changes:
- Boulder throwing skill :) For Ents .. Don't get used to it as I don't
if I'll let it in
- Added dynamic subrace. This means that "things" in the game can somewhat
change your subrace. This is used by the 3 new Vampire corruptions,
which when combined will permanently turn you into a full blown Vampire.
The Vampire subrace has been removed, it might come back as a template
for the corruptions, or not. All others undead subrace will have the
same fate. This means that soon you'll be able to turn into an undead
rather than start as one. The penalties will be tweaked too so we don't
end up with every char being an undead.
- p_info.txt: Updated, compacted history-chart. Trolls, Orcs, Elves with
entries, some other small changes. Deleted the unused races --
- Extra HP bonus(from quest, melkor, ...) is applied before sorcery
penality - Bard class is back(was called Harper before) with a new Music
Instruments carries the spells, and they work a bit like Psi foci in
psiband. An instrument (+2) can only play songs that are marked (I) or
(II) not (III) or (IV)
- Mana is now function of the Magic skill and either INT or WIS, whichever
is higher
- Probability travel level teleport ability & teleport level spells
wont work in some dungeon
- Dwarves get a bonus to axe mastery, as they rightfully should - All
mages start with 0.1 less mod to Sorcery. Specialists dont have sorcery.
Runecrafters dont iether, nor Alchemists. Thaumaturgists do. Specialists
also get a bit better Spell-power
- The adventurer quest skill reward will now only provide a modifier of
if you dont have the skill, but if you have it it will improve the
modifier by 0.1 if it is below 0.5
- Trolls cannot get the troll blood corruption - At Monster lore skill
level 12 one can turn a pet in a loyal companion.
Note that you are limited in companion number
- Reduced Necromancy spell failure damage - Skill multipliers of Rogues
and Assassins are higher now. -- neil - Some skills have more chances to
be taugth than others by fumblefinger - Melkor Curse spell autocast chance
formula changed - Spellbinder spell will reveal more info about itself
when cast while
already active
- Increase Mage's Weaponmastery Multiplier by 0.1 -- neil - Experimentally
double Barehanded Combat martial arts damage dice
to make Monks more attractive -- neil
- One can now steal from more places -- neil - Shots now pierce when they
used to ricochet in random directions -- neil - Piercing shots are now
togglable -- neil - If you play something experimental, it now shows up in
the character
dump. Alchemists and Death Molds are marked as such for now -- neil
- Necromantic magic got a new spell: Necromantic Teeth - Abilities.
Abilities are like skills, but are booleans. That is
you either know them or not, there is no scale. One can learn abilities
by spending skill points in the abilitie screen(press 'N'). Abilities
can have prerequisites to be meet before one can learn them. (Like some
can need a stat level, a skill level, ...) Some classes get abilities
for free at certain level. Like warriors will get Spread-blows ability
at level 25 for free(even if they dont actually meet the prereqs).
- All classes now get 4 max blows. But there abilities that can increase
the max. Warriors gets them for free at birth, and other classes also
get some so they are not less powerful than before the change. This will
however help people create warrior-mages for example.
- New skill: Geomancy, works in combinaison with the 4 elemental skills
to produce various effects from the raw elements around teh caster
(grass, sand, ...). Elementalists becomes Geomancers now. Thanks to
Fubar Obfusco for the detailed idea
- Runecraft is not gainable from fumblefingers until it is reworked - Far
reaching attack ability. When using a long polearm you can attack monsters
1 or even 2 grids away(at the cost of a reduced number of blows) Idea
taken from Adamant
- Trapping is now an ability instead of a skill. Rogues, but not
start with it -- neil
- Undead Form is now an ability
- Thaumaturgy spell levels now range from 1-50 instead of 1-100, so now
one won't get spells with impossible failure rates, as suggested by
Jules Bean -- neil

Misc changes:
- some small help files updates (Melkor, GoI, races) -- masmarangio -
Updated and reformatted the essence spoiler. -- masmarangio - Small
updates to m_demono.txt -- fearoffours - Added mindcraft in magic.txt and
a paragraph in m_mindcr.txt -- masmarangio - Removed some compiler
warnings. Thanks to markrax -- masmarangio - Corrected some typos and some
comments. Thanks to markrax -- masmarangio - Spell description edit --
- Corrected most of the typos found by vrak. -- masmarangio - Minor
externs.h code cleanup, remove dups -- markrax - Corrected some errors in
a_info.txt -- masmarangio - Copyediting of lib/edit/k_info.txt -- markrax
- Copyediting of lib/edit/al_info.txt -- markrax - Added ENGLISH.txt file
with ToME textual conventions -- markrax - Standardized on "Middle-earth"
spelling -- markrax - More grammatical fixes (mostly "it's") -- markrax -
Removal of many Americanisms, grammatical fixes -- markrax - Updated and
relocated style guide -- markrax - Parchment titles capitalised. Spacing
of artifacts and some americanisms
and errors in a_info.txt, tables.c, and other files corrected. --
- Updated the skill gain in skills.txt, corrected some spelling errors.
Added Boulder-throwing to the help files -- masmarangio
- Corrected some americanisms and spelling errors -- masmarangio - Updated
corruption_spoiler_generation (includes index tags, don't show the
Lose message for not removable corruptions) and corspoil.txt --
- Music system performance improvement -- neil - Added help on pets to
dungeon.txt and some clarification about Spell-power
affecting only the 11 primary schools of magic. -- fearoffours
- Added to Spell-power the other affected Schools (Udun, Demonology,
as well as naming Sorcery in the Udun School help file -- masmarangio
- al_info.txt: removed double acid essences in amulet of resistance,
entries for ring of extra attacks, renamed some entries -- masmarangio
- wizard1.c: Added IS_CVS to header, create artifacts at 25, not 35, added
index in Essence Spoiler. essences.txt: new spoiler file -- masmarangio
- cmd1.c: removed a compiler warning. caves.c: simplified a test --
masmarangio - Info on spell-power and multi-school-spell interaction, typo
fix in
m_mindcr.txt -- fearoffours
- wizard1.c: Changed position of IS_CVS, added double ego items in essence
spoiler. essences.txt: reflects this -- masmarangio
that I've long been aware of... -- pelpel
- First update of commands.txt -- masmarangio - Added Activations to
essence spoiler, new help file created -- masmarangio - Added a
(conservative and preliminary) port to OS X + gcc + makefile.
The four *.icns files are faithful conversions of the traditional
Angband icons that have long been used by Mac ports, even before Ben.
makefile.std itself is not updated. Please read comments in main-crb.c.
-- pelpel
- Module support. It means that people can write ToME "modules" which will
go in lib/mods and contain "variants" that use the same game engine but
different lib/foo files. The module selection screen only appears when
the game detects more than one module. The new -Mfoo command line option
allows to bypass module selection
- 'Death' Message of a Nazgul: Choose pronoun 'she' or 'he' according to
sex -- masmarangio
- Turn off some ToME things when using a non-ToME module -- neil - (Mac,
Carbon) Modernised file system interface (currently only turned on
for Mach-O Carbon port), improved Mach-O Carbon support, incorporated my
32x32 tiles support code for V3.0.2, and more gcc porting note -- pelpel
- Let the player see which game module he selected in the character
selection screen -- neil
- Added makefile and some auxiliary files for developer CD gcc compilation
of Carbon port -- pelpel
- (OS X Carbon) Changed the format of graphics tiles from PICT in the
resource fork to plain PNG files, only for gcc compilation at the moment
-- pelpel
- Expanded the description of Antimagic, small index updates --
masmarangio - (OS X Carbon) Cleaned up my recent updates. It's fairly
stable now.
To do: move to .nib based menu/dialogues, pulling sound out of resource
fork, and better sound code. -- pelpel
- preliminary SCANDIR support for gcu, gtk, xaw borrowed from x11 -- neil
- Modules can control the number of levels over the player level a skill
may have allocated now, using max_skill_overage. -- neil
- HOOK_FIRE added -- neil
- Changed the help files about vampires; classes, races etc. are listed
in alphabetical order in birth.txt -- masmarangio
- Races & subraces get a starting object list in p_info, less hacks in
birth.c - HOOK_EAT added -- neil
- (Gtk) Added support for the "bigtile" mode. Please start the game with
"tome -- -w" if you don't like to see horrible glitches... This is not
Gtk-specific problem by the way. Scrolling the map and hitting ^R fixes
it too, if you prefer menu command -- pelpel
- (Mac, Windows) Added an in-game menu command to view current scoreboard.
Taken from the latest [V] (Win port only there), minus the use of
display_scores_aux, which I regard first-degree Mega-Hack -- pelpel
- Bard and Music docs are done. Please check em. -- fearoffours - Help
file corrections on Music skill. -- fearoffours - Make HOOK_QUAFF take an
o_ptr, and let HOOK_EAT return the identify success
-- neil
- Fixed a typo in The Dragon Helm of Turin Turambar -- WeZ - The various
?_info.txt files can now include otehr files with the <:file.txt
command. This allows people to split up too big files
- Ability to add timers in lua
- Max skills internaly increased to 200 - Class helpfiles updated to
reflect some changes in skill allocation.
-- fearoffours
- Chris Hadgis submitetd the first documented package of the ToME API!
More comming :)
- lib/patch directory to contains auto-loaded patches.
Each patch must be contained in it's own subdirectory and must contain a
patch.lua file with a patch_init() function in it that must return the
patch name and version
- Internal change: Magic Realms are gone. -- neil - Total savefile
compatibility break. Hopefully we can do better from now
on -- neil
- Initial helpfiles update for Abilities. -- fearoffours - More help
updates - Artifact Creation ability, plus addtions to FAQ and
skills.txt and others. Thanks to Michael Beatty for some suggestions. --
- Geomancy help. -- fearoffours
- Help updated to reflect new abilities. Deathmold question added to FAQ.
-- fearoffours
- Documentation for Undead Form added. -- fearoffours - Added skill tests
abilities to .prf files thanks to Scott Bigham

Dungeon changes:
- Changed the marker(#172) to look like open floor(#1) -- masmarangio

Bug fixes:
- Artifact spoiler was messed up
- some Orc Cave crashes fixed -- masmarangio - Fixed the Mushroom Quest:
mushrooms are taken before creating the rewards,
and these are created even with a full inventory -- masmarangio
- Grammar fix for breathing messages -- neil - Changed order of level
feelings, removed unused feelings. -- masmarangio - A Rod of Drain Life is
needed for vampiric artifacts instead of the Wand.
Renamed one ego light of Boldness (now of Fearlessness). -- masmarangio
- Adjusted the melee damage shown in the status screen. -- masmarangio -
Spelling errors corrected. Thanks to markrax -- masmarangio - Fixed
bashing the trigger doors in the Thieves Quest -- masmarangio - Allow
Amulets of the Magi and *Defender* weapons to be sold -- neil - Fix
alchemist creation of ego staves, etc. (patch from "oops") -- neil - Don't
let gold into the inventory -- neil - Temple doesn't want unblessed edged
weapons -- neil - Properly handle obvious flags on non-*ID*d objects
(fixes things like
resistances grid and selling Blessed weapons in the temple) -- neil
- Squelch at different times, to avoid destroying the wrong items -- neil
- Automatizer: <symbol> works with graphic modes -- masmarangio - Fixed
pval3 for artifact staves and wands in apply_magic -- masmarangio -
Exclusive skill fix (patch by markrax) -- neil - Yet more copyediting by
markrax -- neil - Fixed a display bug when passing through walls, thanks
jup - Copyediting of lib/edit/* -- markrax - Copyediting of monster
description books (lib/file/book-1[0-9].txt)
-- markrax
- Copyediting of misc. files in lib/file/ -- markrax - Copyediting of most
files in lib/help/ -- markrax - Copyediting and description tweaks to
tables.c -- markrax - More minor copyediting -- markrax - Let keypad 5 key
work in X11 target -- markrax - Display the arm slot when not wearing a
two-handed weapon -- neil - Fix drop message for junk artifacts (patch by
jup) -- neil - Let *Identify* of your pack work the same as an individual
for the purposes of alchemists -- neil
- tried to prevent printing of alchemy items in spell spoiler --
masmarangio - Fixed two alchemy bugs: Same sval for Rings of Critical Hits
and the Ring
of Durin. Corrected the sval of Rings of Constitution -- masmarangio
- Destruction cannot kill quest monsters - The lost temple (god quest)
dungeon really cannot be generated in
inaccessible places now. -- fearoffours
- Fixed note file problem under windows -- masmarangio - Fixed an alchemy
error with fireproofed staves, removed tabs from c_prt
calls -- masmarangio
- Fixed a branding bug that allowed to modify artifacts and ego-items.
-- Kusunose
- object2.c: Initialised Artifacts with LEVELS in apply_magic --
masmarangio - al_info.txt: Svals of Ring of Sustain Con and Dex exchanged
-- masmarangio - store.c: Fixed bug with prices of wands, indentation --
masmarangio - al_info.txt: Added Ammo of slay animal. Amulet of
regeneration with new
sval. Ego Weapons of Life added -- masmarangio
- find_ignore_stairs, set or unset, failed to handle some quest related
stairs properly. -- pelpel
- cmd7.c: Fixed bug with TR4_ART_EXP not set correctly -- masmarangio -
Don't allow a change from weapon combat if a cursed weapon is wielded
-- neil
- wizard2.c: Some bound checks to prevent crashes -- masmarangio - cmd7.c:
Fixed reduced capacity of ego rods -- masmarangio - object1.c: Added a "It
cannot be destroyed" msg in place of "it has blah%
chance of breaking upon hit" for artifact ammo. thanks lemming for fix
-- fearoffours
- cmd7.c: Allow creation of artifacts from single ego items; don't change
artifacts and double ego items if you don't wish to create an artifact.
Simplified amulet handling and other code fragments -- masmarangio
- Updated Amulets and Rings in defines.h / defines.txt -- masmarangio -
al_info.txt: Amulet of Adornment without pval. cmd7.c: skill >= 25
needed to create artifacts, not > 25 -- masmarangio
- Warning about leaving a trap detected zone don't cost energy --
masmarangio - spells2.c, self_knowledge(): f4 through esp were not
initialised before
referenced. -- pelpel
- cmd7.c, extern.h: changed the variable "tocreate" in
from bool to int -- masmarangio
- xtra1.c, apply_flags(): Added bounds checks for antimagic. -- pelpel -
xtra1.c, apply_flags(): changed the type of bit field variables from s32b
to u32b, for obvious reasons. -- pelpel
- cmd7.c: Fixing three bugs in Alchemy: Extracting from double ego items
from stacks of staves, as well as generating all leeched empty items.
Problems may still arise when you leech a stack of objects from the
floor and essences get dropped over them. Boomerangs can be enchanted
now. -- masmarangio
- generate.c: Moved the room creating loop (fix from 15/12). Something
should be used than this brute force method -- masmarangio
- Minor spelling and grammar fix -- neil - Changed the type of
dungeon_flags to u32b, as in types.h -- masmarangio - cmd7.c: Instruments
can be enchanted now. -- masmarangio - Fix activations -- neil - Avoid
some bad periods in monster descriptions -- neil - Reset the pval of
extracted rings and amulets, prevent creation of cursed
empty items -- masmarangio
- Make ego staves / wands of nothing extractable, disallow empowering of
items / artifacts that are not wearable (e.g. staves) -- masmarangio
- Fix the monster description messages even better -- neil - Better honor
the NO_TARGET flag -- neil - Fixed (hopefully) the wrong activation bug --
masmarangio - Fixed one wrong sval in al_info.txt -- masmarangio -
Alchemy: The song of music instruments, the type of explosive ammo and
the level of sticks are not changed by enchanting / leeching the items.
-- masmarangio
- cmd7.c: Allow extraction of the charges of Sticks of Plenty --
masmarangio - Trap of Wasting Wands (affects also Staves) change the
Wand/Staff to the of
nothing type. Deleted SV_WAND(STAFF)_NASTY_WAND(STAFF), since in the new
stick system the worthless sticks don't have the first svals --
- Fixed a fountain filling bug, simplified the item_tester -- masmarangio
- (Mac, OS X) Tilewidth/height code ceased to work because menu API
to return Unicode crap instead of holy ASCII -- pelpel
- empty chests are generated as known (i.e. they were opened) --
masmarangio - do_cmd_rest flushes input if the player can't do so for some
and flush_failure is set.
Note: flush() doesn't seem to work as it used to do... Any changes have
been made to inkey, or some code touches its various control variables?
-- pelpel
- (Gtk) Fixed problems with wide tile mode when it is used with backing
store. Seems more like the problem is in z-term (it only updates every
two columns of the dungeon map...), but it works now -- pelpel
- (Mac) The asynchronous sound player unlocked and released sound data
without confirming its completion. Wrote an alternative implementation
that holds data until a channel it is played is reused, to avoid using
interrupt-time code (which is quite complicated business in 68K).
Because this means that a fairly large amount of data can be locked in
memory for a long time, I reduced number of channels used to 4 in
Classic and 8 for Carbon -- pelpel
- Monster traps: Changed the code so that the new wands and staves are
functional in device monster traps. This is commented out with #if 0
since the code must be tested. Perhaps a lua solution is better ? --
- Deathmolds could use their racial power without spending a turn! - 'U'
powers didn't remove Disruption Shield - Potions of Cure Water are no more
extractable by Alchemy - Ordered the music songs according to the needed
pval, then level.
Fixed the svals of artifact instruments, changing the Flute to a Harp.
Added a better description of Bards. Please check it ! -- masmarangio
- An Alchemist can now fireproof spellbooks -- masmarangio - A possessor
(the creature, not the class) can only possess whole
corpses and skeletons, not pieces of meat -- masmarangio
- Make wielding more than one demonshield (or demonsword I suppose) work
-- neil
- Possession something while encumbered to the point of having 0 mana
allowed free use of body spells without failure
- Possibly the relic in the god quest couldn't have been generated.
Wasn't me honest guv. -- fearoffours
- Some menus exits when 'e' was hit on some comapilation.
Note: '\e' for escape is compiler dependant extension so do not use it.
Thanks kobayasi for fix. -- Kusunose
- All known staves and wands are displayed as 'Globe of Light' in
the Known Object list. Thanks kobayasi for fix. -- Kusunose
- Chaging the melee style did not update bonuses. Thanks to kobayasi for
the patch. -- Kusunose
- <sval> in automatizer worked even when the player was not aware of
the object. It was possible to use this as a free ID. Thanks to
kobayasi for the patch. -- Kusunose
- Cancelling the reward skill sellection could crash the game. -- Kusunose
- Inspecting or Identifying something shouldn't infect you with the
Black Breath -- neil
- Non-enemy monsters now won't hold up victory in the Spiders and Library
quests. -- neil
- Various Library quest fixes -- neil - Mage staves, rod tips, and magic
tomes are now "good" items. This should
fix the problem of Saruman, Sauron, and others dropping nothing but
rods. -- neil
- Fix grammar error pointed out by "JanaRaissa" -- neil - Prevent
instrument-wielders from firing things, as pointed out by
"Chudus" -- neil
- Those who can breathe water or don't need to breathe at all should not
drown in pools of water, as pointed out by "Zonk" -- neil
- Fix Rods of Simplicity for those who need it most, as pointed out by
"Zizzo" -- neil
- Fix god quest temple placement error pointed out by "Fringe Worthy"
-- neil
- No more (broken) pattern vaults -- neil - Fix spelling: PARCHEMENT ->
PARCHMENT. Automatizer rules and other scripts
that use PARCHEMENT will still work, though. -- neil
- Fixed alchemy making of xtra shots/might - Everburning torches,
Feanorian Lanterns, and Dwarven Lanterns of Fading
couldn't be filled -- neil
- The Crumpled Scroll of Mass Resurrection no longer revives special
monsters who won't ever appear again anyway. -- neil
- Gauntlets that contain spells no longer hinder spellcasters -- neil -
Fix the case where some birth items wouldn't stack -- neil - Disarming a
trap on a stair should not destroy the stair -- neil - Player invisibility
shouldn't hinder monsters attacking targets other
than the player (patch by Jeff Epler) -- neil
- Mana and Life drains should not cause infinite rest loops -- neil -
Stone Prison spell would create floor where it shouldn't, possibly
trapping you in places like the Eol quest. -- neil
- Fix activation descriptions patch by Chris Hadgis -- neil - Stone Prison
should not be able to turn walls into floors. -- neil - Sound effects
shouldn't give knowledge the player wouldn't otherwise
know (like the generation of the relic) -- neil
- Don't show silly chance to break for exploding ammo -- neil - Innate
monster friendliness shoudln't take precedence over summoned pet
or companion status -- neil
- The Helm of Knowledge and Automatizer pickup now get along -- neil -
Resting ignores HP or SP if a drain on HP or SP is induced by an object -
The automatic drop from wilderness should no longer be abusable. No
can you hit < when you're hungry, cut, poisoned, or sensitive to light
during the day -- neil
- Thaumaturgy attacks will travel more than one grid when not targeted
at a monster thanks to Scott Bigham
- Thaumaturgy spells could be too weak -- neil - Demonologists couldn't
use the Demon Summon spell -- fearoffours

What ?! You're still reading this ! Whoa .. well go get playing now! :)

[tome] joylove: You can't just release an expansion like one would release a Kraken XD
[tome] phantomfrettchen: your ability not to tease anyone is simply stunning ;)

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