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Arcane Amp Drone scaling question
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Author:  CILinkz [ Thu Feb 18, 2021 3:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Arcane Amp Drone scaling question

its about the Prodigy Arcane Amplification Drone

if you hit it with an attack it ripples arcane damage in a radius around it. My question is how is the +damage calculated/damage penetration calculated. if you attack it with 100 darkness damage and you have +arcane damage on your gear, does it ripple more? if you hit it the first time it will probably take your +darkness damage into account to get the damage but does it calculate again for the arcane damage or is stacking arcane damage just useless because it doesnst get increased? does arcane penetration works because its calculated after the attack gets fired or do you need both darkness damage and darkness penetration to make more dmage? or darkness damage and arcane penetration for the extra ripple damage?

i would have tested it myself but my shertul fortress was broken and i couldnt unlock the training room

please help :D

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