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Crit chance vs. phys crit chance
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Author:  Onomastikon [ Wed May 01, 2019 6:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Crit chance vs. phys crit chance

So I have equipped an item (arrow quiver) that increases my crit chance by x%. With this item equipped, my char sheet on the attack tab updates my "crit chance" in the left column by x%, and that's nice. But in the second column, under "physical crit chance", nothing changes. I was told that if I do physical damage, or use an item which delivers physically, like a bow and arrow, this is the column I need to read, as only this is applicable. Now I am confused: If my arrow does not update my physical crit chance, and my physical crit chance is what I use when determining crits when shooting with my bow, is this "upgrade" then, counter-intuitively, really none? Or is it incorrect to think that I need to be looking at the second value (phys crit chance) instead of the first value? Or is it just bugged or wrong that my phy crit chance is not upgraded with the upgrade the arrow gives?
thank you

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