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Server Disconnect Just Before Win
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Author:  Lord Regal [ Thu Nov 15, 2018 1:30 am ]
Post subject:  Server Disconnect Just Before Win


I know I read somewhere whether or not it was possible to get the website to re-check a character for a win after the win occurred...but of course now that I want to find it I can't. I was disconnected mere seconds before I won, and my own attempts to get it to register on my website page failed. I purposely didn't play the character last night after DG told us the server was going into Read Only mode to explicitly avoid this. I double checked that the server was in fact reading my character updates before closing out the game, but the server dropped me somewhere between Elendar dying and Argoniel dying a few turns later. I'm a little annoyed because I worked to actively avoid this happening, and it did anyway...any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Character sheet for reference: ... 8742327597

Edit: I'm talking specifically about it getting added to the chart/turning green on my character sheet list. The achievement for winning/the WINNER message on the full character sheet are present correctly.

Author:  Cathbald [ Thu Nov 15, 2018 10:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Server Disconnect Just Before Win

reload the save and it should fix itself now? DG helped me and a couple other people getting the wins that didn't register and we didn't have to do anything more.

Author:  Lord Regal [ Thu Nov 15, 2018 11:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Server Disconnect Just Before Win

Excellent, thank you so much...I wasn't aware there was a larger push for fixes the last couple days. I had been logging in and out on the character, trying different no avail. All last night though, only got home from work a while ago, and actually started a new Cornac PM accepting I had to redo it. I'm extremely glad I didn't need to play through again to get that checkbox.

Thank you again for letting me know that's all it needed!

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