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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2018 7:23 pm 

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Has anyone else noticed an increased difficulty, with more rares and elites than usual?

I've cleared this zone with relatively little trouble before in a dozen+ runs. But this time, on Nightmare with a Writhing One and the new DLC patch, I had the worst time ever here and lost 3 lives!

Firstly there were half a dozen rare monsters, more than I've seen in any previous run. Secondly there were about 20+ elites, about 5 snow giant chieftans, 5 greater lightning elementals, 2 Orc Wyrmics, few of the new worm spawning horrors, and most deadly of all - half a dozen Storm Wyrms, flanked by several storm drakes. Which were positioned in the middle of long, narrow corridors where escape was damn near impossible. Also a half dozen rares, more than I've ever seen in that zone.

The level layout was central rooms with 2 to 4 connecting corridors. The first room I stepped into had Urkis offscreen but close, he was fighting something else thankfully. 2 snow giant rares to the southwest, a storm wyrm and several drakes to the north, and the corridors to the south and east had lighting elementals. I was completely surrounded by deadly foes as I quickly found out when the situation very quickly got out of control and I tried to run. Despite all my shields and healing and mobility skills, there was no safe place anywhere to rest for even a moment. Overwhelmed, I die to lightning breath, come back, severely damage the rares, hop over the Wyrmic and Orcs pack, run to the east with a movement infusion to recover.

Tried to clear around the top of the zone to have a bigger space to run to. And the Storm Wyrm/Drakes pack decide to all breath at me in one round right before I kill them. Death number two. Came back, finished them with summons and WTW pet getting them to breath in the opposite direction of me. Get Urkis alone and kill him with Biting Gale rune giving me 3 turns to set up and pound him, head back down to finish the rares and wyrmics and greater elementals. Down to half health and get killed by ultra long range lightning breath attacks from off screen as the very fast storm drakes chase me down.

Holy s***! Did this zone get redesigned, or did I just get extremely unlucky? Feels way harder than ever before. Especially with the Storm Wyrms having the static talent from Wyrmic tree that my 75 power torque can't negate. Getting 70 damage per turn just being near them, which as a melee I kind of needed to do, cheesing them with summons wasn't working. I thought I'd be okay going at level 19, I was wrong! I finally won, but that was more brutal than the Crypt! FFS!

Next run, wait until I can stack lightning resist to 50 or higher! And have a tier 3 torque that can negate at least 100 lightning damage. Beware, my fellow adventurers, beware.

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PostPosted: Tue May 22, 2018 12:10 am 
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This area has a higher chance of vaults/special features than other areas, so you might have just got really unlucky with some open vaults.

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