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Garrote and Stealth Mechanics
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Author:  RobotDrZaius [ Sun May 13, 2018 6:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Garrote and Stealth Mechanics


It's my first time playing a rogue (kind of loving it, which surprised me) and I'm just about to head back to the West. I'm confused about how some stealth-related talents work - Garrote being the primary one. It says it gets used whenever "attacking from stealth", but I'm now unsure exactly what that means. For example - Shadowstrike says it gives automatic crits when attacking from stealth, but ONLY if I'm not seen before I hit. Garrote doesn't have this text, but I thought it worked the same way.

BUT - I noticed that at least once I ended up landing Garrote on an enemy who was targeting me ("looking at you" vs "looking north", etc.). No message about seeing me at the last minute, which usually happens when I attack from stealth and they are looking at 'me' instead of a random direction.

Any clarification here? I mainly want to know how careful I have to be to land Garrote on casters for the silence.

Author:  Lokean [ Sun May 13, 2018 9:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Garrote and Stealth Mechanics

Garrote has a callbackOnMeleeAttack so it triggers with melee attack procs. It does check for stealth, and does not proc if you are not stealthed. Attack procs are called in each weapon attack, which are called after the initial attack call, which is where the check for "seeing you at the last minute" occurs.

Long story short, if you were spotted and this broke stealth, you don't get to garrote the target. If you are spotted but this doesn't break stealth (due to unseen actions chance, or Shadow Dance) then you would get the garrote proc.

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