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So, obviously the way you're intended to kill the phoenix is to kill it so it switches to its egg state, then destroy the egg from there. But I've been having a... Weird thing happen... Where the phoenix will frequently revive itself instantly after being egged, without any turns for me to act in to try and kill it. Also, when I *do* have rounds to kill the egg, it seems like... The egg is also resurrecting itself.

Is this a bug or something? An egg resurrecting itself instantly for like three turns in a row and then hatching into a Phoenix seems wrong, somehow.

EDIT: I figured out what the problem was! And it was actually a bug - or, well, an unintended effect of a certain talent. I was playing a Wildfire archmage using the Cleansing Flames talent. As it so happens, the Phoenix's resurrection mechanic is conveyed through a 5-turn buff that revives the Phoenix when it expires. However, the way the buff works means that any removal will result in the Phoenix resurrecting itself, and I had a 50% chance per spell to do that. After I toggled off Burning Wake I was able to kill the phoenix without issue.

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