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PostPosted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 2:50 pm 
Low Yeek

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Hi, im playing as Higher Berserker. Can you look on my point tree and tell me, what i did wrong and how to add points in next lvl's? Thanks.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 8:16 pm 

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For class skills, start raising Beserker Rage; it gives stun resist (which is generally the most important resist) as well as a good chunk of damage and accuracy. The other talents in that tree are worth at least 1/5 as well when they're available. You'll want 3/5 Perfect Strike when you can spare the points, since this will help you hit high-defense and stealthed/invisible enemies reliably. Precise Strikes is an option if you need help getting your crit chance up, but don't put more than 1/5 for prerequisite until late game, if at all. Blinding Speed is a nice boost to your DPS, but wait to raise it until you have your other talents filled out. Weapon attacks usually aren't worth more than one or two points unless they have secondary effects that benefit from levels; you already have 4/5 Stunning Blow, which is good (3/5 would probably be enough, but it's not a big deal); the other 2H attack skills can be left at 1/5 until you have spare points to throw around. You'll want to unlock Bloodthirst at level 20, and max Unstoppable as soon as possible for emergencies; all the talents are useful though. Later on, you could unlock Warcries unless you find a nice generic category to unlock. You'll probably want to unlock 2 extra inscriptions by endgame.

For generic talents, I would definitely get 4/5 Unflinching Resolve soon to remove harmful status effects. You'll want to max Armour Training and Weapons Mastery as well when you have points. Maxing Combat Accuracy isn't usually necessary since you have access to Perfect Strike, but you could do it in the mid-late game if you have spare points. Eventually you want 1/5 in Adrenaline Surge so you can activate Unstoppable even if you're out of stamina. 1/5 Track is important for finding dangerous enemies on the map, and 5/5 Device Mastery is very useful if you can spare the points (which you probably can). If you rescue a tinker escort, I recommend asking "Where did you learn your craft?" so you can unlock the tinker categories. Tinkers are hugely useful, and you can spare the generics to invest. Antimagic is another option, but I wouldn't recommend it if you're new because it limits your gear options.

For stats, you want to max Strength, Dexterity, and Cunning (in that order), with just enough Constitution (including bonuses from items) to unlock the required Conditioning talents. If going Antimagic, you would need Willpower for talents reqs as well. Naturally, you should switch the order of raising stats to satisfy talent/gear requirements, but most of your stuff is unlocked with Strength. Strength contributes a lot to your damage, so it's important to put points there if you don't need them for some other requirement. Any leftover stat points after Str, Dex, and Cun are maxed can go to Con.

For prodigies, Windblade is probably your best offensive option; to unlock, you'll need to access the Sher'Tul fortress and attack the training dummy while dual-wielding. Legacy of the Naloren is another good option, but I don't recommend for new players because you have to juggle points in Weapons Mastery. Flexible Combat and I Can Carry the World are both decent offensive options. Spine of the World and Draconic Body are decent defensive options. Other fun (but probably suboptimal) options to consider are You Shall Be My Weapon, Massive Blow, Giant Leap, Steamroller, and Irresistible Sun.

To summarize, this is what you probably want by level 50:

Str > Dex > Cun > Con

Category Points
Inscription slot > Technique/Bloodthirst > Technique/Warcries (or category of your choice) > Inscription slot

Windblade > (whatever sounds good)

Class Talents
Technique/Two-Handed Assault: 3+/1+/1+/1+
Technique/Combat Techniques: 3/1+/3+/5
Technique/Combat Veteran: 0+/0+/0/0
Technique/Berserker's Strength: 3+/5/3+/5
Technique/Bloodthirst: 1+/3+/5/5
Technique/Warcries: 1/1+/4+/1+

Generic Talents
Race/Higher: 1+/1+/1/1+
Technique/Combat Training: 3+/5/0/3+/5/0
Technique/Conditioning: 1+/4/1+/1+
Cunning/Survival: 1/5/1/0+

There will be a fair number of points left over that you can distribute according to your preference. I hope that helps.

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