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Physical Bomber Tank
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Author:  Drazhya [ Fri May 25, 2018 8:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Physical Bomber Tank ... 1720364872 ... 1720365112

Got to level 41 in the main campaign, Nightmare difficulty, no deaths.

Categories are:
Spell/Explosive Admixtures
Cursed/Force of Will

Spell/Stone Alchemy

The idea is to use bombs for damage, sniping around corners as needed, and filling gaps with Earthen Missiles. Body of Stone to reduce Crystalline Missiles cooldown, Crystalline Focus for damage and penetration.
Force of Will does three great things here. First, Deflection is less damage taken. Second, the other three abilities keep enemies away from you. Third, every point here increases critical damage.
Flux, of course, for damage reduction.
Absorption is more damage shields and the ever-useful weapon slot.
Conveyance is your 'get out of jail free' card, plus another damage shield if you want it.
Stone Alchemy is necessary to fuel the bombs, plus it can add gems to items.
Physics and Chemistry, of course, for the tinkers.

I had also specced into Psionic/Distortion to get me through the early game so I could get into Zigur and grab 1.20 Mindstar Mastery, but I'm... not sure why I did that. The damage avoidance is nice, I guess, and you can bump-attack pretty safely sometimes. Chronomancy/Energy would probably be a better investment. Energy Decomposition is another damage shield, Redux is double-bombing and Entropy disables sustains.

I had done this quite a while ago now, and there are things I'd have done differently. But I keep thinking about it, so I decided to post it here, maybe get it off my mind. Any thoughts - in particular, how it can be done better - would be appreciated.

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