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There are a couple of posts on here about tanking Madness, and while I don't aspire to it I'm trying to figure out related issues for my own adventurer builds (mostly aiming for a Sawbutcher / Demonologist / Sun Paladin hybrid).

If you've got Arcane Shield, Shield of Light, and Osmosis Shield all up, and someone hits you, what happens? I don't understand the "stack" in Tome.

Likewise, Grinding Shield, Tempest of Metal, and Reality Smearing.


For reference, planned character is Cornac Adventurer

Inscription +1
Demonic Pact
Doom Shield
Battlefield Management
Chronomancy: Flux

10: Guardian
20: Tinker Escort unlock
36: Automated Butchery
Wyrm: Finer Energy Manipulations

PES, Arcane Might or Arcane Might, Cauterize

Sun was just going to be there to feed positive energy for Guardian, but Path of the Sun is actually great fun with Saw Wheels - you can run it past people and knock them the heck away, or rev up to 100% power without using any actions. Saw Wheels is also really helpful for keeping others out of your Bathe in Light.

Recommend restart until you get 2 high level flame imp seeds in Last Hope. (Not sure if this helps, but I switched mainhand and offhand saw after proccing first seed).

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