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Nightmare Adventurer advice
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Author:  Amalec [ Fri Apr 25, 2014 5:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Nightmare Adventurer advice

I've been playing through Normal/Adventure with an Adventurer (seen here) and would like some advice for moving the build up to Nightmare/Roguelike.

My focus has been melee damage and mobility, using shields for survivability. He had a couple of deaths early on, largely because I didn't take Solipsism or Aegis until something like level 25, and one for trying to take on the giant golem at level 35. He was also fairly challenging for the first dozen levels or so, before I could afford to buy Mindstar Mastery.

Since then he's been unstoppable. He's got a half dozen each of engages, shields, and status cures. His basic attack 'bumps' do 1200-1500 damage; he's got over 200% global speed and something like 300% critical modifier before shadowstrike. The orc prides were a yawn fest. He was hilariously fun to play - warping all about slapping things - but without the challenge I've lost interest.

I've currently got 4 unspent category points (would be 2 if I didn't use Arcanum class pack), and about 10 each of unspent talent and generic points - with more coming by the time I hit level 50. I've also got 2 prodigies to assign that I can't decide on.

Any advice on how to use them all? I'd like to keep the focus entirely on melee damage while boosting viability in the early game.

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