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 Post subject: Stealthy Arcane Psyshot
PostPosted: Sat Dec 24, 2016 9:26 pm 

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Stealthy Arcane Psyshot

I really enjoy playing the Stealth Bomber build, but I could not make it work in Madness, as I could not deal damage fast enough. OK, so what can deal damage fast enough? Magical Combat is always a good choice, but melee weapons do not mesh well with stealth. So, how do I combine the two? Psyshot is the answer.

Here is my insane winner:

Unfortunately, I am not sure that I can beat madness with this build, but my character has made it to level 30:
Maddy II

If you want to pummel monsters with magical procs, this is the build for you.

Initial Talents
Cunning / Stealth
Steamtech / Psytech gunnery
Spell / Temporal
Technique / Magical combat
Chronomancy / Flux
Celestial / Light
Psionic / Finer energy manipulations

Technique / Combat training
Buy the Shoot talent.

Level 10

Level 20
Technique / Bloodthirst

Level 36
Unlock Tinkering

Wyrm Bile
Steamtech / Furnace

How to Play the Build at Various Stages

1: Until Level 12

Forget about using stealth. It will drop before your first shot hits. Wield a steamgun in your psionic focus slot and in your main hand. Wield a mindstar in your off hand. Equip some shots. I recommend buying the best you can find from the Zigur or in Last Hope. Something with the sentry ego (increases the ammo capacity) or that provides auto-loading is a really good idea. You will go through ammo twice as fast as Psyshot, so you need all the ammo you can find.

Equip a movement infusion or a rune of teleportation. Running away is very important.

2: Once you Have Unseen Actions (Level 12)

Keep stealth equipped as much as possible. Try to save some thief escorts so that you can increase your infravision range. A wand of clairvoyance will be very handy.

You can now hurt monsters very badly and very quickly. Start increasing Reshape Weapon/Armour and Resonant Focus to increase your damage.

3: Unstoppable (Level 22)

Unstoppable is your insurance policy. If you are cornered in some place where you cannot run away (e.g. random encounter or some of the prides), this will help you for up to seven turns. The good news is that you will be healed for every mob you kill during this time. Plan to run away when the clock runs out if you cannot kill enough of your enemies.

Essential Equipment


The best guns you can find or build. Randarts from the Merchant are a fantastic idea.
Shots with the sentry ego.
Creative and sand egos on your mindstars.
Items that have procs. You will be hitting a lot, so it makes sense to stack the debuffs.


Start with 2 wilds, a steam generator and teleportation or movement.
Switch to injectors once you are proficient at Tinkering.
I ditched the teleportation for heroism on the insane run and used a torque of psychoportation for High Peak.

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 24, 2016 10:08 pm 

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I think Steamtech/Thoughts of Iron is a really strong tree for Adventurers that are already planning to use tinkers. You get Molten Iron Blood, which is a pretty strong defensive talent, plus a "free" medical injector and instant mental cleanse that can transfer the effects to nearby enemies. Might be worth trying to fit in the build.

PostPosted: Sat Dec 24, 2016 11:00 pm 

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I agree re: Thoughts of Iron. It could possibly replace Bloodthirst or Temporal. However, the 45% speed buff from Temporal is tough to give up and Time Shield useful early into the game. Bloodthirst is a possible candidate for replacement, but I think that it would be difficult to survive certain encounters without it.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 3:32 pm 

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I'd been playing around with a non-stealthy version of this, but only on Nightmare; one of the lovely things about psy-wielding a steamgun is that things like Blunt Shot are duplicated. Makes stunning a whole group of enemies more of a guarantee.

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