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a guide to insane roguelike solipsists, up to date as of patch 1.3.3

I'll start off by mentioning that you should be either a dwarf or a thaloren elf or an ogre(ogres won't be covered any further), state that you should go antimagic, and show you what your build should look like in the endgame

psionic/dream smith
psionic/mental assault
as insane as it sounds(it is insane after all), leave it locked; I won insane rougelike without it
leave it locked

only get 1 point in either thoughtforms or slumber(float slumber) if you get a loremaster escort
if you get two loremaster escorts, get a point in both, but float slumber
if you manage to get and save 3 loremaster escorts, then try to get rid of slumber if you can and get overmind; otherwise put a point into forge echoes
if you plan to get 4 loremaster escorts, then go 1/1/1/1 into slumber
if you plan to get 5 loremaster escorts, then either max out forge echoes or go 3/1/1/0 into thought-forms
those decisions related to loremaster escorts are of your own choice

1/1/5/0-1 or 1/5/1/0-1, your choice
4-5/0(2)/0/0(float 2 points into mental shielding until your mental save gets to 75+)
leave it locked
wild-gift/mindstar mastery
5/0/0/0 the heal at the end would be nice, and thorn grab is convenient to have at one point, but you just don't have the points to spare
technique/combat training
5/0 or 5/0/0/0/0(yes I am actually saying that 0 points in armor training is viable, I beat insane rl without them)
leave it locked

your category points:
level 10: inscription
level 20: fungus
level 36: inscription or solipsism
wyrm bile: inscription or solipsism

30: eye of the tiger
42: superpower or spell feedback or bloodspring; I very highly recommend taking superpower over spell feedback since you want to have mindpower, and 30+ mindpower is alot even at purple mindpower, as it helps you to overcome the enemy's saving throws on top of making you hit harder and get bigger resonance fields and conversions/nature's touches and forge shields(if you take that)

the best 9 escorts you can get are the following:
1 loremaster(mind sear, of course)
2 temporal explorers(sleep+dream walk)
1 seer(nature's touch)
5 alchemists(psiblades)

if you want to either use the choose your escorts addon or savescum for escorts, get these escorts; if using the addon, get a single seer, then 2 temporal explorers, then the loremaster, then get alchemists the rest of the way
either way, never max out mind sear until either you've found the loremaster escort; and if you have to take stats from an escort then take willpower first, cunning second, strength third, con fourth, and dex fifth; you may want to take stats if you find a 3rd+ sun paladin escort or a 6th+ loremaster escort

alchemist potions in order of importance:
1: foundations
2: focus
3: saviour
4: mysticism
5: fox
backup 1: brawn
backup 2: serendipity
backup 3: mastery
backup 4: precision, for dream hammer
backup 5: stoneskin
backup 6: avoidance
backup 7: explosive force, though that won't benefit you anyway and you probably don't want the infusion as a reward anyway, which can't be vaulted(neither can the taint or the gem)

preferably you want all of these except the backups and to get the elixir of invulnerability at the end; if you won't feel bad about savescumming the potions then do it
making a notepad document can help greatly with doing the potions in order; otherwise heres a guide for the potions if you'll savescum them

first take foundations and make sure you lose serendipity or explosive force, then take focus and make sure you lose avoidance of precision, then take fox and make sure you lose mastery, then take mysticism or saviour and make sure you lose brawn or stoneskin, then take mysticism or saviour, whichever one you didn't get yet, and you're done!
all alchemist quest ingredients except electric eel tails and vials of squid ink can be found in the ruined dungeon by doing the orbs wrong on purpose, and notably you can get a farelhing fang and giant spider spinneret by using mummified egg-sac of ungole then killing the spiders that come out, if those spiders come out; however you probably won't find a greater multi-hued wyrm in the ruined dungeon by doing stuff with the orbs, but iirc I've had one spawn before... make sure you're at least level 25 before entering the ruined dungeon, which you should be if you follow my zone progression guide

concerning the general order in which you should get your talents/stats, if you get non-loremaster escorts that you want(and save them)act like you're a step ahead for generics where applicable(aka skip a level when applicable), and if its a loremaster save her and get mind sear

all levels, concerning stats:
get willpower as high as possible and dump whats left over into cunning; when both are maxed out dump the rest into strength(if you get superpower, otherwise con), and when strength or con is maxed out dump the rest into con(unless you got spell feedback or bloodspring, in which case you dump the rest into dex), you need the hp(and teeny bit of saves) more than some crit shrug defense and accuracy

class/generic/category point progression up to 18:

level 1: 2 solipsism 2 distortion bolt, 1 feedback, 1 sleep, 1 psychometry
level 2: 1 solipsism 1 distortion bolt
level 3: 1 distortion bolt
level 4: 1 distortion wave, 1 clear mind, 1 resonance field
level 5: 1 distortion bolt 1 solipsism OR 2 solipsism, and 1 clear mind
level 6: 1 distortion bolt OR solipsism and 1 lucid dreamer
level 7: 1 distortion wave, 3 resonance field, you should've done arena by now or at 8(after doing first dungeon and killing ben)
level 8: 1 ravage, 1 dream walk
level 9: 1 distortion wave, 1 resonance field
level 10: inscription, 2 ravage
level 11: 1 distortion wave, 1 amplification
level 12: 1 maelstrom, 1 conversion
level 13: 1 distortion wave, 1 conversion
level 14: 1 maelstrom, 1 conversion
level 15: 2 maelstrom
level 16: 1 maelstrom, 1 conversion
level 17: 1 ravage; you should be antimagic by now if not sooner, 1 aura of silence, which you could stick a point in after level 12 if you get access to it
level 18: 1 ravage, 1 aura of silence
you can take aura of silence at an earlier point between level 13 and level 16

by now you have a good solid foundation on your solipsist, especially if you got a loremaster escort by now
now you need to answer these two questions at level 19:


if the answers to both questions are yes, then max out the rest of the solipsism category in no particular order, and keep getting that mental save, then max out psychic lobotomy then synaptic static, then start maxing out dream smith in this order: 5 dream smith hammer, then 1 hammer toss, then 5 dream crusher, then 4 hammer toss, then 5 forge echoes

if the answer to the first question is no and the second one is yes, then start maxing out dream smith in this order: 5 dream smith hammer, then 1 hammer toss, then 5 dream crusher, then 4 hammer toss, then 5 forge echoes, then move onto solipsism anyway; if you get a high(70+) mental save before you get to forge echoes stop when you would otherwise put the first point in forge echoes then max out solipsism, then max out forge echoes

if the answers to the first question is yes and the second one is no, then max out solipsism then start maxing out dream smith in this order: 5 dream smith hammer, then 1 hammer toss, then 5 dream crusher, then 4 hammer toss, then 5 forge echoes

if the answer to both questions are no, then start maxing out dream smith in this order: 5 dream smith hammer, then 1 hammer toss, then 5 dream crusher, then 4 hammer toss, then 5 forge echoes, if you get a high(70+) mental save before you get to forge echoes stop when you would otherwise put the first point in forge echoes then max out solipsism, then max out forge echoes

after dream hammer solipsism and distortion are all maxed out, you should have all of your escorts or all but those in reknor by now(if you don't have any loremasters by reknor then save up class designated for psychic assault until you get to level 4 of lost kingdom of reknor and do the escort there if there is one and its a loremaster); move onto psychic assault and get psychic lobotomy at 5 then max out mind sear and put the rest(if any) into synaptic static and you're done

GENERIC and category PROGRESSION AFTER LEVEL 18(skip a level as appropriate for sandworm queen heart and 2 for the elixir):
level 19: 1 aura of silence
level 20: save the category point you get at that level for fungus, and unlock it whenever you get it
level 21: 1 aura of silence
level 22 and onwards: save up points until you get fungus, first get 1/1/1/1 then max out wild growth
level 29: by now fungus should be 5/1/1/1 if you got the sandworm queen heart
level 31 and onwards: start working on your racials, but get thick skin first whenever you have enough con gear for it, then max out lucid dreamer, then psychometry(up to 7 raw mindpower per point), then max out psiblades; if you didn't get enough points then improvise by removing points from conversion to a minimum of 1 point and if you still don't have enough points remove points from psiblades... as for the categories take an inscription at level 36 then CP solipsism with the wyrm bile whenever you get it

1: wild, preferably phys/mag of the psychic with a 12 turn cooldown; lategame a regular phys wild infusion isn't a bad choice if it has the same or less cooldown and/or has more resall
2: regen infusion, must be high hp and as close to 12 cd as possible, but more priority on high hp
3: either low cd high hp healing OR low cd high hp regen BUT WHEN FUNGUS GETS GOING, only have a high hp low cd regen in that slot
4: movement infusion, prioritize low cooldown and free action duration over bonus movespeed; if you manage to get 120+ physical save just go for low cooldown then movespeed
5: healing: for the final fight if you have another good healing infusion and a good move infusion, replace it with the move infusion(priority on speed above all else for this one) first to close portals(preferably after blowing wanderer's rest then dream walk then equip normal boots unless its those anyway), then after the move infusion is on cd and you got a safe turn replace the move infusion with the healing infusion unless ur close to the next portal which you close before using the infusion)
no, solipsists do not need heroism infusions; they aren't a shaky house of cards that'll collapse if someone even walks by it the wrong way, but solipsists aren't quite a metal statue either; they're more like a custom-made bionicle that'll only break if you let someone try to break it, or if you drop it

ZONE PROGRESSION: do not skip any of those zones except the ones after high peak or possibly dark crypt

escape from reknor
lumberjack village
drown rares/randbosses in derth, hope for good infusions at the shop, and if you don't feel bad savescumming for infusions do it until at least one low cd phys/mag wild infusion pops up
derth's arena
go to zigur and hope for a good wild or regen infusion or two, possibly a healing infusion if you don't find a good regen(replace with regen once fungus gets going)
go back to lumberjack village and kill everything else after killing ben, try to save enough lumberjacks to get a pickaxe as a reward
kor'pul(escorts can spawn at level 1 of this place)
norgos' lair
scintillating caves
rhaloren camp
deep bellow
heart of the gloom or antimagic arena
heart of the gloom or antimagic arena
look for the assassin tunnels(and go in) and explore the world map at least mostly
old forest, escorts can spawn at level 1 there
sandworm lair or daikara, escorts can spawn at level 1 of daikara
sandworm lair or the maze
tempest peak or daikara
tempest peak or daikara
last hope graveyard, make sure you open every coffin before opening the door furthest to the east
golem graveyard
hidden compound
halfling ruins(you'd better save that wayist)
after this you may do lake of nur whenever you have waterbreathing gear and are at least level 29, if you aren't level 29 yet skip this step and come back to it when fungus is 5/1/1/1 and you finish the dungeon you were already doing
temporal rift
old conclave vault
norgoth caldera if it spawned
poosh then pikataclysm(easter event) then bearscape, if you got them
other online-event-only dungeons, if you got em; if any more pop up finish the dungeon you're doing(without going through the portal if its reknor) and do the online-event-only dungeons
dreadfell, escorts can spawn at level 1 there
return the staff to last hope to remove unneeded encumbrance
mark of the spellblaze
ancient elven ruins or if you save scummed to put it off until now and you aren't chicken, dark crypt, then do the lucky girl quest if you save melinda for maybe a % or two of extra xp and maybe some gold/loot
ancient elven ruins or dark crypt
lost kingdom of reknor, escorts can spawn at level 1 there
unremarkable cave
argdunhol or however its spelled
vor armory, excluding the vault
briagh's lair
all of the backup guardians in the west in no particular order, note that dwarves get an extra backup guardian in level 3 of the deep bellow
ruins of telmur or fearscape, telmur can be risky
tannen's tower
orc breeding pits(if you have the addon) or temple of creation
orc breeding pits(if you have the addon) or temple of creation
shadow crypt
gorbat pride
charred scar
rak'shor or vor pride
rak'shor or vor pride
grushnak pride
slime tunnels
high peak
farportals, or if you're hardcore enough and it spawned, sludgenest
if you're suicidal atamathon or farportals
if by some miracle you manage to kill atamathon and you're still suicidal, and you helped the mages before going AM, lillanill(use a burrowing mindstar in the maze then exit to the worldmap with a move infusion up then dig to the city tile for angolwen to do this) or farportals
farportals or whatever else there is left to do
when you run out of energy to do farportals, ID; note that poosh and bearscape and whatnot can spawn in ID if you didn't already get em to spawn

norgos lair level 1, hope you don't die; if you're chicken and don't mind if items despawn you can just come back later
lumberjack village
drown rares/randbosses in derth, hope for good infusions at the shop, if you don't feel bad savescumming for infusions do it until at least one low cd phys/mag wild infusion pops up
go to zigur and hope for a good regen infusion or two, possibly a healing infusion if you don't find one(replace with regen once fungus gets going)
go back to lumberjack village and kill all of them, especially randbosses/uniques
finish norgos' lair, after that its otherwise the same as for dwarves except that they can't do the extra places that dwarves can do

if you wanna beat insane you're gonna need gear, and lots of it
what you wanna focus on with your gear is this stuff not necessarily in this order:
resist all
physical resistance
bonus hp/die at -hp
bonus psi as well if you have enough bonus hp
armour but only if theres at least 30 of it and its not in a slot that you want a mandatory artifact in
then offensive stats are far less important but among the most important ones are mind crit and critmult
damage affinity; its nice to have but don't gimp yourself to get it; just take it when its convenient I guess
other resistances, those are very nice to have

you want to at least eventually have more hp than psi(but don't gimp yourself in other ways to make sure you do)

if you have them across your character and have the vault, you will want to vault yourself the following items, or something better instead if you have it(for some cases you won't)
amethyst of sanctuary MANDATORY(at least 1), 2 if you don't have a better mindstar(consider mental save and other stuff here)
breath of eyal: MANDATORY, virtually nothing can replace that item barring a chest slot item with like 300 mental save, as if that'd even be possible, or an enlightening hardened voratun plate armor of the dragon and eyal; you'd better get those resistances elsewhere if you do
tier 5 ammo that makes you benefit from psychometry
2 mnemonics, you may possibly find a completely insane randart ring thats better than this but otherwise this is MANDATORY
a guidance, or a better rare/randart lamp with nearly as much if not more mental save and some other stuff you want, such as +hp
a pick of dwarven emperors or eye of the dreaming one or guardian's totem, not sure which is better but a nice defensive randart is probably better; the preferred item in that slot is a randart warded psychoportation torque with bonus mental save and hp on it; bonus points if it also has level 5+ silence on it
wanderer's rest, but preferably a pair of boots with at least 15 mental save and/or healmod and/or +hp and/or one with at least 50 useful resistances across the board instead, or eden's guile instead maybe but I wouldn't recommend using that at all times
girdle of preservation: MANDATORY, virtually nothing barring the most outrageous randart belt possible can replace it; you better get those resistances elsewhere if you do
heroic gloves, preferably with one or more extra defensive egos on it, such as verdant or juggernaut; the preferred item in that slot is randart triple heroic gloves of the juggernaut, or quadruple heroic instead if thats even possible
serpentine cloak or preferably a cloak with high mental save and/or healmod and/or max life/die at -hp and/or good resists instead
shard of insanity: MANDATORY; if you really really really really wanna make an insane solipsist but can't get one of these to drop then get an earthen beads or a good randart amulet of healing instead, but shard of insanity is still mandatory unless you find a completely insane randart amulet with heal on use and at least 25 mental save, among other stuff you'd want
a fearwoven/psion's hat of madness/the mountain or a defender's/leafwalker's hat of something useful, or a nice defensive randart

on the topic of saving throws:
by level 36 or so you can feasibly have upwards of 115 mental save AFTER DIMINISHING RETURNS if you get "lucky" with randarts, which means that your physical save and spell save are going to be very high as well, and also means that you will never, ever, ever get a magical or spell debuff ever again unless you're dazed or its a disease which doesn't check spell save or its a gloom effect applied with physical power(which would have to be very very high, you might suffer a gloom effect or two in high peak but not ones applied by mindpower unless theres a bug involved)
in high peak you want to have at least 110 mental save, AT LEAST and versus the final boss you want to try to have at least 110-115 spell save, they are much easier to beat than the rest of high peak
by the endgame you can feasibly have at least 50% to most resistances, if not more, and you can have at least 42% to your lowest resistance(physical or arcane) with a "lucky" randart or two; either way don't zone into high peak with less than 41% physical resistance under your belt
you can also feasibly have 95+ mindpower at this point; personally I had maybe 99 or 100 by the time I was in high peak and I had superpower too, without superpower your mindpower will be 6-8 points lower, which makes it that much easier for your enemies to resist ravage and psychic lobotomy and sleep and inner demons

about your skills:

I'd imagine this category could do some really good damage combined with 5/5/5/5 feedback, but standing in one place just isn't feasible on insane... maybe if mind storm had a 1 turn cooldown it would be good, but regardless you might have fun with this category on normal until you get knocked back teleported or pulled around all over the place, or have to run away, and also notably enemies on normal don't have that much hp anyway compared to nm or insane since they're just lower level in many places so you probably wont be using it that long anyway

mind storm: ugh, standing in one place sucks, too bad or else this would be a really good move if not for also making you not always be able to use resonance field and/or conversion when you need to... presumably each bolt from mind storm can crit

feedback loop: goes pretty good with mind storm and its nice to use just before entering a new floor, just in case; otherwise its barely even worth using imo; after thinking about discharge and reading about it i recognize its potential, but its just too dangerous on insane

backlash: very mediocre ability; maybe if it had a status effect attached to it, or always did the higher damage value and did twice as much damage it'd be good

focused wrath: has some potential if used right, I'd imagine, but only if you max out that feedback loop and mind storm; it can probably do a ton of damage if used right

you want to use distortion to keep your foes away from you; it also just so happens to make them take more damage from dream hammer too, but try to keep em away from you instead unless they've got a bunch of range 10 moves or have a range 10 bow or sling; distortion is very important for this solipsist build, you can't win without it because without it you can't keep your enemies away from you and you can't remove their physical buffs, such as vitality, greater weapon focus, true grit, momentum, and/or regeneration infusions, you need all of these skills maxed out don't even ask questions

distortion bolt: not much to say here, except that there a bug(or feature?) with eye of the tiger: if distortion bolt crits it can get its own cooldown lowered by eye of the tiger, and yes I'm sure it wasn't mnenomic doing it; distortion bolt is a great AoE move... despite what the description says it doesn't actually travel instantly; its probably 1000% travel speed

distortion wave: use it for knockbacks and stuns, or maybe to keep distortion up instead if you want, but if the situation isn't dangerous enough to matter you can use it to do damage too

ravage: the debuff remover AND damage dealer: ravage deals alot of damage over time; the damage per move on ravage is really quite high, and you may, if stripping buffs aren't a concern, want to prioritize its usage on who you want to have dead first, but also not want to waste very much of its duration if you want to deal more damage due to one action overall

maelstrom: it keeps your enemies where you want them, and also does nice aoe damage over time and distorts them too; since it doesn't have any extra effects when used against distorted enemies you may want to use this first in a hard fight(though you might want to anyway) and against an enemy with alot of hp; notably you can also use this on a ranged guy to keep him around a corner then ravage(if you have time) and run away while he takes damage... also notably, maelstrom won't deal damage, move enemies, or apply distortion immediately upon use, you'll have to wait a turn before it starts doing that

dream smith:
pros: high damage and a good aoe
cons: for all but hammer toss you have to be in melee range, which is often quite dangerous on insane

dream smith's hammer:
its a nice move, it hits really hard when you 5/5/5/0 dream hammer, and even harder when you max forge echoes too! too bad you have to be in melee range to use it, but at least it resets 2 of the other talents in that category

hammer toss: BAM... BAM; 3k damage! this move is easily your hardest hitting move(if it hits twice), and at level 6.5 is range 11; make sure you target at least 1 tile past your desired opponent so hammer toss hits twice... each strike of hammer toss can proc mnenomic

dream crusher: the stun makes it much safer to use in melee, but it only hits as hard as a smack from hammer toss; still alotta damage though

forge echoes: solid aoe... if you happen to be in melee range of your foes that is; deals physical damage as the main damage type to the enemy you target and deals mind damage as the main damage type to everything else it hits... not sure if each strike of forge echoes can proc mnenomic or not but until further notice I'll assume that it can

its a very powerful category, but it really shines when combined with psionic/dreaming and psionic/slumber; by itself it, imo, is not as good as dream hammer or distortion, especially since it requires a spare category point to grab and shard of insanity exists

gives your enemies bad dreams and hurts them, but more importantly it crowd controls a whole bunch of enemies in a cone so they don't hurt you... very much that is, and it makes them get insomnia, makes them subject to night terror and dream prison and dreamscape and makes inner demons worse, and does some darkness damage to boot

inner demons: the single most powerful ability in the entire game; can cause fps lag bad enough to crash ToME in some cases... use it wisely and max it out if you have room... and try not to hit the opponent's inner demons if its wiser not to, often its for the best to keep em(not necessarily the opponent) alive for as long as possible

waking nightmare: those debuffs are pretty good, and it does damage too; its a nice move... make sure your opponent isn't fear immune if you plan to use it on a non-sleeping guy

night terror: don't underestimate this move, it gives some serious damage/respen boosts against sleeping foes, and when you have slumber nightmare sandman and sleep maxed out, you can keep your opponents asleep pretty often; bonus points if you have cloth of dreams and eye of the dreaming one to keep them asleep even more... at level 6.5 with 100 mindpower night terror grants you 50% damage and resistance penetration against sleeping targets... the night terror summoned for 12 turns(at lvl 6.5) is nice too if you kill them while they're asleep; they can act as meat shields or just make it harder for the enem(ies) to reach you, and they can do a bit of damage too

psychic assault:
unlike most solipsist categories, this one doesn't synergize with any of its other talents... psychic assault is regardless another important category for solipsists; its the one where spare class points should go and where most of their mind damage comes from, its got some nice stuff but if you don't get enough class points(loremaster escorts), then this is the category that should suffer for it... notably your mind sear and your synaptic static will not hit your thoughtforms with friendly fire

mind sear: solid damage, and its a beam too, but contrary to what you might be thinking you actually don't need it that badly at low levels, though it helps alot; I don't know why people don't max it out by 50 if they, barring wanting to heal/move/debuff their foes, would use it every other 100% speed turn

psychic lobotomy: confuses your foes and does a decent amount of damage too, its a real good defensive move, max it out; note that enemies have a chance equal to their confusion immunity to outright take 0 damage from that ability, as well as avoiding the confusion too, and they'll also avoid confusion and take 0 damage from it if they make a mental save against it; stacks with regular confusion and gloom confusion and madness confusion(I think)

synaptic static: good, solid aoe, does a decent amount of damage in a radius of 6 at level 6.5, but if you don't have enough class points this is the move that should suffer, or just be ignored entirely

sunder mind: trash, only good for mind damage adventurers, imo, or if you can't decide what else to dump class points into in a completely different solipsist build, and even then its still not very good when maxed out, compared to mind sear that is... however this ability has its uses on madness(as if solipsists would be capable of madness anyway), also of note is that sunder mind doesn't hit brainlocked opponents as hard as an equivalent level mind sear does

its not that great a category by itself, but when paired with nightmares, high level sleep, and probably dream prison too, its a very good category, but I don't think it's worth using on insane

slumber: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... wha...? some guy set up all over me AND MY OWN INNER DEMONS ARE KILLING ME AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! you can also use this as crowd control, or to aid in running away from your opponent

restless night: don't underestimate this move because it stacks with itself; when paired with sandman you can spam sleep your opponent over and over and rack up that restless night damage

sandman: not only does it make your opponents harder to wake up(which means you can make em spawn more inner demons), but it also means restless night won't wake em up as easily, and means you can sleep em over and over, to crowd control and/or damage your opponents even more

dreamscape: do not use against dangerous bosses/randbosses unless its actually safer than not doing so in which case you're probably gonna die anyway; this move is a wonderful defense, as your abilities can cool down while you're inside, and as well you get a huge damage boost when using maxed out dreamscape... sadly if you use inner demons on your opponent first then dreamscape the opponent its dream projections won't spawn inner demons

all solipsists need at least 5/1/5/0 in solipsism even on madness(as if it'd even be possible) so you don't die in the face of a regular midge swarm, but imo you need 5/5/5/5 on all other difficulties; if you find yourself with a spare category point and you've already unlocked what you wanted and got both infusion slots, then CP solipsism

solipsism: makes you beefy; not only does it make most of the incoming damage you take get taken by psi instead of by hp, but it also reduces the psi damage you take... at level 50 with 7.5 points into solipsism 60% of damage and healing taken is redirected to your psi meter and the psi damage you take is
reduced by 47.2%, so some randboss smacks you with a critical obliterating smash for 1000 damage after resistances and armor, you'll take 400 damage to hp and 316.8 damage to psi, resulting in 28.32% damage reduction straight up as long as you have enough psi to back it up with; if you want to effectively have as much hp as you do psi, then you want to have ~26.26 repeating times more hp than you do psi, but more is nice to have too, and considering that most abilities attainable by solipsists use psi, its not too bad an idea to have a bit more psi, but regardless, you should ideally have at least 20% more hp than psi

balance: your status immunities; at level 6.5 it reduces your spell and physical saves by 75% and adds 75% of your mental save to it in its place, and at level 7.5 thats 85% instead... again do not EVER, EVER, EVER underestimate saves in huge amounts; they can make you almost never get debuffed except by stuff that doesn't check saves, such as the daze from rush, and non-regular poisons(with status effects), and diseases and by some but not nearly all accuracy-applied debuffs(enemies tend to get alot on insane especially with perfect strike), such as noggin knocker crippling shot scatter shot and dual strike... just get balance maxed out when your mental save is high, its really good

clarity: it makes you go faster, what more is there to say? max it out

dismissal: makes little hits even smaller, and theres alot of em too; worth maxing out especially if your mental save is huge... at level 7.5 it rolls 75% of mental save against damage taken and can crit, so with 121 mental save for example it can make a dot that does 90 damage per turn do 45 damage per turn instead, and thats barring crit dismissals!(not sure if that makes it reduce more damage from the same damage values or potentially reduce large damage values by up to 50% instead)... dismissal presumably pairs very well with high resistances and forge shield(if you can spare the points for it that is)

contrary to what you might have thought, this category is actually viable on nightmare if you have a high mindpower, and this is very, very, very good in late ID too, unless of course you access ID from the ruined dungeon instead than spawning there at level 1

you get 3 good summons that don't despawn until either they die or you make them despawn; once you get some mindcrit you'll probably want to spam resummon them until you get a critsummon with decent weapon egos and/or hp... don't underestimate thoughtforms, a bowman can solo the chronolith twin and clone with overmind active even on nightmare, and lategame they still do good damage... for example, on nightmare, I once made a solipsist who made a crit thoughtform warrior who could death dance crit a single distorted guy for over 5k damage, not sure if it had insomnia or not though

transcendent thought-forms:
gives thoughtform defender(and the others) alot more longevity and makes them hit harder because of psychometry, hopefully they add amplification to this later so theres more reason to take it, but regardless the lucid dreamer on it is enough reason alone to take it if you specialize in sleep, as it makes them do more damage against foes with insomnia, and not to mention also boosts their saves

overmind: do you see that vault? with overmind, you can do that vault! also gives useful saves and +damage to your thoughtforms, and actually gets their saves really high if yours are high, and the feedback is nice too; can be used to heal your thoughtform if its HP gets low... only use it in that way if you know exactly what you're doing

thought-form unity: gives you some nice buffs for having thoughtforms out, the resall is especially nice, giving you 12% resall at level 6.5 with 100 mindpower while defender is up, and the mind speed is nice too; because of the mindpower buff for warrior, you wanna use warrior before using a different thoughtform since the mindpower makes the other thoughtforms better

combat training:
its got an essential talent for almost all classes in it, thick skin!

thick skin: 15% resist all!!!... make sure you carry alot of con gear around so you can max that talent out, you're interested in survivability, and not just the kind that comes from mobility, corner-sniping, or dig/pathing abuse either

armour training: it can be useful for solipsists, but I don't think its worth the generic point, nor worth 5 unless you're going magic since breath of eyal exists... might be worth 5 points if you find a double enlightening voratun plate armor of the double dragon, maybe, but even then taking those points out of other talents might not be pretty

combat accuracy: presumably applies to dream hammer, but since dream hammer doesn't have an accuracy bonus like swords greataxes and other such weapons do, why bother getting even 1 point in that talent?

weapon mastery: useless for a solipsist unless you wanna mess around with a dream malleus you found but even then I still don't recommend it

dagger mastery: useless for a solipsist

exotic weapon mastery: invisible until you either save a warrior escort and pick it or take legacy of the naloren; can be taken to RAW level 10(elvl 13 at 1.3 mastery) with legacy of the naloren, making the prodigy amazingly OP, not sure why that hasn't been nerfed yet

its got some useful stuff but I don't think its too useful for a solipsist, except charm mastery if you got the right charms to abuse it with

heightened senses: since traps make a graphical effect when they're laid, you'll always know where they are if you're in LoS of the trap when its laid and you remember where it is, and traps that aren't laid by NPCs usually aren't that devastating... however that talent can also prevent you from tripping summoning traps, which can sometimes contain artifacts in the enemies that they spawn

charm mastery: pretty good move: doesn't just apply to non-randarts with a on use: effect, but it also applies to artifacts with an on use: effect(such as shard of insanity or an unstoppable morrigor) as well

piercing sight: its a pretty good one pointer, but you'll often end up finding those stealthed/invisible guys anyway by using maelstrom or distortion wave on their location and looking to see the little red text that says distorted

evasion: not too reliable, but if you have alot of dex willpower and cunning its probably pretty good unless you're a halfling maybe

dream forge
its got some good stuff in it, but only the first two talents are good, and the second one is a one-pointer; don't unlock that category, if at all, unless you aren't going antimagic

forge shield: don't underestimate this, that small amount of damage adds up and its a sustain too; at 100 mindpower and level 6.5 its 39 damage... when it says the damage threshold increases it means the amount of damage you have to take for it to block another type, so when the threshold increases by 30% then you need to otherwise take an attack that would take 30% of your hp for forge shield to block a second damage type

forge bellows: one of the best defensive moves in the game, not only does it knock your enemies back, but it makes them stay away too and if you're "lucky" also prevents them from hitting you with ranged moves too; its nice to use to keep knockback immune enemies away from you for a bit without moving, make sure you're not close to em when you use it

forge armor: good one pointer, but thats about it; makes sure you don't really have psi issues... might be good past lvl 1 if you for some farfetched reason get massive armor and use it with lvl 5 training, but why would you do that if you can wear breath of eyal instead?

dreamforge: I don't recommend getting this, but if you're stuck somewhere in a corner this is maybe pretty good to have, or at least it would be if you could max it out with one generic point

sleep: aoe crowd control, and it spreads too; also inflicts insomnia upon them and makes them vulnerable to night terror inner demons waking nightmare dream prison and dreamscape... it really is an amazing crowd control move; even with a single point invested in it you can take that WTW arcane blade marauder that just snuck up onto a tile adjacent you with GWF active, put it to bed immediately, use inner demons, then move infusion and run away before it wakes up, possibly using maelstrom when you're at range 10 from it to keep it there then dream walk further and keep running

lucid dreamer: not only does it make you hit harder against opponents with insomnia, but it gives saves too, and to boot you can also perform non-instant actions while alseep while sustaining that talent... but it has a few drawbacks though; imo its worth maxing out

dream walk: its like a controlled phase door rune, but better; I prefer to have it at one point but some people have just gotta have that teleport accuracy... dream walk can teleport behind walls to put you in otherwise inaccessible locations, such as sealed tiny spaces in alt maze and sealed spaces in assassin tunnels level 1

dream prison: it would be extremely, outrageously OP if not for the(assumed) 10 turn maximum duration on sleep slumber and nightmare); you can keep that psi bar up easily with regeneration infusions

biofeedback: keeps you alive, its pretty good, before healmod it can heal you for 19.5(100 willpower lvl 6.5) or more per turn if your feedback stays up, and it benefits from healmod too... also makes discharge far better if you decide to grab it for some reason

resonance field: don't underestimate this move, it saves lives, and it can crit too, easily making you absorb over 1k damage with at high levels after you max it out

amplification: makes biofeedback better and makes it so you more often have enough feedback for resonance field and amplification; also makes discharge much better, but still not viable past normal(possibly not there either) though

conversion: it can be a pretty big heal; if you have enough generics I advise that this gets maxed out... only use in what is otherwise an emergency, but not when its so bad that you have to run away immediately(and can do so fast enough)

its a pretty good category; I think all solipsists should have at least 3 points in it over all, 1 in psychometry and 2 in clear mind

psychometry: it gives you up to 7 mindpower and physical power per point, its a pretty good talent; notably it also gives you bonuses from wearing ammunition, so lug around enough dex gear to wear tier 5 ammo

clear mind: a very good talent if your mental save isn't all that high, and its still a good talent even if it is since gloom effects applied by weapons can still hit you if the opponent's physical power is high enough, which it sometimes will be in at least high peak if your mental save is really high... get at least 2 points in it

projection: sounds like it has potential, but I'm not too interested in it... you could probably do some cheesy stuff with it, if thats even the word I was looking for

mind link: sounds like it has alot of potential, especially with the telepathy, not too sure what else to think of it though except that it gives bonus mind damage

antimagic! it makes breath of eyal give an extra 10% resist all, makes guidance give an extra 6 cunning, willpower, and all saves, and lets you get aura of silence and fungus! also make's nature's blessing give 20 more spell save which can be useful in the early game

resolve: it would be alot better if it had a cooldown, and a fixed one at that; however it(I think) means you'll be getting eye of the tiger triggered just about every turn if you're taking non-physical non-mind damage and have at least a decent mind crit... its useful against enemies that do one type of damage and it importantly keeps your equilibrium down so you can use sudden growth mindstar moves and aura of silence and mana clash(if you got it) when you need it

aura of silence: easy 4 pointer, silences enemies in a radius of 10 or more, for 5 or more turns, and can crosstier if your mindpower is high enough(I think); hopefully causes a powerful randboss orc to use pride of the orcs so you can put its lights out and use inner demons on it

antimagic shield: its a very powerful talent, almost always but not for solipsists; they just can't keep their equilibrium down... oozemancers and adventurers can use that talent to its fullest potential, but a solipsist might be able to too if they find a leafwalker's cap of triple absorption or something

mana clash: manaburn! it does alot of damage but unfortunately it eats up alot of generics, its not really worth it on a solipsist, but it might be on an oozemancer

fungus! it makes you heal more and faster and keeps you alive as a result; also makes regen infusions become good

wild growth:
makes regeneration infusions last 10 or more turns instead of a measly 5, its amazing!!! easy 5 pointer, 4 if you're an oozemancer or wyrmic and don't find a +fungus category item and/or don't CP fungus a second time, but if you get fungus high enough wild growth can iirc hit 6 turns, making maxing out wild growth worthwhile

fungal growth: makes healing infusions give you a turn when combined with ancestral life, and then you can click off the regeneration buff and use another healing infusion, then you can click that one off and use a regen infusion and get free turns! also gives pretty good healing when used with maxed out conversion if it crits; PRESUMABLY this move benefits immensely so from healmod, by not only having the healing from this move boosted, but by giving, for example 250%(healmod) of 70% of that conversion crit that was for 1800 after healmod instead of 100% of 70% of 1800

ancestral life: makes you heal faster, also reduces your equilibrium as an added bonus, so you can lower equilibrium without having to take damage; having 1 point in this actually isn't as bad an idea as it sounds unless the second one raises it to 100% of a turn, which it probably won't... sometimes fast but not instantly is good enough

sudden growth: a gigantic heal when paired with a good regen infusion, an easy one pointer; an ogre wyrmic or antimagic zerker would wanna max out that move; only use it in what is otherwise an emergency, but not when its so bad that you have to run away immediately(and can do so fast enough for it to matter)

mindstar mastery:
makes you bump harder, but more importantly gives you more mindpower, and possibly more willpower and cunning too

psiblades: aren't those cool? of course they are! they make you hit harder and let you use other talents in the category while you sustain it

thorn grab: instant dot with a slow on it, only usable in melee range though, but at least you can use it before running away to make you more likely to survive! not sure how the mindstar multiplier works for any mindstar moves but I haven't seen it go higher than 2 though

leaves tide: very nice defensive ability, but not reliable for single damage values; however it is reliable if you're taking alot of different damage values; if you use it as a 1 pointer, I recommend using it when offensive abilities are on cooldown and defensive abilities aren't needed too much, or as a last resort defense; can also be used to hit an opponent without friendly fire, which is desired sometimes

nature's equilibrium: you should only use that move in combat in one of three circumstances: 1: to heal you, 2: to finish off the last opponent that knows where you are, if its convenient to do so, and 3: to lower your equilibrium if need be(which as a solipsist you shouldn't unless you try to take AM shield)... can be useful out of combat to lower your equilibrium by hitting your thoughtform with it if you didn't get a point in ancestral life yet, and/or if you don't plan to go antimagic at all

concerning gameplay:
you are not as frail as a house of cards that'll fall over(die) if someone walks past you the wrong way(unless you're a yeek); you are sturdy enough to face a majority of your foes head on(but not necessarily in melee range), even on insane difficulty; you are built to survive, and thats just what you're going to do, and you can even do it without track earth's eyes or a mindstar of sand!

use distortion to stay away from your opponents and defeat them from a distance, and use aura of silence to make those filthy magic-users stop casting their disgusting spells on you; if an opponent has range 10 non-melee moves you can suvive in a standoff anyway unless they're an archer skirmisher temporal warden or summoner or maybe wildfire archmage

if an opponent is extremely dangerous and hasn't done anything yet, check to see if you can use sleep on em, and if you can do that and its safe enough to spend long enough to do it, then use sleep then inner demons if they aren't a luminous or radiant horror or worm that walks(and in some cases use it anyway), then run away; sometimes this will kill them, and it probably will if they're a summoner or necromancer, or at least do alot of damage if they have a ton of hp

how to fight and defeat various rares in the lategame:

unmentioned melee classes: just stay away from em and you should be fine, especially if you throw a distorted ravage or two on em(you'll might die if you let em hit you); for all melee classes take advantage of the rod of spydric poison if they don't have poison immunity unflinching resolve or grim resolve, which you should watch out for, and regardless, for all rares and randbosses/uniques, you should always inspect them to see what they do(talents) and how much weapon damage they do, and what the range on their bow/sling is if they're using one, sometimes its not 10 even in high peak(probably a bug)

archer: extremely dangerous: avoid direct confrontation when possible, but if you catch em in range 7 sleep em immediately(unless a steady shot is heading your way with no thoughtform to take it) and blow inner demons, then blow your movement infusion and start running; be wary of timeless pride of the orcs biting gale rune and wild infusions there

shadowblade: these are extremely dangerous, and in high peak can nearly one shot you through very high(>60%) darkness resistance; if they start using shadow veil dream walk away immediately, and then blow your movement infuson if they haven't telported yet; if they did teleport blow a regen infusion then movement infusion away immediately, preferrably around a corner; if you can summon spiders do that before running if you think you can survive for one more turn

skirmisher: if they got sling sniper, they're even more dangerous than archers and are one of the most dangerous rares of all, as these at high levels(high peak/sludgenest) have the amazing power to oneshot you from full hp even though over 55% physical resistance with a simple kneecapper crit; if you see a blade horror skirmisher you're probably gonna die, but it is possible to beat those even without inner demons, I've done it once; if you catch em in range 7 sleep em immediately and use inner demons if you think you'll live long enough to do it... be wary of ways to remove mental debuffs there such as pride of the orcs timeless and inscriptions there

alchemist: easy rares, they're just reinforced cannon fodder unless they know dissolving acid, in which case they can be quite a bit of a problem if that mental buff strip can't be saved against, for some reason or the other I didn't have a problem with em in my insane rl winner... regardless don't act reckless against them and hope they don't use smoke bomb

archmage: can be very dangerous, but if your resist all is high these are just a moderate threat unless they have cleansing flames, in which case they become very dangerous; hopefully you can silence them or just kill em really fast

necromancer: the worst part about them is their minions, especially if they have will o' the wisp and are a high enough level for their minions to have level 5+ reassemble; they can be very annoying and in high peak should not be underestimated... however neither should their inner demons

summoner: the most dangerous rare of them all, by leaps and bounds; they can, in high peak, summon ritch flamespitters to sear you for over 700 damage per turn before damage reduction(all crits), war hounds that do 800+ listed unarmed damage, and fire drakes that can (nearly)oneshot you with fire breath for over 2500 damage and roar for over 1.1k, and the hydras are extremely dangerous too, better hope they poison breath while you're running; take advantage of the summoner's location if running isn't an option: the summons will never, ever fire/posion/acid/lightning breath in such a way that the summoner would get hit by it(I think), but you might still get demolished by bellowing roar and melee strikes from the war hound... if they have grand arrival you better start running as soon as they summon something, and hope theres a corner nearby or somethng; summoners are extremely vulnerable to inner demons but it won't always kill them if they're a randboss/unique

oozemancer: pretty beefy, but not really a problem compared to other rares unless they mind parasite you, which they shouldn't be able to if your mental save is high enough; saves will also I think keep mucus poison off of you

anorithil: not too threatening really, but don't be reckless against them; easy rare

reaver: stay away from them and if nessecary use move infusion or dream walk after they bone grab you, otherwise not too dangerous unless they disease you, which dismissal should make much less devestating unless it encumbers you... try to dodge their soul rots, and maybe their drains too... vulnerable to inner demons

corruptor: same as reaver, except its not important to stay away from them... they can also wraithform and such and they have the potential to disease you more... if your blight resistance is low you may not want to let them fearscape you

doombringer: very threatening, especially lategame; they are the second most dangerous melee rare... make sure they don't oneshot you... they can do that even in orc prides(when ur 50) on nightmare if they crit, and especially in ambushes, so on insane its even worse... don't let em fearscape you if you can feasibly prevent it

demonologist: also threatening, but not as much as doombringers, should still be treated with great caution and be kept far away from you at all times if possible

cursed: depending on the listed damage they do on the character sheet, they can be pretty scary even if its just because they can reach you really fast and hit hard

doomed: not to be underestimated, especially if they have high level cursed/shadows talents, treat with caution and stay at least 9 tiles away from them if you can... a really high mental save makes doomed much easier to fight, but they can still do alot of damage with force of will shadows and darkness if you stay close enough for them to do it

paradox mage: can be pretty annoying with their teleports, but if you resist them they aren't so bad

temporal warden: very threatening, do not ever underestimate a temporal warden, unless you like dying, treat with great caution

mindslayer: the most dangerous melee rare of them all, their impale crits can nearly oneshot you on nightmare in high peak, so on insane they'd maybe just outright oneshot you; stay away from these if you can

other solipsists: not too much of a problem with some good resists, make sure you stay out of melee range and to dodge their hammer tosses and to stay out of their malestroms too; their thoughtforms are also not a joke and can hit you very hard in high peak and possibly ambushes too, but they're not so hard that you can't face them in melee range unless its maybe a bowman

how to fight and defeat shashisshy'ka or whatever its called without a mummified egg-sac of ungole or the fourth thalore racial:
1: finish the zone except for the cultists(and possibly bonus levels such as temporal rift or damp cave if you aren't ready yet), and leave them alone
2: go directly to a town or your fortress
3: take out 3 class points and go 1/1/1/0 thoughtforms
4: go back to the cultists
5: try to kill just one single cultist without aggroing the others, so they don't hurt you
6: take out your thoughtform
7: wait at least 2 corners and 7 spaces away from the nearest ritual stone(6 if you like taking risks) without being that close to another cultist stone, nor nearly that close either
8: activate overmind and put your thoughtform near the cultist rock: the demon will always spawn near the nearest cultist rock
9: try to prevent the demon from detecting the player(solipsist) and keep your thoughtform alive without activating overmind until the demon uses meteor rain
10: proceed from there as normal for up to 25 turns, try to kill the demon within 30 turns; if you for some reason don't start running after 25 turns are up(or silence when 29 are up if biting gale(if it has it) is on cd for a while)
11: loot, then go to a town or your fortress, then remove the class points from thoughtforms and put them back where they were before
to kill it with a mummified egg-sac of ungole do the same thing as you would with the thoughtform except without getting thoughtforms, spawn the spiders 3 turns before it starts then dream walk and move infusion outta there so you're not in LoS of a radius 1 of the nearest rock and not anywhere close to any other rocks

how to defeat the final bosses:

you should preferrably have the following items on your person in addition the gear mentioned above for just this particular fight:
eden's guile
nexus of the way
the guardian's totem
a good shield torque
mummified egg sac of ungole
an extra good healing or regeneration infusion
an extra high-speed movement infusion, cooldown and free action duration doesn't matter on that one in particular

once you used the move infusion then waited for its cooldown, then used guardian's totem, swapped in the shield torque, used the speed on boots swapped them out then used egg-sac and nexus of the way while you were waiting, then used the shield torque and swapped it out, then you can use the orb of many ways to teleport to the final fight: once in there you'll go through the dialouge then immediately use the first movement infusion to hit up the first portal, destruction, in the top left corner, then, you dream walk closer to the elemental portal, if either final boss is coincedentially close by during this part sleep em and use inner demons while you can, then move infusion again(unless you're put close to it) and after closing the elemental portal you swap out the high-speed move infusion for the healing or regen infusion so you're back to wild regen regen heal move, then again if either final boss is coincedentially close by during this part then if you didn't get to already sleep em and use inner demons while you can then run over to the portal of undeath, using your other movespeed if its not on cd yet, then go to the dragon portal and close that one too if you want, but note that it can spawn dragons that'd breathe all over the bosses, as well as yourself, and that it can cause a boss to attack them; by the time you get to the dragon portal something is likely to have spawned by then, kill whats on top of the portal fast and if its a multi-hued wyrm you might want to take advantage of it by letting it breathe all over the bosses, which means leaving the portal open... otherwise kill whats on top of the tile if its not too dangerous for you to fight and defeat in a few turns then close the final portal

once you've closed all 4 portals and killed the adds the final boss fight actually isn't too hard if aeryn keeps one busy, argoniel by herself was actually laughably easy even on insane roguelike, she was completely helpless in my malestrom while I wailed on her from afar and elandar's inner demons did him in, making at least 13 inner demons at the same time be active at one point including temporal clones, even worse is the part where elandar got entropy on him and then he just went down real fast; anyway don't assume the final boss' inner demons will survive more than one of your hammer tosses, they actually might not so take care if you make a ton of em which is a good idea anyway if you can manage to do it safely

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Sher'Tul Godslayer

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Wow! I'm impressed. And I've written a guide on solipsists and thought I knew them inside out, but you've given me some brand new ideas.

i've won on nightmare roguelike with these sleepsters several times, but not insane, so you've given me a new challenge.

I like your concise style too. cut to the chase as they say.


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Decided to give Solipsist another try on insane after taking a look at this guide. Decided to make a few changes in that I'm playing yeek, and I did unlock Nightmare with my first cat point. One death so far at level 16 to a white level 26 shadowblade in a vault that crit shadowstepped me for about 500 damage prior to some of it being converted to psi.

Only issue I've had so far is with Distortion Bolt. The tooltip says the travel speed is instant, but it definitely doesn't feel like it as it has seemingly been dodged a few times. Do you have any idea what the deal is?

PostPosted: Tue Feb 09, 2016 7:46 pm 

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distortion bolt doesn't actually travel instantly even though the description says that it does

its probably 1000% travel speed

also I really don't recommend being a yeek, as that makes it far too easy to get oneshotted and it makes you require more +hp from items, which you can't always find but you also can't always afford to take hp over other stats either if you have gear to choose from
if you just find some outrageously amazing gear, such as triple heroic gloves of the juggernaut, that lets you compensate for missing out on at least 130 hp then I guess you can go yeek if you manage to get to the lake of nur, but even then you'd probably wanna go 1/5/1/1 into the yeek racials unless you wanna sacrifice something for the speed racial

you'll basically need much better gear to win insane roguelike with a yeek solipsist than you would to win with a dwarf or thalore solipsist, so therefore yeek is a worse solipsist class than thalore or dwarf as they can more easily afford to itemize elsewhere

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Great guide! Strong and durable.

Been experimenting with this:

Have you tried the Wild Gift/ Harmony tree instead of an infusion? It seems worth it to unlock just for one point in Waters of Life(1 pt).
Elemental harmony is useful mainly because fire is so common(1 pt).
One with nature makes up a little for the loss of an infusion slot. (2 pt)
(*could move points from mindstar mastery to these)

Also, I've found one point in thought-forms is useful throughout. The archer is often a great distraction and provides a free lane through a pack (ie. opening a chest or a surrounded situation) with movement infusion... although any summons charm could do that.

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@ HammyHamster, no, don't take wild-gift/harmony over an infusion slot, the infusion and the extra .2 mastery for solipsism are far too valuable to be worth sacking for wild-gift/harmony, and the generics are valuable too, especially if you don't get all the escorts that you want, solipsist is already really tight on generics as it is and you want reversion to heal for a substantial amount

as for the bit about thoughtforms, that seems like a good idea; in that case I'd take the point out of psychic lobotomy, but if you're gonna take 3 points in thoughtforms, then take all 5 points out of synaptic static instead and get 4 in thoughtforms and 1 in slumber for the extra crowd control, or use the points to go 3/1/1/0 into thoughtforms

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Reiterating that this is a very nice fundamentals guide!

I've been trying a non anti-magic variation of this with a Halfling on insane. It's working pretty well and I'm steamrolling most things which started ~lvl 35 or so. The hardest part is, as you wrote, the first 20-30 levels.

My concept is to max Halfling's Duck and Dodge and Militant Mind. And to use Forge Shield/Chants/Premonition for extra help on Dismissal.

It tends to 2-shot many rares (especially mages and archers) using the Dream Smith category. Although I found Core of the Forge mid-game which helps. Dream smith is eventually a significantly faster killer than Distortion or Mind Sear, with some extra % physical penetration items. Distortion is very nice for CC of very large groups and dangerous melee opponents, and really, really helpful in the early game- as you state in your guide.

I've never really needed Psychic Lobotomy as of yet for CC, so even though I've got it, I can't say much about it's effectiveness.

As far as silence goes, there are charms that can cast the only real loss of anti-magic is extended regen (fungus) and resolve(anti-magic). There are not many occasions where you are surrounded by casters, and in the primary spot that you'd want mass silence (ie, crypt), they have 50% silence immunity anyways. Without heavy armor, you don't need regen on all the time. Also, a point in Forge Armor helps psi regen some.

Only one death so far this run, which was more or less stupidity and early overconfidence in Dreadfell (went in at level 15 and got one-shot in a surrounded situation).
On this current run I went through the crypt successfully (I always go through there and a few previous attempts have ended there - but it's the best or rather most exciting part of the game imho).

Currently I'm on the East and the rest of the orc prides at lvl 50 char level. Amazing thing is that I'm running only with minimal resists (15% Thick Skin and ~+15% of a few others) and hardly taking any damage due to a combination of Evasion(halfling), Forge Shield/Chant of Fortress/Premonition/Dismissal (very high saves due to items, Militant Mind, and a short burst of Luck of the Little folk), and Leave's Tide. Including the Room of Death and Vor's Armoury/Pride. I picked up Premonition and Chant of Fortress from escorts. Once in a while there will be a big damage spike when everything is bypassed - for which a heal infusion and/or Conversion works nicely. And honorable mention goes to Forge Bellows for emergency cover/CC.

I did put on some extra fire resistance for the Charred Scar run, so I could mindlessly run into the middle of packs and use Dream Hammer.

I took Eye of the Tiger (definitely great on this build) and Swift hands. Swift hands is intended only for the final fight, as I've got some item ideas on how to disable and dispatch Elandar quickly, and maybe temporarily put on Elemental Fury(splits dmg into 4 types) or something similar to quickly strip away Argonial's Bone Shield layer, and maybe get Tactical Master. (The East gets pretty repetitious and grindy after a few playthroughs...I wish there was a shortcut to the final fight after the Charred Scar...). I'll edit this if I get to the final fight and note if I was wrong/fail.

So far I've only used SH once - so yes, for a more consistently useful prodigy, Superpower would be 100% better.

Withering Orbs (invisiblity kill amulet) was on almost all the time and is a very good and easy-to-find-early amulet -it's very effective in helping invisible things to die. I've found and been using the Crimson Robe, which may be better for this build in general (except perhaps for the final fight, depending on the final combination of gear/resists). I've just recently found Shards and Breath of Eyal in a I'll have to do some experimenting.

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Dream prison just keeps the duration counter on all active sleep debuffs from counting down, and disables any per-turn effects, like DOT from Nightmare or the spread from Sleep. If you aren't dealing any damage, this means that anyone you put to sleep stays that way forever, or until you move. Since dealing damage to sleeping targets decrements the duration by one for every set bit of damage, hitting imprisoned targets will still wake them up, because dream prison doesn't keep them from losing the sleep/slumber/nightmare debuff, it only stalls the duration counter.

It's really, really OP. You can typically set up a full set of inner demons, get your status clear going along with however much regen you wanted, and get in a free mind sear before anyone else gets a single move.

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Maybe antimagic light armor dwarf might be a good idea in 1.5 now. Grats on predicting the future zeyphor.

<Shibari> You're full of shit
<darkgod #tome> ster is a troll
<Sheila> and ster, i do agree with you on most things game-related, but do try to not be such an ass!
<mex> your posts lead to people like me being abused and murdered

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I'm actually playing now such Solipsist, only Yeek not Dwarf, Antimagic and with Tinker skills.
That's INCREDIBLY annoying, annoying to no end - how did you won on Insaine without armor?
Basically EVERYONE who can deal physical damage is a threat.
I'm not on a second continent yet (in elf ruins), and already was in at least dozen "alsmost oneshotted" situations.
Archers are threat even if I used torn totem and got 100 hardiness 90 armor, that's absolutely madness.

I can imagine that I need to carefully approach to every shiFtty rare in the rest of the game, and that's really sad.
Maybe it's better to actually learn that damned armor skill and wear that armor?

English isn't my native language.

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