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PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 4:20 am 

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I used to think this class was pretty awful but I've come around to liking it quite a bit. No other class can use Antimagic as well as Solipsist and it is incredibly good at surviving in long fights. Here's a link to my Insane winner. One death was to a Doombringer rare oneshot (through 107 armour...) in High Peak and the other death was the mandatory death at the end because I was a Yeek.

tl;dr build


5/1/1/5 Distortion
5/5/5/1 Dream Smith
5/0/0/0 Psychic Assault
0/0/0/0 Slumber
5/1/5/0 Solipsism
1/0/0/0 Thought-Forms

0/3/0/0/0/0 Combat Training
0/0/0/0 Survival
1/1/1/0 Dreaming
1/2/0/0 Mentalism
1/1/1/1 Feedback
5/1/1/1 Antimagic
5/1/1/1 Fungus
1/1/1/1 Psiblades


5/5/5/5 or 5/1/3/5 Distortion (depending on if you need the points for Sunder Mind)
5/5/5/1 Dream Smith
5/0/0/0 or 5/1/1/5 Psychic Assault (depending on mindpower)
0-1/0/0/0 Slumber
5/1/5/0 Solipsism
3/1/1/1 Thought-Forms
1/5/5/0 Nightmare

0-1/3/0/0/0/0 Combat Training
1/X/0-1/0-1 Survival (spare points go into Device Mastery)
1/1/1/0-1 Dreaming
1/2/0-1/0 Mentalism
1/1/1/1 Feedback
5/4/5/1 Antimagic
5/1/1/1 Fungus
5/1/1/1 Psiblades

Stats: Wil > Cun > Str > Con
Inscriptions: Movement x2, Heroism, Regeneration, Wild (physical)
Prodigies: Windtouched Speed at 30, Superpower at 42


Yeek if you want fast levels, Thalore, Dwarf, or Halfling if you want good racials, Cornac if you want Tinkers. Ogre can't use active racials but it's still Ogre so it'll still work fine.


Stats: Wil > Cun > Str > Con


Since you get Fungus you need a Regeneration Infusion. Since you are vulnerable to burst damage you need a Heroism Infusion. Since you are vulnerable to stuns and other physical statuses you need a Wild (physical) and at least one Movement Infusion. The last slot can be either another Movement, Heroism, or Physical/Magical Wild. I prefer the second Movement Infusion.


Windtouched Speed at level 30 because the cooldowns after reduction round down, meaning cool stuff like 1CD Mind Sear and 2CD Distortion Bolt. Superpower at 42 is best for raw damage and mindpower (the 40% Willpower mod works on Dream Hammer) though Eye of the Tiger should be okay as well.

Category points

Inscription -> Fungus -> Inscription -> Nightmare

Tinkers are good as always but I don't feel like talking about them in depth.

Class Categories

Distortion: 5/1/1/5 midgame, 5/5/5/5 endgame unless you need the points for Sunder Mind in which case 5/1/3/5 should be enough

Distortion Bolt is your best AoE damage talent.

Distortion Wave is useful rotation filler and gets melee enemies away from you for when Maelstrom is on cooldown. The stun is nice but Dream Crusher is way better so it's not essential to max this early.

Ravage does crazy damage if it lasts for the full duration but usually it just gets removed. It removes physical sustains if the target was already distorted so use it on Bulwarks, Archers, etc.

Maelstrom is amazing at getting enemies away from you and clumped up for big Distortion Bolt hits. I usually open fights against multiple enemies with this.

Dream Smith: 5/5/5/1 midgame-endgame

Dream Smith's Hammer is your second strongest damage talent and it resets your other Dream Hammer attacks, preferably Hammer Toss and Dream Crusher.

Hammer Toss is your strongest damage talent as if you aim it one tile past your target it will hit it (and anything else in the path) twice.

Dream Crusher is your third strongest damage talent and an amazing stun.

Forge Echoes is one of your only AoE talents. The primary target takes physical damage and the other targets take half mind half fire damage which is unfortunate. The passive added damage part counts as a mindpower talent proc for the purposes of items like Mnemonic and Malslek the Accursed's Hat so expect these items to proc very often.

Psychic Assault: 5/0/0/0 immediately, 5/1/1/5 endgame only if you really need the mind save reduction

Mind Sear is a really good spammable damage talent that has only 1CD with Windtouched Speed. It starts to fall off as you should be prioritizing physical damage and resistance penetration over mind but it is still great for when everything else is on cooldown (which is often).

Psychic Lobotomy is okay I guess but Waking Nightmare is just way better so I skip this.

Synaptic Status is pretty bad.

Sunder Mind does respectable damage and shreds mind save (stacking) so it is your best solution to late game mindpower problems. The mind save reduction probably won't matter except against the final bosses but the damage is decent enough if the target is brainlocked which should happen often and it has 3CD with Windtouched Speed.

Slumber: 0-1/0/0/0

Slumber can be nice if Sleep (and Nightmare if you have it) are both on cooldown. It's only single target so it doesn't seem very good.

Restless Night can crit apparently but it's still pretty bad since it's mind damage.

Sandman sucks lol.

Apparently Dreamscape is good situationally because the damage amplification can crit. Unfortunately it seems pretty buggy despite being cool (like Temporal Fugue).

Solipsism: 5/1/5/0 midgame

In practice, Solipsism is straight up damage reduction, since late game it is very rare that you will dip below your threshold without dying unless you are using a Heroism Infusion. Also you recover psi faster than life so it's free damage reduction most of the time.

Balance marginally boosts physical and spell save if they are below your mind save but you really don't want to be stacking mind save in the first place because you are effectively immune to mental statuses.

Clarity gives lots of global speed. No need to rush this talent because you will have lots of dead turns even after you get Windtouched Speed but it's still really good.

Dismissal isn't even worth the solipsism threshold increase.

Thought-Forms: 1/0/0/0 midgame, 3/1/1/1 endgame

Archer is the best Thought-Form because it has the best Thought-Form Unity bonus and it takes longer to kill because it's ranged. Warrior gives the second best Thought-Form Unity bonus so Defender is not needed. Sometimes they in the way of your Distortion Bolts (deleting the bolt) or your Hammer Toss (usually killing the Thought-Form) which sucks but it's not a big deal even then.

Transcendent Thought-Forms is bad because Lucid Dreamer, Biofeedback, and Psychometry aren't good enough on the Solipsist, let alone the Thought-Forms.

Overmind is nice for focused baits, vaults, and chests. I don't bother with it outside of High Peak though. The secondary bonuses are pretty useless.

Thought-Form Unity gives mind speed with the Archer which is great and mindpower with the Warrior which is also pretty good.

Nightmare (locked): Unlock with Wyrm Bile category point, 1/5/5/0

The damage on Nightmare is irrelevant so think of it as a slightly worse version of Sleep.

Inner Demons is the ultimate boss killer. This is the reason mindpower is such an important stat on Solipsist

Waking Nightmare is nice status spam with 100% uptime. Another reason mindpower is important on Solipsist

Night Terror sucks because you will hit sleeping enemies at most once before they wake up and the summon is bad. If you want summons just use Inner Demons or Thought-Forms instead.

Discharge (locked): Don't unlock

Hahahahaha this category is worthless.

Generic Talents.

Dreaming: 1/1/1/0 midgame

Sleep is a crazy good status, just make sure you don't accidentally break it early with Maelstrom or something.

Lucid Dreamer gives a nice damage boost to enemies affected by sleep or insomnia, but be careful of Inner Demons and Waking Nightmare while using it. Fortunately your Mental Shielding can easily remove these effects.

Dream Walk is a somewhat controlled teleport. Keep in mind that its poor accuracy can make you jump over walls which may or may not be a good thing.

Dream Prison looks nice in theory when against multiple enemies but breaking upon movement is a serious downside. Up to you if you want to spend a point on this.

Mentalism: 1/2/0-1/0 midgame

Psychometry gives at best 7 raw mindpower and physical power per point. It's not useless but it's not good enough when generic points are highly contested.

Mental Shielding removes confuse, Inner Demons, Hexes, etc. 2/5 should be good enough as it removes/blocks 3 effects.

Projection lets you do silly stuff like use Inner Demons from far away and use Nature's Pride without putting it on cooldown. If you have the patience for it, this is a very powerful talent in combination with Track against strong enemies.

You don't do mind damage aside from Mind Sear and Psiblade bump attacks so Mind Link is bad.

Survival (locked): 1/X/0-1/0-1 endgame, X depending on spare points and active items

Heightened Senses helps you see stealthed and invisible enemies, but that doesn't really matter since you can kill them with Distortion talents and Mind Sear anyway.

Device Mastery is great if you know how to use it. Most notably Rod of Spydric Poison, Spellhunt Remains, The Guardian's Totem, and Core of the Forge benefit immensely from it.

I don't think I need to explain why Track is great.

Danger Sense sucks but 1/5 gives a 5% chance to resist some debuffs. Up to you if you think it's worth the point.

Combat Training: 0/3/0/0/0/0 midgame, Thick Skin if you have spare points

Armour Training lets you use massive armour which helps you against burst damage which is one of Solipsist's biggest weakness.

Thick Skin is great but you may not have the points for it.

Psiblades: 1/1/1/1 midgame, 5/1/1/1 endgame
Buy this from Zigur for 500g and then spend 750g to boost it. Ideally buy it after betraying a Alchemist escort to give an additional 0.1 mastery.

Psiblades makes your melee attacks pretty good once you have t5 mindstars and it also gives a nice mindpower boost. However Solipsist is so generic point hungry that you can't afford to 5/5 it until later.

Thorn Grab is good because its instant. It's a free DoT and slow in melee range.

Leaves' Tide is a fantastic defense talent but it's not reliable so you're better off healing if you're already low.

Nature's Equilibrium is a decent heal that requires a melee target as well. I've attacked my Thought-Forms with it for the heal before and I'm pretty sure you can attack yourself as well.

Antimagic: 5/1/1/1 midgame, 5/4/5/1 endgame
Get this as soon as you can comfortably beat the Orc Corruptor in the trial.

Resolve may seem underwhelming but it can crit and even without critting it will often bring you to the resist cap late game. 5/5 is needed for keeping up AMS.

Aura of Silence is very good but often it will be resisted or removed. However if it burns removal it means they may not have removal for your other statuses so it's not too bad if the silence is immediately removed.

Antimagic Shield gives incredible damage reduction late, though you have higher priority talents to max early. You need 5/5 resolve to keep this up.

Mana Clash is a direct damage boost against casters (except PM) until they run out of whatever resource they use and if they do run out that's even better. Don't rely on being able to reduce resources to zero late game, think of this primarily as an offense talent and the mana burn as a side effect.

Fungus: unlock with your level 20 category point, 5/1/1/1 midgame

Wild Growth makes your Regeneration Infusions last 10 turns, which when combined with Windtouched Speed, gives you nearly 100% uptime.

With Fungal Growth, you can use Conversion or Nature's Touch (from Seer escort) for a decent regeneration effect during your Regeneration Infusion's downtime.

Ancestral Life helps sustain AMS (not that you should need it) and lets you use your heals and Regeneration Infusion in a fraction of a turn.

Sudden Growth is usually a full heal when under any regeneration effect and a smaller heal and regeneration effect if not, though it can be nice if you have high life regeneration from items.


Open with Hammer Toss against pretty much everyone. If you think an enemy will use a gapcloser, save Maelstrom until then. Maelstrom takes a turn to apply distortion so don't use Distortion Bolt point blank or use Distortion Wave or Ravage immediately after Maelstrom if you want the distortion bonus. If you think an enemy will remove your statuses (most orcs), don't use any important statuses (stuns, Ravage, sleeps, Inner Demons) until you use Maelstrom or another source of distortion as enemies will sometimes use their status removal on the distortion status instead of the status you care about. If both Distortion Bolt and Mind Sear are off cooldown, you should usually use Mind Sear unless you need the AoE or the cooldowns may line which you don't want.

You are more vulnerable to melee burst than any other damage source so use Heroism against melee rares and up even if you think you'll be safe. Melee burst is especially scary because your Antimagic stuff doesn't protect against it at and if you take too much burst you lose global speed and could get doubleturned depending on your psi loss and the enemy's global speed.


There is no good reason not to go Antimagic on this class. The only important items you're missing out on is Black Plate, Prox's Lucky Halfing Foot (lol), and Stone Wall items.

Save stacking is a bad meme, you don't need mental save because you have Mental Shielding, you don't need spell save because magical debuffs don't do anything lol, and you don't need physical save because you run a Wild and two Movement Infusions.

Tinkers are good as always, but I don't feel like writing about them in every guide I write.

Commentated Gameplay Recordings

I only recorded Reknor 2 with this character.

My wiki page, which contains a guide and resource compilation and class tier list.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 5:21 am 

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Its worth nothing that Transcendent Thought-Forms lets you Dream Walk to them with perfect accuracy, which is occasionally useful. Projection also lets you get extra Inner Demons off, which could be worth at least one point.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 1:41 pm 

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In the TL;DR late game build, thoughtforms needs one more 1 at the end.

A little bit of a starters guide written by yours truly here.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 22, 2018 4:58 pm 

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How do you get Fungus category? I have just made new character and the option is not unlocked for me.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 23, 2018 11:18 pm 

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After becoming antimagic and clearing out Dearth from storm elementals post level 14, talk to Myssil and kill Urkis. After that’s done, talk to Myssil again and she’ll give you the locked Fungus category.

A little bit of a starters guide written by yours truly here.

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 28, 2018 10:18 pm 

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Thanks :)

PostPosted: Tue May 08, 2018 9:00 pm 

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Something I just noticed: You don't talk about Feedback[The category] at all, even though your TL;DR build says to go 1/1/1/1 in it.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 01, 2018 2:43 pm 

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My guess is that if/when Drem are allowed to enter Zigur they'll be excellent AM Solipsists. Frenzy should help some of your dead turns, and double Inner Demons obviously has implications for the final battle. With Frenzy (maybe level 3 or so if its affected by Windtouched Speed) and From Below it Devours 5 you should have almost 100% AoE pull uptime no matter how long a fight goes, I think?

- T 1 - Frenzy, Maelstrom
- T 11 - Maelstrom wears off, re-apply Maelstrom (Frenzy kept it from going on cooldown the first time)
- T 21 - Maelstrom wears off, apply From Below it Devours
- T 31 From Below it Devours wears off
- T 32 Maelstrom cools down, presumably Frenzy cooled down a while ago (again, depending on talent level)

PostPosted: Sat Jan 11, 2020 4:14 pm 

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Maybe i'm missing something, but where am i supposed to get 50 Dex for windtouched speed?

PostPosted: Sun Jan 12, 2020 12:56 pm 
Low Yeek

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You can wear gear that gives you Dex and that would give you the ability to select the prodigy. Shantiz the Stormblade gives 20 Dex when equipped which is a huge help.

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