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 Post subject: Pure Ranged Warden?
PostPosted: Wed Apr 01, 2015 10:49 am 
Low Yeek

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I am presently trying to build a ranged-only temporal warden, who focuses on his bow and his hunting dogs. However, the attack skills are fairly limited right now. Is there a way to pick up other skill trees? I noticed it is possible to buy certain skilltrees from teachers, is there a teacher in this game, who teaches skills fitting for my warden?

 Post subject: Re: Pure Ranged Warden?
PostPosted: Wed Apr 01, 2015 12:35 pm 

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The only purchasable skill trees are Combat Training, Staff Combat and Mindstar Mastery, none of which will help you. However, a TW doesn't need lots of different active bow skills to be a good archer. Temporal Combat is a very strong option for you, as debuffed enemies are easier to kill for you and your hounds. I never found myself needing Spacetime Folding with my 1.3 TW, but that would also work well. Finally, Speed Control can let you shoot lots of ordinary arrows fast, which synergises well with Temporal Combat.

 Post subject: Re: Pure Ranged Warden?
PostPosted: Sun Jul 05, 2015 11:10 pm 

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I've been playing a mostly-ranged game with my TW, despite him having completely adequate melee capabilities, because I got a really amazing T4 trueart bow that means I haven't been impressed by anything I've seen since. (Storm Fury: +lightning damage, automatically zaps nearby enemies, gives oodles of spellpower, and is the fastest-attacking bow I've ever seen. It's really absurd when most of your spells are "duration: Weapon".) Here's the character: ... 121c794d03

The trick if you're doing a "ranged" TW is that you can get extra augmented bow attacks by picking up talents like Breach or Warden's Focus. Thread the Needle is particularly excellent, since it gives you a beam attack to go with your ball attack.

That said, I still recommend not completely neglecting your melee stuff. One point each in the first three melee talents will give you most of the important benefit. (The first one is a disable; the second one is a teleport, and teleporting is great for you; the third one is another area attack, which is probably the least important one if you don't want to brawl it up.) It doesn't cost much to keep good weapons available in case you need them, too. Also, amusingly, the dexterity prodigy Whirlwind does work with a bow. I think it runs with a base damage of 0, but every "on melee hit" ability (and those seem to get given out like candy these days) will still proc, and I think you get at least some of the effects from your quiver.

The one problem with my character if you're going for summons is that he tends to be moving at around 2x normal, so everything (even my arrows; sigh) seems so slow.

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