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 Post subject: Advice on Meele TW
PostPosted: Tue May 13, 2014 9:58 am 

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I always liked the idea of playing TW as a meele, especially because there are some nicely themed weapons out there. I suck at this game tho, so any advices would be welcome c: .

 Post subject: Re: Advice on Meele TW
PostPosted: Sat May 17, 2014 9:48 pm 

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Havent played in a little while, so im a little rusty on the specifics of what to do early game and so on, but i can give you some general advice.

You need to use your mobility, which TW has a lot of. I like to max dimensional step as early as possible, it takes no time to cast, and is just awesome. Additionally, temporal wake is also decent, and used together with dimensional step can get you out of range of anything. On top of that, you need invigorate to refresh your abilities faster, which is just really good.
Swap can be useful early game, and can save your life if you are facing a difficult single enemy, it can also be useful if you are about to be stuck between an enemy and a wall (usually in corridors).
Damage smearing is really good and i dont think you will stand much of a chance without it. Time skip is also really good, because it can buy you some time, or turn a 2v1 intro an 1v1.
I also think spacetime mastery is worth it, even if you only use dimensional step, since it doubles how often you can use it. If you use both dimensional step, temporal wake, invigorate, and spacetime mastery, you will only ever need to fear burst damage (you have damage smearing to help you there), and getting too high on paradox (dont forget to use static history).

Is there anything specific you are having problems with? when do you usually die?

 Post subject: Re: Advice on Meele TW
PostPosted: Sun May 18, 2014 12:44 pm 
Sher'Tul Godslayer

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My suggestions:

- Go for dual-daggers. The TW artifacts seem to be Dagger + Sword pairings, so you'll be using mostly randarts and Rogue-themed artifacts.

- This means you can focus on Dex + Will + Magic, buying only Combat Accuracy and Dagger Mastery, and using Strength of Purpose for early Physical Power. (Later on you may want to turn off Strength of Purpose to get back the Paradox and Stamina.)

- Alternately #1: get a Staff. Don't use dual-wield talents at all. Buy Staff Mastery from Angolwen. Bonk everything to death. This is potent because Invigorate makes your limited number of spells refresh very rapidly, and with a Staff set to Temporal damage you can lay down a lot of smack... and also bonk things very hard. People have won the game with this, and report it to be a strong choice.

- Alternately #2: use Nulltweaks and turn on Weapon Mastery and pick one of the two Chronomancy modifications. Then you will be able to use Bows + Swords + Daggers all off of one Mastery talent (Weapons Mastery), and you'll be able to skip Willpower (so you can build Dex + Magic + Con if you wish).

Check out my addons: Nullpack (classes), Null Tweaks (items & talents), and New Gems fork.

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