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Temporal Warden - Where am I going wrong?
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Author:  amends [ Mon Apr 22, 2013 8:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Temporal Warden - Where am I going wrong?

Hi guys. Been playing for a few weeks now, and I love the game. I got really far on a summoner, but I really want to dive in to chronomancy. I've been trying to make progress in the game with a Temporal Warden, but I always just end up dying so early. I mean, I can barely complete a zone after the first starter zone. Where am I going wrong? My general strategy is to use the bow, and pump dex early getting the Bow mastery talent + Piercing shot and weapon folding.

It's likely a misunderstanding of the paradox resource and bad positioning, but could someone help walk me through how to do better early on?

Thanks everyone!

Edit: Well, swapping weps helps, but I still get owned by mages pretty hard early on. My best effort is to level 10 so far. As the guide says, the melee weps really help the rare/boss fights.

Author:  tylor [ Mon Apr 22, 2013 9:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Temporal Warden - Where am I going wrong?

Best talent for early TW is that perfect teleport thing. It lets you keep distance with about anything, while spamming arrows.
That locked archery tree with area stun is also awesome, especially area stun.

Though I'd recommend wait for next version where Shalore will be buffed and play Shalore TW.

Author:  AlexanderR [ Mon Apr 22, 2013 9:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Temporal Warden - Where am I going wrong?

Earlygame do not invest more than 1 point in anything in Technique / Archery (except for Bow Mastery, but still not more than 3 points here) - those talents have crazy diminishing returns. Investing more than 1 point in Dual Strike / Flurry without maxing out Dual Weapon Training first is plain wrong (and Dual Strike is not worth investing more than 1 point at all, as you have Stop). Did you unlock Archery prowess first? If so, underestimating Crippling Shot is another mistake - crippling disables magi as good as anyone else. If you have spare points and want to boost damage put them into Strength of Purpose (this will also allow you to wear more heavy armor, which is usual for archers).

Anyway, I may be wrong, but you do not seem to be good enough with dual weapons, so the best strategy for you is just focusing on archery/paradox talents instead. Temporal Wardens have greatest mobility in game, so using them for melee is a waste anyway. Do not unlock categories, if you aren't going to leverage skills from them. Do not leverage anything melee-related, unless you are ready to sacrifice damage output for more Con. And do not ignore main thing of Temporal Wardens - time/pace control. Dimensional Step gives you enough mobility to close up on / run away from anything and with maxed out Spacetime Mastery second talent from Time Travel will allow you to shut down even bosses for enough time to heal / remove detrimentals.

Level range, you are diying on, is about hardest in game. Do not be lazy and visit all shops to buy better shots / bow to get best range and damage output you can. Visit all easier dungeons before those with troublesome bosses (like Wrathroot / Monotaur). Finish Arena quest, attack some Zigur patrols for exp.

Seeing, that all your characters tend to die so fast, there is probably something wrong with your escape measures. Summoner can cover himself with meatshields, but other classes can only rely on teleportation runes at best. Try buying one and placing in third inscription slot as early as possible. Or better use first catpoint to unlock 4th slot and use it for second wild. And do not forget to check every shop on map for double wild infusion (those remove effects of two types at once).

Finally, TWs aren't among easiest classes (unless they are skeletons, but recommendations for those are worth whole another topic). If you want some simple, streamlined experience, try Thalore/Cornac alchemists - early game is somewhat simple and you can just spend all catpoints on infusions, while leveling some random talents from couple of trees.

Author:  amends [ Mon Apr 22, 2013 11:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Temporal Warden - Where am I going wrong?

Thanks for the replies!

Yeah, my best run so far has been with summoner. I maxed the fire drake and used grand arrival to just create wall after wall. The level of attention to detail needed for TW I feel is a lot higher than the other classes I've done well with. I am not good at all with melee classes. I have been abusing the 0 turn teleport to strafe away to use more arrow shots, but they eventually close in and I go for flurry which I think was 3/5. And yeah, I have been spreading points to melee abilities as well.

It was just with summoner, I was creating so many minions that I could pretty much stay hidden and just spam them until whatever was bothering me was dead, but the TW has perplexed me because there's a lot of positioning and fight awareness that I have yet to learn. I'll definitely take you advice and give it another shot!

I'm not familiar with any of the Zigur/Arena/AM stuff yet either. My highest char has been ~27 or so and I was excited enough to just get the floating space-ship thing.

Thanks again for the tips. :D

A note: I haven't been getting points in Stop or any in that tree early on because I've been pumping dex. :/

And I guess the gameplay for TW is more hit and run with the bow instead of melee once they are close?

Edit: Here's a dump of my recent spree to level 10: ... 66a03c9f60

Author:  Redwallzyl [ Sat Apr 04, 2015 5:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Temporal Warden - Where am I going wrong?

i won my game as a temp warden just by going pure damage with abilities and with some absurdly strong shield infusions. i would hit with tons of bow abilities and then swap to melie when i ran out of ammo. the best thing is the mobility with the teleports constantly being able to change position. i also pumped strength and to where heavy plate armor for extra defense. the combination of damaging abilities and the shielding and armor made me vary though as i could keep almost perpetually shielded or regening or both with three shield abilities and two regen along with an insta heal. notice that a lot of the abilities have bonus damage. it gets really high with investment and i can switch back and forth constantly for the most damage doing a bow aoe using the tp melee ability to take out a few and then hitting them with a point blank bow shoot instantly turned back to a melee aoe and then back to a 200% single target with duelwielded weapons. they also have an ability to reduce cooldown when you use the melee and bow ability for the opposite ones that makes just switching back and forth for max damage easy. i often just used a bow at point blank. the unlimited quiver also helps a lot with constant alternating. notice the abilities that allow due melee and ranged uses and the one that tps you in or out depending on your selected weapon as well that one is quite good for this style. ... 1eaed73243

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