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Anomaly List [RC2]
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Author:  coconutbowl [ Mon Dec 24, 2012 10:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Anomaly List [RC2]

Anomaly List [RC2]

All anomalies reduce paradox.

...hiccups in fabric : phase door
...gravity spike : large radius physical damage (easily most dangerous anomaly if not protected against physical)
...increase in local entropy : multiple talents put on cooldown
...bubble of slow time : slow applied to radius, may off-balance
...bubble of nul time: radius stun, may off balance
...paused temporal thread: radius removal from time, including self
...time elemental summon: friendly, same level, ~10 turns
...temporarily weakened: flawed design (resist all minus 28%), turn back the clock (stat reduction)
...reality has shifted: reduces paradox, may teleport
...innocent bystanders: summons 4-25 humanoids, friendly. may be killed for xp
...Poof! : ??? (i don't know what this does, other than paradox reduction)
...sped up several threads: global action buff
...matter turns to dust: large radius dig, diggable walls instantly destroyed in huge circle
...temporal storm: aoe dot, useful for killing summoned bystanders for xp
...odds have tilted: regen, speed up, dmg reduction

You can eliminate the threat of backfires by using harmless spells to build up paradox, such as repulsion blast.

Once you are at a high paradox, you can hit a button for a spell, then escape until the desired anomaly occurs. This might be an additional, yet somewhat dangerous way to reduce paradox quickly. If you got your physical resist high, this would not be dangerous at all, other than the chance of teleporting somewhere weird.

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