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PostPosted: Wed Jan 06, 2021 9:19 pm 

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Thanks for this great and very detailed guide, it really helped me to understand the mechanics of the class better:
How paradox works, what you can do with tethers, dimensional anchor + time skip combo etc.
There's just something really funny about beating monsters while zipping around the map.

Definitely still works in 1.7.2, there's just a few skills that need an extra point or so to reach the "old" breakpoint.

I made a few (admittedly sometimes very frustrating) tries while trying out slightly different point distributions, prodigies etc.
but always took your guide as a, well, guideline. I kept slowly getting the hang of it and made slight adjustments to fit my own playstyle.
However, after one particularly "unlucky" death I almost gave up. But a few days later I went full Thomas the Tank Engine and saw it through until the end. And I'm glad I did.

I finally found success with your primary recommendation of hidden resources (it may seem unexciting but it really helps) + cauterize,
however I'm unsure whether cauterize triggered once lol. I also got lucky and found Aetherwalk and other nice artifacts later on.
Although I had to use BoL after a botched fight with a - would you have guessed it - PM randboss in Dreadfell.
For reference: ... f6257e933f

PM can do incredible things... if you have the patience for it. You won't be killing anything with one button and tethers require quite a bit of set-up so make sure your real-life stamina is up to snuff.
The only real weak spot PM has imho is to get caught off-guard, so I learned the hard way that autoexplore = autoexplode and to precog a lot. And that paradox going out of control can easily kill you.
Especially when you create an "evil" clone without realizing it and you decided you wanted to try out Meteoric Crash on this run. :mrgreen: :lol:
Also I've come to hate stealth with a burning passion becasue a. it can really screw you over despite scouting and b. it is spaghetti code and stealth mobs randomly "flicker" in and out of "view" in "real-time"...

Edit: I liked that in high peak (among other options ofc.) I could sometimes just time skip the stair boss to bypass him lol.

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