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U Can’t Touch This

I, Introduction

Playing on madness is like playing a different game, it is more like to playing chess against a cheating chess software.
You do not play it for winning, because most of the times you will die miserably.
In the last ~8-9 months I only had 3 wins totally (all 3 with adventurers) and I do not count how many deaths I have (mostly with non-adventurers). Maybe 100 or less or more? I really do not count it.
Several of this deaths happened after I put like 20 – 40 hours of gameplay into a run.
So, you will learn to play very slowly and very carefully.

This guide is a modified and improved version of my former guide

and describes an incredibly strong build, mainly for madness play.
To get familiar with Tether mechanics, you find information in my former guide.

NOTE: the build itself is very strong, but it does not eliminates the human factor. You have to be very familiar with madness playing to be successful, and due to the RNG factor, success is still not guaranteed.
You can see from the videos below, I was close to death some times.

II, Damage handling in madness

II/a, Why a ghoul?

I reached the Orc Prides with my cornac tether-paradox mage, but due to the crazy amount of damage intake at that point I failed.
So, I had to think, check the code and test again to make a better build for madness.
After checking the code for the damage reduction system I also tested it in-game and had the conclusion, the order of damage reduction functions trigger is (I am just writing here those a paradox mage can have and I am sure I miss something because there are many):

1, Wards
2, Iceblock
3, Affinity healing calculates heal here
4, Resistances
5, Psionic Shields
6, Block
7, Flat damage reduction
8, Flat damage cap
9, Stormshield
10, Webs of Fate
11, Energy Decomposition
12, Absolute Resistance
13, Displacement Shield
14, Time Shield
15, Damage Shield
16, Reality Smearing
17, Affinity healing is done here

On madness, a 3-6000 damage instance late game is not so rare I have experienced 10000 damage instance in High Peak too!

damage.png [ 33.22 KiB | Viewed 241 times ]

And this can happen every turn when you fight with enemies at the Prides or at High Peak!
So, capped resistances with high damage shields won’t save you for sure.

But what can save you is: Flat damage cap (and ghoul resilience is this).

If your character has 1419 maximum life (ghoul paradox mage level 50), that means:

a, ghoul resilience (1419 x 0.5)-> maximum 710 damage instance
b, webs of fate (710 x 0.67)-> maximum 476 damage instance
c, energy decomposition (476 - 66) -> maximum 410 damage instance
d, reality smearing (410 x 0.7) -> maximum 287 damage instance

You cannot take higher damage instance into your life than 287 if your webs of fate is up!

Notice that: your ghoul resilience, your webs of fate and energy decomposition also affects your shields (displacement, time and damage).
So, your damage shields are also way powerful, because you cannot take higher damage instance into your damage shields than 410.

II/b, Why Untouchable

I found The Untouchable in the Ruined Halfling Complex and it is just a tier 3 artifact, and it’s not rare at all (it has a rarity of just 200).
It has a unique property of giving you a damage shield EVERY TIME you take damage directly to your life, if the damage (so total damage not just 1 damage instance) was higher than 20% of your maximum life.

NOTE 1: every time, so it has NO COOLDOWN
NOTE 2: It not gives you the shield immediately, you have to act something. The code misses the onTickEnd function from the jacket unfortunately.

So, we have a very effective damage reduction system so far that is described in the II/a part. We cannot take a damage instance higher than 287 damage to our life if our maximum life is 1419.

287 is the 20.22% of 1419.

So we cannot take a higher damage instance into our life than 20.22 % of our max life.
And The Untouchable will trigger every time when we take damage into our life more than 20% of our maximum life.

If we just take 1 damage instance of infinite, which will be just 287.
Then The Untouchable will give us a damage shield of 287 x 1.3 = 373 shield power.
As I mentioned before we also cannot take a higher damage instance to our shields than 410.
So, the Untouchable is just making us TWO TIMES tougher.

If we taking more damage instances, so higher total damage, then the damage shield will be also way stronger. I got 1000-1800 shields also during my run from The Untouchable.

It is very important to take Cauterize because of multiple damage instances.
With stormshields, damage shields and the former mentioned reduction system we can take ~10-15 infinite high damage instances too each turn, but this is MADNESS. Sometimes we will take more than 15 high damage instances per turn, when there are multiply enemies. We have to take Cauterize.

So, we are very tough now, but we are losing life.
We should heal also continuously, no?

II/c, Healings

We will have our continuous healings from 2 sources: Attenuate & Bloodcaller.

Bloodcaller is an artifact that is accessible to everyone. Not a very rare artifact, you do not need luck to have that.

From Attenuate, we will have a primer healing and secondary healing due to Bloodcaller.
The primer healing can be a 200 – 300 (or a bit more) healing per turn, this is the beneficial effect.
The secondary healing can be a 20 – 70 (or more) heal per turn if we stacked a bit Attenuate on the enemies and have some extra healing mod.

And also we have other damage sources, not just Attenuate.
Mainly Spatial Tethers and Attenuate will do the damage to enemies.
Tethers can hit on late game „relatively hard” that means, we can get a ~1000 net damage from them.
Note, this triggers multiple times and has an incredibly good area of effect.
I received like 100 - 125 heal per turn through Bloodcaller & Tethers in the final fight against the Sorcerers.
And Tethers dealing damage automatically at each turn, you do not have to do anything.

Also, count on a big heal from Echoes from the Past… that will reset your life to maximum.

So, with Tethers, Attenuate & Bloodcaller we can heal like 300 – 600 per turn, continuously.
We just have to deal damage continuously, but that is what we doing with Tethers & Attenuate.

NOTE: look for damage affinities in gear. Because of how effectively we reduce damage, it is a very good source of healing.

III, Stats

Magic & Willpower first. The 2 has equal importance.
Afterwards go for Cunning for extra mindpower & crit chance.

IV, Talents and other ghoulish things

Playing as a ghoul is a CURSE at the first part of the game, really.
You will just experience the main disadvantage the 80% global speed, and you won’t really notice the flat damage cap, because your resilience will just trigger very few times. Enemy damage is not so high here, but we choose ghoul because of the last part of the game.
You can learn Retch to eliminate the speed nerf, but it’s not necessary.
Basically it’s a bit harder to reach level 25 with a ghoul than with a cornac, but it’s still doable.
However ghouls also offer us some more benefits:

Poison resistance 80% -> okay, it’s nice to have
Bleed resistance 100% -> also nice to have
Fear resistance 100% -> fear is very rare, but it’s nice to have
Stun/Freeze resistance 50% -> okay, this is what we looking for!

Due to if we are freezed, we CAN NOT TELEPORT, freezing is just ruins our whole strategy.
We can get a 94% freeze resist just from being a ghoul & a level 3 Matter Weaving.
With a Bloodstone imbued jewelry we can reach easily 154 %, and then we just need another 46% from another source.
So, with a ghoul it’s easy to cap your freeze resist.
I mean CAPPING = minimum 200% !!!


My final talent sheet is:

talents.png [ 201.87 KiB | Viewed 241 times ]

As a ghoul we have not so much points as a cornac, so I totally skipped Gravity tree. It’s not important for us now.

Also, I did not unlock Timeline Threading, it’s also not necessary to have.

I did not unlock Stasis, but instead went for another inscription.
This is because we will have continuous damage shields through The Untouchable.

Note, unlock Stasis & going for a 1,5,0,0 is also a viable option, but I prefer more if my defenses are paradox-independent. Time Shield is strong, but in many cases our paradox will be super high (due to Reality Smearing) and that means we can only cast spells when we have Hidden Resources on (33% of the time).
Nothing is worse if you really need a defense up immediately and you have Time Shield not on cooldown, but your paradox is ~ 1000 …
So, I went with 4 defensive inscriptions instead.

At level 10, we have to unlock Flux.
At level 20, Energy and at level 34 Spellbinding.
We will need high spellpower against The Master (~102 spellsave),
and we need to Extend our Tethers as fast as we can.

a, Important skills to get from level 1 – 11:

Spatial Tether lvl 4, Wormhole level 4
1,1,1,0 in Matter
1,1,1,0 in Timetravel
2 points in Precognition
some points in Dimensional Shift

b, Important skills to get from level 11 – 20:

1,2,4,1 in Flux
get 2 points in Disintegration
get 3 & 3 points in Temporal Reprieve & Echoes from the Past
get Time Stop
Phase Pulse level 4

c, Important skills to get from level 20 – 30:

get Redux level 4 the sooner you can
get Entropy min. level 2
get Time Stop level 4

d, Important skills to get from level 30 – :

Dimensional Step level 4 for swapping
Temporal Reprieve level 5
get Spellbinding:
bind Attenuate to Empower
bind Spatial Tether to Extension
bind Webs of Fate to Matrix
and after Redux & Entropy start building up Fate Weaving tree

V, Prodigies

We have to choose Hidden Resource at level 25 with a paradox mage.
We have to choose Cauterize at level 42.
There is no other choice for madness.

VI, Gear

At first stage, go for Out of Phase. With 2-3 pieces you can easily cap it (40%).
This will really help you to survive at the early & mid-stages of the game.

This build is not focusing on spell-cooldown reduction at all. However I could use a total 30%, I just did not used it.
I found my 60% freeze resist amulet better than Zemekkys’.
For the most of the game I used a double undeterred shoe. It was just so better than a spellbinding. For endgame I used the Aetherwalk.

[ NOTE: Do not try to abuse the Aetherwalk & Wormhole combo in madness with a movement infusion (if you are not a ghoul) in madness! Against late game enemies the damage is totally low and Wyrmic enemies will have 2000 – 3400 % movement speed, so you will be just dead at no time.
Wormhole + movement infusion is just good if you use it under Time Stop to debuff enemies with Phase Pulse. ]

Also, instead of a quickening pickaxe, I used a mindblast torque.
Silencing your big 3 nemesis (Archmage, Corruptor, Cultist of Entropy) is an effective way to eliminate them fast.

So, look always for good mindblast torques and helms with Circle of Sanctity.

Look for temporal damage penetration, magic, willpower, spellpower, spellsurge.

Look for Stun/Freeze immunity mainly and Silence immunity also.

Look for healing mod.

Look for damage affinities, because it’s very strong with this build!
You cannot just be invulnerable, but can heal like thousands from Affinity.
Imagine an 8000 lightning damage instance. You will take just 287 damage from it, but you will heal 1600 if you have a 20% damage affinity.

I managed to get the Windborn Azurite, but unfortunately I had no Glowing Core … :cry:
I killed at least 4 Searing Horrors in this run, but still 0…

If you found The Untouchable, extra damage shield power items are also good.

Because Spatial Tether damage trigger is a spell that you cast, look for on-hit-spell items. The Crystle's Astral Bindings is an incredibly strong early game gloves for a paradox mage. I still used it when I was at the Prides.

New imbued staffs are also very effective on this build, but good ones are incredibly rare, and you want good temporal damage penetration that Rod of Sarrilon gives you.

NOTE: if you manage to get a Suncloak imbued staff somehow, be aware Suncloak overwrites your ghoul resilience, so you will take more damage when you have Suncloak on.
In this case you should also use spell cooldown reduction items. I am not writing about this further, because finding a Suncloak imbued staff is very very rare, so it’s very specific and situational.
(Also, it’s just way too OP)

Fixed Artifacts:

a, The Untouchable: I already described it. If you find it, use it. It’s end-game BiS.

b, Umbraphage: This lantern is also end-game BiS and also just a tier 3 artifact!
It gives us 20% darkness damage affinity AND it totally eliminates the darkness that the Dúathedlens casts. In late game, it needs 2 turns for that (due to the crazy darkness power the demons have), but it’s a key element for this build. It is a life saver, because we need line of sight for Dimensional Step!

c, Rod of Sarrilon: As for any paradox mage build, this staff is awesome. You can find a better random staff of course, but I really like everything in this staff. The -1 cooldown for Attenuate is just very good, it increases the damage output and healing output significantly.

d, Aetherwalk: Not really necessary, but it adds a good improvement for our damage. Like 20-40%, so it’s very good. Only bad thing is you will barely have both good temporal and arcane damage penetration. The extra Phase Door is also very nice to have! If you find it, use it if you do not need undeterred shoe to have the 200% freeze immunity.

e, Bloodcaller: Easy to get and it helps us a lot. I explained it before. Get it and use it.

f, Windborn Azurite, Glowing Core & Goedalath Rock: Damage affinities are welcome and extra healing mod also.

VII, Inscriptions

You want very good defensive inscriptions.
Basically buy the best shielding runes at first. At the early game those are better than Stormshields. Later buy and use also Stormshield runes.
From early to mid-game a Biting Gale rune and a good Blink can be also useful.
I used 2 Shielding & 2 Stormshield at the end and just switched 1 Shielding to the Dissipation just before the Sorcerers.

VIII, Tips for special teleport areas

a, Vaults

You cannot teleport into vaults, but you can teleport in vaults. So immediately when you opened the door, cast Time Stop and jump inside with Ghoulish Leap.
Cast Redux, Tether, Dimensional Step, Tether like usual and you can fight there as normal.

Just be aware: enemies can knockback you for 15-20 tiles!
If you have your Tethers, but you are knocked back to outside from the vault, then all of your Tethers are useless, because you cannot teleport to any of your Tethers!

b, Sher’Tul Fortress and Bloodcaller boss

In these areas you cannot teleport. Therefore I suggest to kill the Weirdling Beast only when you came back from the Far East and killed the Corrupted Sandwyrm. (so, when you are way stronger than these enemies)

NOTE: However you cannot teleport, your Tethers will trigger the AoE damage if you are far enough from them. So you can still use the Tethers to deal damage.

c, Charred Scar

This area was really enjoyable and fun!
Before doing this, I was a bit worried how will I do it actually. So, I checked the code of Charred Scar.
The tiles there have a parameter “no_teleport_south = true”.
That means for teleports:

if and y + dist > self.y then
y = self.y - math.ceil(dist)

So, every y-coordinate in a teleport that would go to south, will be reflected back to north instead.

So, I just run through the whole area first with Ghoulish Leaps & normal walk and BANISHED every enemy!
Banish teleports enemies randomly, with a minimum range.
Due to the fact, the east-west direction is very short here, usually random teleports will find a valid target more in the south or in the north.
But every teleport that would go to south it will go to north instead… Perfect! Every enemy will be teleported to north.

NOTE: After completing the quest (around half-time), I came back here and killed every enemy. You can set up Tethers here also, but just with a Horizontal placement (with same y-coordinates).

IX, Tips against Archmages, Corruptors, Cultists

These classes can end your run, if you do not treat them seriously and do not negate them.
Most of the times you will stun/confuse/blind enemies but the sooner or later you will experience the real power of a level 45 Disperse Magic, Corrupted Negation or Switch.
Disperse Magic and Corrupted Negation will deactivate/remove 10-13 of your sustains/effects.
Switch will „just” reduce the duration of all of your beneficial effects by 9-11. (so you can easily lose your Tether Effect)

What you can do is using a Mindblast Torque / Helm with Circle of Sanctity to silence them. You can extend silence with Seal Fate, so it’s a very effective strategy, but you have to act first, before they use these skills.

If you lost your Tether effect, you can go into Temporal Reprieve and cast Tether there on yourself. If there are still Tethers in the normal map and you have the beneficial effect on you when you arrive back from the Reprieve, then all the remaining Tethers will function well.
This is because if you lose your beneficial effect, the Tether map effect is not instantly removed (again I guess the missing onTickEnd function). So you can cast also Time Stop & recast another Tether too, not just Temporal Reprieve.

If you lost your Tether map actors also, and cannot go into the Reprieve or cast Time Stop (while your Tether, Redux and Dimensional Step is not on cooldown) then you have to retreat somewhere and just play for time. You can dig a hole, go there and cast a Materialize Barrier to gain 4-5 more turns. Meanwhile you can cast Energy Absorption on yourself too, because you want your Tether and Dimensional Step useable, while in this situation you do not care about other skills.

If you want to prevent the annoying effect of atropy, you should also apply entropy on a Cultist immediately.

X, Escorts

Escorts die in madness at no time. So, do not count on them. This build is totally independent from escorts. I usually manage to do 1-2 escorts only on my runs. You should worry about your (un)life and you do not have the luxury of caring about a dumb escort.

XI, Bug Reports

There was 2 from myself at Dreadfell level 6. The other me was not a Temporal Clone, and it blocked movement. Also, it did not act anything and enemies totally ignored it too. Every time I moved it looked like it wanted to merge with my character. I guess some anomaly caused this bug.

An Arcane Eye casted by an enemy in Rak’Shor pride stayed there for infinite long.

At Grushnak Pride level 3 when I entered into the 2nd vault, the „generating level” went crazy and I guess the game freezed. Force quitting solved the problem, I got my last save that was just made when I changed level from the former vault, so fortunately I did not lose anything.

In the final fight, in some tiles there were a: Radiance aura, multiply acid AoE, multiply Bathe in Light and also Glacial Vapour. (so many many map effects at the same time)
This resulted in the Glacial Vapour’s visual effect remained on those tiles after the fight, but there was no damage.

XII, Playthrough

Basically, you should start every fight with:
Time Stop, Leap into position, Redux, Tether, Dimensional Step away for ~7 tiles, Tether again.

In rotation, you should cast Attenuate, Energy Absorption and Temporal Bolt.
Cast Echoes when it will be effective, recast your Tethers when needed.
But everything is in my videos, you can check there how I fought.

NOTE: Extra cooldown reduction from Energy Absorption & Temporal Bolt is very important, because you can get effects that increases your cooldowns or halving your cooling downs. You want access to your Tether, Dimensional Step, … as fast as possible.

I give here my order of playthrough, but you can modify this if you wish:

1, Starting Zone, Trollmire, Lumberjack Village, Derth Arena, Norgos Lair:

2, Scintillating Caves (Alternate), Ruins of Kor’Pul:

3, Heart of the Gloom, Rhaloren Camp:

4, Sandworm Lair:

5, Derth Elementals, Lost Merchant, Old Forest:

6, Maze (Alternate):

7, Daikara, Slavers Compound:

8, Ruined Halfling Complex:

9, Old Conclave Vault:

10, Dreadfell, levels 1-7, with vaults:

11, Dreadfell levels 8-9, Master, Ukruk, Tempest Peak, Celia:

12, Spellblaze, Zigur, Temporal Rift, Ruined Dungeon:

13, Reknor, Unremarkable Cave:

14, Vor Armoury, Briagh’s Lair:

15, Backup Guardians, Scourged Pits:

16, Tannen’s Quest, Lake of Nur, Aluin the Fallen:

17, Ardhungol:

18, Rak’Shor Pride:

19, Valley of the Moon quest:

20, Gorbat Pride:

21, Vor Pride with Fearscape Platform:

22, Shadow Crypt, Flooded Cave, Temple of Creation:

23, Erúan, Charred Scar:

24, Massok, Elven Ruins:

25, Grushnak Pride:

26, Slime Tunnels, Occult Egress:

27, High Peak, levels 1 - 5:

28, High Peak, levels 6 – 10:

29, Final fight, Entropy, Atamathon:

So, this is it. This is my play in a nutshell:

summary.png [ 42.29 KiB | Viewed 241 times ]

The guide is already too long, I cannot tell most of the things in details. If something is not clear from the video-playthrough or you have any questions about the build/strategy just ask.

Again, I would like to thank for all the people in the Discord channel who answered my questions.
Also in the addons thread about coding. Understanding the math, the mechanics and the ability to search and understand most of the things in the code was crucial.

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Very cool build and nice guide, well written and easy to read. Congrats on beating madness with a non-adventurer class. You mentioned that you can only really cast spells when Hidden Resources is up because you'll have super high paradox most of the time due to Reality Smearing which makes sense. What do you do on your other turns? Sure you can Temporal Reprieve sometimes, but that has a fixed cooldown of 40 so I imagine you can't do it all the time.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 15, 2020 6:39 pm 

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Too bad that you're playing offline(?) and your character isn't in the vault. I'd have liked to take a look.

Also, what is a "radiance" type cloak?

PostPosted: Sat Feb 15, 2020 8:46 pm 

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Hey, hi! Thanks

I mentioned, "many times" my paradox was super high, and these many times means "only" the really tough fights,
when I took crazy total damage to my life continously. (so, many times the 287 or less)

If you watch just the last video about the fight with the sorcerers, the entropy and the atamathon, you can see
my paradox is not high against the Entropy, but it is against the sorcerers and against the atamathon.

Against the Entropy it also went down even below 300 sometimes, so I "overreduced" it with Induce Anomaly.
This is becasue the Entropy couldn't deal significant damage to me.
The super high paradox is of course happening at the Orc Prides and when I fought against some
crazy uniques/randbosses.

Unfortunately Reality Smearing (the paradox conversion) is stacking exactly the same way as Attenuate does,
so if you take more and more damage to your life while you still have the effect, then the paradox DoT will be also higher and higher.
That's why Temporal Reprieve is very useful, because usually you are not taking damage there.
But there are some cases when you arrive to the Reprieve with 1000 paradox (when Hidden Resources is up),
so you will go back also with like 700-750 paradox (still full or close to full failure).

When my paradox was super high, I recast my Tether under Hidden Resurces. (Dimensional Step to a clear tile then Tether)
Due to paradox modifier affects the duration of Tethers + I used Extension on them, I got a 16 turn duration Spatial Tether
effect with super high paradox. That means, I could maintain my chain-of-tethers with just 1 new recast at every 15-16 turns
(so once per Hidden Resources actiation).
Ofc, then I cast everything under Hidden Resources that is important: Seal Fate, Webs of Fate, Entropy if needed, Reprieve if needed,
Attenuate, so on...

On NON-Hidden Resources turns I am just simply pressed "5". :)
I am also pressed wait several times during fights.
Wait is a tactical choice, if you cannot cast anything that is useful in the situation.
Becasue Tethers deal damage automatically, clears effects from you automatically, apply debuff on enemies
automatically, this character is capable of winning many fights even with skipping most of the turns.

On the 29. final video, you can check every sheet of my character.

From 58:17 to 58:45 you can see the talent sheet.

From 58:46 to 59:40 you can see all my equipped gear

From 59:52 to 59:57 you can see the GENERAL sheet of my character.

From 59:59 to 1:00:05 you can see the ATTACK sheet of my character.

From 1:00:08 to 1:00:15 you can see the DEFENSE sheet of my character.

But you can see these sheets many times during all my videos too.

I also did not understand the orange Radiance with ego too. :lol:
Then I asked after it at the Discord channel.
People said that it is some kind of a bug when you are at the Scourged Pits or in other Tentacle Type areas,
you can get Fixed Artifacts with ego or egos from those areas.
Funny enough I also found the normal Radiance too.
The orange Radiance was an okay cloak but I used to get better usually on my runs.
It had some magic, willpower, spellpower and 10% temporal damage penetration.
But in madness, I usually get something better (~30% penetration, 20-30% temporal damage, 50 spellpower ...)
Not this time.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 15, 2020 11:32 pm 

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Tradewind_Rider wrote:
Hey, hi! Thanks
On the 29. final video, you can check every sheet of my character.

From 58:17 to 58:45 you can see the talent sheet.

From 58:46 to 59:40 you can see all my equipped gear

From 59:52 to 59:57 you can see the GENERAL sheet of my character.

From 59:59 to 1:00:05 you can see the ATTACK sheet of my character.

From 1:00:08 to 1:00:15 you can see the DEFENSE sheet of my character.

But you can see these sheets many times during all my videos too.

I also did not understand the orange Radiance with ego too. :lol:
Then I asked after it at the Discord channel.
People said that it is some kind of a bug when you are at the Scourged Pits or in other Tentacle Type areas,
you can get Fixed Artifacts with ego or egos from those areas.
Funny enough I also found the normal Radiance too.
The orange Radiance was an okay cloak but I used to get better usually on my runs.
It had some magic, willpower, spellpower and 10% temporal damage penetration.
But in madness, I usually get something better (~30% penetration, 20-30% temporal damage, 50 spellpower ...)
Not this time.

Ah, gotcha. Maybe link those as timestamps in the video descriptions?

That stuff with fixedarts getting egos is really interesting. A corner case that only appears reliably in the extreme scaling conditions of madness?

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