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1.5.5 Cursed Guide
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Author:  bpat [ Sat Nov 18, 2017 4:57 am ]
Post subject:  1.5.5 Cursed Guide

I've been meaning to write a guide for this class for a while but I felt like I should actually win first. Here's my Insane winner (0 deaths :D ) for reference. Like in several of my other guides, I'll put a tl;dr build at the top but you really should read the whole thing because Cursed doesn't play like other melee classes.

tl;dr build

This build skeleton is the minimum you should take to succeed with this class. My winner's build differed from this slightly but most of those changes are based on personal preference.

1/1/3/0 Slaughter
5/1/3/1 Endless Hunt
1/5/1/0 Strife
2/2/1/5 Gloom
5/5/1/1 Rampage

Spare class points can go in Gloom, Weakness, Surge, Repel, or any Slaughter talent except Cleave.

1/5/1/5 Ogre racials
1/3/0/2/5/0 Combat Training
1/2/1/1 Cursed Form
1/1/1/5 Cursed Aura
5/0/0/0 Psibades

Spare generic points can go wherever, Scar-Scripted Flesh, Relentless, and Combat Accuracy being some of the better options.

Use a 2h mainhand and mindstar offhand.

Stats: Str > Wil > Cun > Dex
Inscriptions: Movement, Heroism, Regeneration, Wild, and 2 flex slots (I used Wild and Healing)
Prodigies: ICCTW at 30, Superpower at 42


Just go Ogre because Cursed is highly dependent on Inscriptions and also benefits from Ogrewielding. The sixth Inscription slot is especially valuable on this class as they have no good use for their last category point. Cornac Cursed is a horrible meme and I strongly advice you don't do it unless you want to suffer in the late game.


Stats: Str > Wil > Cun > Dex


You can somewhat deviate from the standard setup because Cursed doesn't really need a second Movement Infusion. The essential ones are, as always, Movement, Regeneration, Wild, and Heroism leaving you with two flex slots. Keep in mind that your Inscriptions will be incredibly strong thanks to ICCTW and Ogre racials so you can hit outrageous numbers on Heroism, Wild, and Regeneration. With this in mind, a second Wild is pretty good because it gives you amazing uptime on resist all. I used a second Wild and a Healing for my flex slots but Shielding, Phase Door, Acid Wave, and Biting Gale are all fine choices as they help manage your saturations.


I Can Carry The World at level 30 always. Since you won't build Magic, it will be your best bump damage prodigy and bump damage is the most important thing as Cursed. At level 42, Superpower is probably the best choice because it gives lots of mindpower and some damage but Legacy of the Naloren is better for raw damage and a stun proc. Alternatively, Windblade and You Shall Be My Weapon give some disables which are greatly appreciated. I took You Shall Be My Weapon but in retrospect Superpower would have been better since I had very low mindpower by endgame.

Category points

Rampage -> Inscription -> Inscription -> Inscription. If for some reason you aren't Ogre, then put the last category point in Predator (5/1/1/0-1), Survival (1/5/1/1), or Cursed Aura if you enjoy inventory micromanagement.

Tinkers are good as always (less so if Ogre but still okay) but I don't feel like talking about them in depth.

Class Categories

Slaughter: 1/1/3/0 early and core, everything but Cleave luxury

Slash is good filler when not in Rampage but it uses standard fspeed and reduces Rampage by a turn so it's usually not worth using during Rampage aside from the last turn.

Frenzy is like Slash but with multihits.

Reckless Charge lets you hit targets up to three times if you move through three tiles they are adjacent to. This makes it a solid damage and mobility talent. 3/5 is a nice range breakpoint but more points are welcome too.

Cleave sucks don't get it.

Endless Hunt: 1/1/3/1 early, 5/1/3/1 core, Beckon and Surge luxury

Stalk makes you hit more and do more damage. It also makes hate management a nonissue.

Beckon is a nice way of moving enemies where you want them when used with Preternatural Senses. If you have the mindpower this can be potent against casters, but usually you want to be in melee range of your targets so you can hit them limiting it's combat usefulness.

Harass Prey is pretty much your only good defense talent. Use it on cooldown whenever fighting a strong foe, even during Rampage.

Surge is permanent movement speed. Normally this isn't that important but it's especially strong on this class since it's so dependent on bump attacks. Also its numbers are so high it makes stuff like Celerity look like trash in comparison.

Strife: 1/1/1/0 early, 1/5/1/0 core, everything luxury

Dominate is awesome at 1/5 as a pin and damage amplifier. If you have the mindpower to get it to stick and you aren't in Rampage, it's a direct upgrade over bump attacking so you may as well use it. Keep in mind it can be used from a short range to help pesky kiting enemies like Gunslingers.

Preternatural Senses is telepathy for everything at range 7 plus invisibility and stealth detection. It's not like you have anywhere better to spend your points so you may as well max this. It's an amazing talent but it's hard for words to do it justice when you really need to use it for yourself to fully appreciate its power.

Blindside is amazing. It goes through walls making it great with Preternatural Senses. It seems to teleport you behind your target so you can use it to jump over an enemy that's in your way. It also gives out of phase which can be nice if you have the right gear. It's a pretty great use of extra points for the lower cooldown, though the range doesn't change with points.

Repel would be really good if you didn't have Surge. You could take both and swap them as needed but I can't imagine ever willingly putting Surge on cooldown.

Gloom: 2/2/1/2 early, 2/2/1/5 core, Gloom and Weakness luxury

Gloom has a chance to stun, slow or confuse nearby enemies (if you have the mindpower for it). It's not bad but it isn't that reliable so don't depend too much on it.

Weakness is a very good debuff. Still unreliable though.

Dismay is completely useless only take 1/5 to unlock Santuary.

Sanctuary is mostly gank protection since you usually want to be in melee range. Cursed needs all the help it can gets in terms of defense talents though and the damage reduction gets pretty good (28% at 5/5) making this worthwhile.

Rampage (locked): Unlock at level 10, 5/5/1/1 early and core, nothing luxury

Rampage makes you attack fast and move very fast. This along with Surge are why I don't take multiple Movement Infusions on this class. Sadly the attack speed bonus does not work on any of your attack talents (unless you get Disarm from a Loremaster escort) so don't use attack talents other than Harass Prey except to finish enemies off or apply a debuff unless it's the last turn of Rampage.

Brutality increases physical damage. Pretty boring but pretty good. Not much to say here.

Tenacity is a joke but at least it gives an extra turn of Rampage.

Slam sucks but it's your only stun so it's actually worth 1/5. It's the worst stun in the game but Cursed will take what it can get in terms of reliable disables.

Predator (locked): Don't unlock unless not Ogre, 5/1/1/0-1 luxury

More damage yay. Useful in the Prides and useful against the final bosses if you mark a Shalore before entering High Peak. Only the first talent is particularly good but the rest are probably worth 1/5.

Fears (locked): Don't unlock unless not Ogre, 5/0/0/0 luxury

Instill Fear is really good but you probably won't have the mindpower for it to be reliable. Heighten Fear and Tyrant make your Fears worse on average and Panic does the opposite of what you want as Cursed so 5/0/0/0 would be the best point distribution if you choose to take this.

Generic Talents.

Cursed Form: 1/2/1/1 core, 5/5 Relentless luxury

Unnatural Body makes you worse! Too bad you can't refund it haha. Leave at 1/5.

Relentless gives you 28% resistances at 2/5 which is great and 50% at 5/5 which is okay. 2/5 is a nice breakpoint but more points here are still helpful.

Seethe is a decent damage boost in long fights but it doesn't get much better past 1/5. If you really have a bunch of spare points (maybe because you picked Cornac against my advice) then you could put some in here if you want.

Grim Resolves gives a bit Str and Wil and (more importantly) a chance to remove a disease or poison each turn. It's not awful but it's certainly not worth more than 1/5.

Cursed Aura: 1/1/1/5 early and core, 5/5/1-5/5 and a category point luxury if you're a masochist

Defiling Touch and Dark Gifts are good if somehow all your items have Curse of Nightmares or Shrouds. Go big or go home.

Unlike with Doomed you are not taking Spine of the World and you are not Shalore (well you could go Shalore and take Spine of the World but I advise against it) so this isn't that great. It's a decent if for some reason you aren't bump attacking this turn and you're in danger.

Cursed Sentry does great damage, especially if you give it a good bow or sling. Bows are usually better since arrows hit harder than shots. Also procs on-hit effects from the weapons. This also can block hallways and otherwise tank for you. You can switch places with it so it can help you get away from melee enemies that are already adjacent to you. Treat this like a tankier, immobile Ritch Flamespitter summon that can hit you with its projectiles. If you find Storm Fury it is pretty much the best possible Cursed Sentry from my experience.

Survival (locked): Don't unlock unless not Ogre, 1/5/1/1 luxury

Heightened Senses is redundant since you have Preternatural Senses which is way better.

5/5 Device Mastery is great if you know how to use it.

I don't think I need to explain why Track is great.

Danger Sense sucks but 1/5 gives a small chance to resist debuffs.

Combat Training: 0/3/0/2/5/0 early, 1/3/0/2/5 core, Thick Skin, Armour Training, and Combat Accuracy luxury.

Self-explanatory. You may want 5/5 Combat Accuracy since Ogrewielding reduces accuracy and you don't have Perfect Strike.

Psiblades: 5/0/0/0 whenever you find a good mindstar for your offhand
Buy this from Zigur for 500g and then spend 750g to boost it. Ideally buy it after betraying a Alchemist escort to give an additional 0.1 mastery.

Yay damage and mindpower. Too bad we can't use Leaves' Tide with only one Psiblade :(

Ogre Racials: 1/5/1/5 core, Scar-Scripted Flesh luxury

Self-explanatory. Scar-Scripted Flesh is one of the better luxury generic options on this class.

Tinkers (from escort): If not Ogre, unlock at level 36 and take 5/5 Therapeutics plus whatever it takes for Razor Edge, Grounding Strap, Kinetic Stabilizer, Iron Grip, Fungal Web, and Ablative Armour.

Tinkers are good as always (less so if Ogre but still okay) but I don't feel like talking about them in depth. These are the standard good Tinkers but you can mix it up if you want. This is the best use of your spare category point if not Ogre.


This class loves to bump attack, not button mash. Movement is almost free when in Rampage since between it and Surge you should have over +350% movement speed so get used to moving around a lot (without talents like Rush). Weaving in and out of combat is the most important skill to learn as Cursed does a lot of damage while also having incredibly poor defenses (probably the worst defense out of any melee class).

If you're Shalore, Doomelf, or Ogre, unlearn your first racial and replace your Runes with Infusions to be able to betray escorts. You really want talents like Nature's Touch, Track, and Dream Walk and also getting Psiblades before buying it from Zigur gives you an additional 0.1 mastery.


Antimagic sucks because you already destroy casters and melee opponents pose a much bigger threat. Also, while you have a fair amount of spare generic points, you don't have quite enough to make good use of Antimagic and Fungus. Also it locks you out of Writ Large which is really bad.

Always get the Cold Iron Acorn (evil version) from the Keepsake quest. Movement speed and physical damage are way better than mindpower and some pathetic defense stats.

Commentated Gameplay Recordings

All of these were using the character I linked above. I misplayed a lot in some of these recordings but I tried my best to point out what went wrong in each of these cases. I'll upload Highpeak 6-10 and the final battle soon and link them here when I do.

Dreadfell 9

High Peak 1

High Peak 2

High Peak 3

High Peak 4-5

Author:  Micbran [ Sat Nov 18, 2017 5:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 1.5.5 Cursed Guide

im micbran and this is my favorite guide on the forums

Author:  tabs [ Sat Nov 18, 2017 2:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 1.5.5 Cursed Guide

Perhaps instead of labeling Cornac Cursed a meme, you could explain why the only other (relatively) up-to-date guide for Cursed is wrong in a bit more detail.

Author:  Cathbald [ Sat Nov 18, 2017 3:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 1.5.5 Cursed Guide

tabs wrote:
Perhaps instead of labeling Cornac Cursed a meme, you could explain why the only other (relatively) up-to-date guide for Cursed is wrong in a bit more detail.

He did.
this class have no good use for their last category point

don't do it unless you want to suffer in the late game.

Cursed lacks both good unlock AND good ways to spend generic points. Cornac gives you more things you don't need and nothing more. Rampage before 10 isn't even that useful.

Author:  St_ranger_er [ Sat Nov 18, 2017 6:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 1.5.5 Cursed Guide

Can't find most important thing - Iron Acorn or Cold Iron Acorn. :D
Jokes aside, how about tinker categories? Can't see a single word about it.

Author:  bpat [ Sat Nov 18, 2017 9:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 1.5.5 Cursed Guide

Yeah Tinkers are pretty good. Get 5/5 Therapeutics plus whatever you need for Razor Edge, Grounding Strap, Fungal Web, Ablative Armour, Iron Grip, and Kinetic Stabilizer. Your Inscription setup would probably change to Injector x2, Regeneration, Movement, and Heroism/Wild. Sucks that it costs a category point for Ogre but it's probably optimal on any non-Ogre race. I don't think Writ Large and Scar-Scripted Flesh properly reduce Injector cooldowns so I don't like Tinkers much on Ogre but it's still okay for them.

Always get the Cold Iron Acorn (evil option).

I'll edit the guide soon to mention these and also mention why Antimagic is bad on this class.

Author:  Sheila [ Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 1.5.5 Cursed Guide

Good stuff! Glad someone understands how bad cornac cursed is :lol:

Author:  LtLukoziuz [ Sat Nov 18, 2017 11:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 1.5.5 Cursed Guide

Okay, noob question time: What's wrong with Dismay, and while I understand that Surge > Cleave - if there was no Surge, would Cleave still be garbage and why? (especially if for some reason not psiblading) Also - if not Ogre, 1h+psiblade is still the better option than 2h?

Author:  Sheila [ Sun Nov 19, 2017 12:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 1.5.5 Cursed Guide

LtLukoziuz wrote:
Okay, noob question time: What's wrong with Dismay, and while I understand that Surge > Cleave - if there was no Surge, would Cleave still be garbage and why? (especially if for some reason not psiblading) Also - if not Ogre, 1h+psiblade is still the better option than 2h?

Dismay's chances to do anything are awful, doesn't scale that well with levels, and crits are far from high demand lategame, points are better spent anywhere else.

Cleave requires you to always be fighting more than one opponent than do anything at all, and even if it didn't it wouldn't be amazing. If surge didn't exist you'd just have repel on at all times for the defenses.

In my opinion 1h+psiblade is still better than 2h since most of your talents deal more hits this way and you hit pretty hard, psiblade scales nicely with your stats.

Author:  bpat [ Sun Nov 19, 2017 12:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 1.5.5 Cursed Guide

What Sheila said is correct. Also if not Ogrewielding you can get a respectable mindpower stat with a Psiblade offhand and Superpower. Double Psiblades is bad though because Brutality only increases physical damage.

Author:  orange< [ Sun Nov 19, 2017 1:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 1.5.5 Cursed Guide

As always a good guide, bpat.
Pretty sure Cursed talents don't use mind speed, though. Not sure what it is they use, but they don't get faster with +mind speed iirc.
But the point you're making stands. no rampage speed bonus for abilities :(

Author:  Derael [ Sun Nov 19, 2017 5:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 1.5.5 Cursed Guide

Okay, I can easily see how Ogre is the best race for Cursed.

But still, is Cornac that bad? You can go AM + Fungus + Tinkers at the cost of one inscription, and you will get some more generic points to invest there (including generic points you are NOT spending on racial talents). Fungus will more or less compensate for the loss of Ogre inscription power while AM is a free bonus, you can make do with just a couple of points there. So I can totally see Cornac as a more Tinker oriented Ogre, since 3 inscriptions + 2 injectors are plenty. And you probably can find some use for 5 class talents as well.

Maybe they are not optimal but being in top 3 races for Cursed is not a big stretch (maybe second best?).


Regarding speed, it looks like most of cursed talents use Standart speed (exception is Cursed Aura tree and locked Fears tree, which we don't unlock), this is the same type that most prodigies use. So they are affected only by global speed. Basically, mind speed is useless for cursed, he benefits only from attack speed and global speed. But maybe there are mistakes on Tometips, though for me it has been more accurate than wiki in most cases, and it has direct links to the code.


And what about Disarm? Is it worth using it during rampage? Sure, speed will be increased but it will still lower the duration, right? I wonder how useful overall it was on your character? I'm currently thinking about good Escort scumming based builds and 5/5 disarm on melees looks good overall, but never tried it past level 1-2. As you said, melee foes are most dangerous so I feel it can work well on Cursed despite lowering Rampage duration.


Just wanted to do some math on Cursed Aura: At level 5 Defiling touch grants 10 curses + 2 from activation (is it sustain or just temporary buff?). At level 6 two more. At level 7 one more. Negative effect reduction can be disregarded, it's ~20% at level 7 and those are miniscule anyway.

Now for Dark Gifts. Not sure how values are rounded for this one, if it's floor, this is simply terrible, if it's rounded to closest integer then it's great at level 7. Basically you will barely be qualified for level 2 increase at 7. Otherwise it'll become 2+ only at level 9.

So, if you find a good item with Cursed Aura mastery of at least 0.2 (it's never worth simply investing category point, nor it's worth just levelling it to 5, since you can get terrible spreading and gain nothing from 8 generic points). So I will only compare level 6 and level 7 (item vs item + category point).

At 6 it's 11 curses + 2 curses buff. Worst curses are Madness and Corpses IMO. So in worst case scenario you'll get only them at all your items. But with 11 curses it's highly unlikely. You will most probably have at least one level in each of the Curses, maybe except 1. Let's assume we get 1 level in each of the curses. All our curses will be at least level 2 this way. So depending on scaling that's +2-3 to all stats. Not impressive. Now, what if we get a bit lucky, and get 2 points in one of the useful auras. It's either good tool for killing off low HP enemies potentially saving a turn to finish them, good damage reduction buffs or Nightmares (whatever those are, but description sounds like something useful). Madness sounds weak from the description, but if it scales with power level, it might be ok. Corpses grant effect on kill which is generally bad. Basically chances to have 2 point in good curses are higher than having 2 point in bad curses, so it's not too bad. Then, you also have active that will buff another of your good curses, which is currently level 2 or 3. That's 2 good curses with good chance. But again, it depends on duration of active buff (if it's sustain then no problem here).

So in the end chances to get 2 good curses are more then 50%, and chances to get 3 good curses are also not bad. If other bonuses (like stats) scale with power level, even better.

Is it worth 8 generic points? Not sure, depends on scaling of the effects. And definitely not worth category point. Maybe for flavor only. But it depends on how good Nightmares actually are, maybe it's worth it just for them alone. But you can achieve level 4 without spending cat point with decent certainty if you use active.


Now, let's look at level 7. You get 12 curses + 2 extra from active. Again, assuming we have 1 level in each of the curses. That means all curses are at least level 3 (if scaling is favorable for the player, otherwise this category is downright terrible and never worth investing points in). We have 7 more points and chances to get good categories to 4+ are much higher, we need just one point to succeed. With active included you will probably get all 3 of them at level 4, and probably 2 bad categories as well. From there it all depends on scaling. If scaling from higher levels is decent then you will get quite powerful boost from all 5 curses combined. Otherwise probably still not worth a category point.


Verdict (just my opinion though): if you get a good mastery item and you character already feels powerful enough, might as well consider mastering this category instead of getting 6th inscription, and investing 8 generics in it (according to your character you most likely had extra generics, as you have 43 points in total and 3 of them are unlearnable, might as well get more from escorts, if delaying levelling Psiblades). Still require comfirmation on Dark Gift formula, it's the main factor in deciding.

If you didn't get good mastery item/feel like you need more infusions/totally hate RNG and everything unknown/Dark Gift actually sucks and won't give you extra levels past 1, then absolutely go ahead and skip this alltogether. At level 1 both positive and negative effects are negligible, and we are here for Cursed Sentry anyway.

Author:  bpat [ Sun Nov 19, 2017 8:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 1.5.5 Cursed Guide

I mentioned in the guide why Antimagic isn't very good on Cursed so that's not a point in Cornac's favor. I'd easily rank Dwarf, Thalore, Doomelf, and Shalore ahead of Cornac and maybe even Halfling and Yeek too. As far as living races go it's one of the worst, with only Higher being clearly worse.

Yeah looks like stuff uses standard speed instead of mind speed, not that this matters since you have no way of increasing mind speed.

Disarm is so good you use it whenever it's off cooldown against enemies with weapons. Same applies to Windblade and YSBMW if you take them.

Author:  Derael [ Sun Nov 19, 2017 10:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 1.5.5 Cursed Guide

bpat wrote:
I mentioned in the guide why Antimagic isn't very good on Cursed so that's not a point in Cornac's favor. I'd easily rank Dwarf, Thalore, Doomelf, and Shalore ahead of Cornac and maybe even Halfling and Yeek too. As far as living races go it's one of the worst, with only Higher being clearly worse.

Yeah looks like stuff uses standard speed instead of mind speed, not that this matters since you have no way of increasing mind speed.

Disarm is so good you use it whenever it's off cooldown against enemies with weapons. Same applies to Windblade and YSBMW if you take them.

Yeah, you said that you destroy mages anyway, but you mainly go Antimagic for Fungus and it's useful vs everyone, since it improves your regeneration greatly and grants free turns from time to time, while AM is a bonus you can utilise with just 3 generics. Also, if you don't go Ogre, you will have plenty of generics, so why not? Besides, Antimagic shield even at level 1 will add up to your tenacity negating all elemental dots and such. The main downside is losing access to Arcane equipment, but I'm not very experienced to evaluate how important it is for Cursed.

As for other races, it's basically AM+Fungus/extra category (but I feel like all avialble categories are not as good as Fungus) vs their racial trees, considering Tinkers to be best use of extra category point for anyone but Ogre. Shaloren are overall superior but they have little to no synergy with Cursed, and they scale with Dex/Mag. Doomelf are actually very good, but I always overlook them because I didn't unlock them yet. Dwarf is indeed very good for extra armor and escape, especially if you strugle in melee. But not sure about Thalore, maybe I underestimate them too much (at least they scale well with WIL + good summon is a bonus). Halfling and Yeek are both great races as well, but I don't think they have any synergy with the class, nor they help you much vs melee enemies. Though Yeeks are probably great, and have insanely good exp modifier, I got to 30+ before Daikara as Rogue.

While Fungus does boost your survivalbility tremendously (it's at least as good as having another regen infusion). With good infusion you can keep it up almost 100% of the time, and you get a good heal on top of it (though with longer CD than healing infusion). That's why I feel like Cornac is slightly tuned down Ogre with Trinkets. Less damage, less heal, no arcan items, but in exchange tinkers and AM + some extra class and generic points (you need 9 for tinkers and 7 for Fungus though, so those will quickly eat up your reserves). I can see obvious disadvantage when compared to Ogre, but not much problems when compared to most other races.

Overall, I definitely agree that Ogre is by far the best race here, but still can't agree about Cornac being one of the worst. Also I don't know what is meme Cornac Cursed build, maybe it was so bad that your impression about race overall dropped because of this. But from my experience AM and Fungus are almost never bad to have for mind or physical oriented classes.

Author:  bpat [ Mon Nov 20, 2017 2:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 1.5.5 Cursed Guide

I played Cornac Cursed to Reknor on Insane and it wasn't very good. It's not a meme build it's just that regular Cornac Cursed itself is a silly meme that keeps getting pushed despite being bad. You don't even want Rampage before level 10 so the only major benefit is you level faster and have an extra Infusion until level 36. Fungus is fine but it doesn't give as great value for your Regeneration Infusion as Ogre racials do. Even if I were to take Antimagic just for Fungus, Cornac is still way worse than Thalore and Dwarf which both have excellent defensive racials.

Edit: Also Antimagic sucks because it locks you out of amazing items like Dethbyld, Black Maul, Black Plate, Aetherwalk, etc plus a bunch of nice item egos.

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