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 Post subject: Melee Reaver
PostPosted: Sat May 16, 2015 6:27 am 

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Hi guys,

please give me your advice on this. Here is my current skill tree:

I'm playing as a Higher since Ghoul is really slow and last time I tried Ghoul-Reaver I kept dying even in the early dungeons. I've spent about 70-80 hours on ToME and I only managed to encounter the Orcs once, with an archer. My main problem is I keep opening vaults, treasure chests, touching every pedestal etc. and the elite rare special whatever mobs kill me every time. I need to teach myself not to open every mysterious object I encounter.

But back to the Reaver. I'm really having a blast, I find melee Reaver super-strong. I have killed most of the tier 2 dungeon bosses in just a couple of turns, the Sandworm Queen died in 3 basic attack bumps, I didn't even use any of my skills (except for Vimsense). Currently I'm level 18 and I'm on my way to Daikara. I wanted to ask, what to do next? I was pushing my Magic stat to get Bone shield to 5 as soon as possible (btw. that skill absolutely kicks butt), now I guess I'm gonna get Strength to some level (how many points should I put into it? I guess it should be around 60, but do I have to get it to 60 flat or is it enough to have let's say 45 points in it and get 15 points from items?). Or what stat should I focus on now?

Next question, which skills should I focus on? Sometimes I'm having troubles with the lack of Vim, that's why I've been leveling Vimsense and Leech. I would like some advice on the Plague tree, is it worth to get for a melee (i.e. non-caster) character? What would you max next if you were in my shoes, I was thinking about maxing Rend (kickass skill but so far works well with the few points I've put in it), Ruin and the Acid strike looks great too.

About generic skills, the racial ones look great but I'm still not sure if it's worth maxing them. Which ones would you go for?
Btw I'm dual-wielding. Thanks for your advices

one more question: what equipment should I get? I'm not asking about particular rare artifacts, I'm asking about stats and modifiers that would benefit me most. Thanks

well, I died in Daikara, game over. It had this weird layout I've never seen before, it said something about exploding volcano and indeed there were fireballs raining all over the place, but the worst part was the last level, I guess it was the caldera because it was just one huge open space and there were 10+ giants bunched up together AND the Dragon boss and they just wrecked me. GG. I'll try this build again.

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