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PostPosted: Wed Jul 12, 2017 11:09 am 

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How mportant Magic for Doombringer?
I just thought that it's not, but this guide tell me it is second after Strenght.

English isn't my native language.

PostPosted: Tue May 15, 2018 12:15 am 

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Overall solid guide, net me my first Nightmare win. After playing the class a bit and getting some input from some of our other members (Ty Cath), my own thoughts/suggestions are as follows (in no particular order):

Dismember (1/5) Early -> 5/5 Late

- I generally play Shalore, and I find myself needing to 5/5 this one to hit 100% crit.

Demonic Blood (5/5) – Early/Mid (max after Abyssal Shield/Weapon Mastery)
Abyssal Shield (5/5) – Early (max before Demonic Blood)

- My reasoning with these two is that while Demonic Blood is strong, in the early game almost all of your damage is coming from weapon damage. That, combined with your typically strained vim pool means it is very difficult to get a lot out of the damage bonus up until the mid game (25+). On the other hand, Abyssal Shield makes a huge, HUGE contribution to early game survivability.

Weapons Mastery (4/5) -> (5/5) – Early

- More damage than you'll get out of boosting Demonic Blood in the early game

Abduction (3/5) - Early -> (5/5) Late

- Cathbald put me onto this, and a 5/5 Abduction is phenomenal in terms of letting you dictate how your fights begin. More often than not, rushing (or fearscape shifting) in can get you into trouble. Instead, you can use abduction to pick off rares/randbosses/casters from LoS. With your endgame damage, most enemies will either die instantly, or be severely wounded letting you finish them off with no threat of retaliation. It's game changing.

Cauterize Spirit (3/5) - Mid (Still 2/5 early)

- An extra point here makes this skill way more useful as a full cleanse by the endgame, when you typically have 5+ negative status effects applied to you at the start of a fight. Nothing will ruin a Doombringer's day quite as fast as being hit with stuns/disarms/poison. It being instant speed and on a short cooldown makes it very attractive IMO. I find I really like using my first cat point to get this skill up and running. Further, on Shalore, due to the relatively low CD, you can get 3-4 full cleanses out late game. If I'm getting hit with lots of status effects, I'll typically Cauterize Spirit -> Wild -> Wild -> Relentless Pursuit -> Timeless -> Cauterize Spirit.

Misc Thoughts:

Fearscape Shift: A great skill, though I think rather than using it to initiate, it is better to save for disengage/repositioning mid-encounter. At max rank, the range is enough such that Fearscape Shift + Movement will get you away from any and all bad situations. Acts as a weak heal in this scenario.

Corruption / Oppression (1.20 / Unlocked)

- Just my thoughts on this tree as a whole. I've never been able to get much use out of Hope Wanes. By the time I've put points into this tree, either I can reliably kill the enemy in question before I have enough stacks, or, I need to disengage before I have enough stacks. 3/5 in Horrifying Blows may be sufficient, will add more when I complete another run.

Surge of Power: Criminally underrated. With decent heal mod, it can crit for a full heal if you have any spell crit.

Notable Artifacts: Blood Caller

- This ring is phenomonal on Doombringer, and is basically guaranteed on every run. I cannot recommend this one enough, as it has provided a significant boost to my survivability.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 22, 2018 12:19 pm 
Low Yeek

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GlassGo wrote:
How mportant Magic for Doombringer?
I just thought that it's not, but this guide tell me it is second after Strenght.

Most people go Arcane Might I think. I did when I won back in 1.4.x or something...also back when ogres got the free inscription haha. I think I’d still peg Ogre as the best race but Drem look juicy,

I might have to give doombringer another go thinking of the Frenzy shenanigans you could get into. Something like abduction>frenzy>destroyer>X>X to open. Frenzy should work with surge of power as well, right?

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