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 Post subject: [1.5] Anorithil Guide
PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2017 10:56 pm 

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Hello everyone.

I recently won with a yeek anorithil that you can see here (char sheet are so beautiful now that they're fixed :D)


After winning I came to check this forum and I realise the last guide is 4 years old (well 3, it got edited in 2014) and so here we are.
This is my 6th insane win, first yeek win in insane and first ano win ever, and let me tell you, even though I lost a lot of char in T2s (and a few before) after that everything goes smoothly (generally true and this ano was no exception).
Once the T2 are cleared the most dangerous thing you can encounter are Orcs mage-hunter. Seriously, I had more trouble against the first elite Orc mage-hunter I encountered than against any randboss in the prides... Since you do a lot of little damage you won't go through resolve/antimagic shield and you'll always have zero energy because manaburn. Best general tactic : summon stuff, and use shadow simulacrum. If you play yeek, dominant will them, orcs have shitty mental save and your cunning alone is enough mindpower. If they're rare either summon or try to use a different route.

  1. Why Anorithil
  2. Races
  3. Stats
  4. Class trees
  5. Generic trees
  6. Category points
  7. Inscriptions
  8. Prodigies
  9. Escort
  10. Alchemist quest
  11. Random thoughts

Why Anorithil?

Strong points
    Unique talents/trees
    Lots of AoE/flashy
    Hymn+Armour of shadows
Weak points
    Early is weak and slow
    Managing ressources is hard early
    Mid/low range spells
    Not a lot of ways to spend points


Cornac – 2/5: Cornac = free class/generic/category points, Anorithil kind of lacks places to put those.
Higher – 3?/5: Could be pretty good, regen is not good but will be boosted by Bathe in Light and is instant, third talent gets a lot of mileage since you deal mostly dark damage, and fourth talent could be very useful (if it nullifies the cost of corona bolts and hymn nocturnalist beam but I guess it doesn't?)
Shalore – 4.5/5: Shalore racials are excellent, speed boost, crit chance and power, and timeless. Shalore are almost always one of the top races for a reason
Thalore – 3.5/5: First racial is great even without WIL, as are all res and the summons. Solid choice but that exp penalty sucks.
Doomelf – 3.5/5: First talent is an instant tp that goes through wall no questions asked, and a second (not instant) to follow if needed, good for repositionning/running and Ano only mobility talent needs to be set up beforehand. More points drastically reduce the cd. Crit shrug off and reduced debuff really helps to beef up Ano.
Halfling – 4/5: Racials are nice, even at 1 points. With Duck and Dodge and your own evasion skills you could potentially hit 100% evasion pretty often!
Dwarf – 2/5: They're not a bad race but you just aren't interested in what they offer.
Yeek – 4/5: Ok, they're probably rated a bit high, but I just couldn't get an Anorithil off the ground before using one. They level up fast so you can escape the early slog faster and actually do something in combat beside repositionning (aka running the - away). Also yeek dungeons are pretty easy and gives you even more levels before encountering randbosses.
Ogre – 3/5: I was about to rate them badly but you could use that 6 infusion if you wanted, and you'll definitely crit every turn to get that infusion cd reduction.
Ghoul – 1/5: Don't really see the point here.
Skeleton – 1.5/5: Better than ghoul. That's about it.


Max MAG. Then CUN for more crit and better shadow simulacrum, or your choice of defensive stats between DEX and CON
I basically put nothing except MAG until level ~25 and then put around 20 leftover points in CON because I was so tired of being squishy and stressing out. Now that there is heal mod on CON I find taking a few points early can really be worth it, my first 12 points or so gave me 10% heal mod, it falls off a bit after. After that I went MAG > CUN.

STR: keep a few leftover points for this incase you find a good armor and lack +str items, otherwise ignore it.
DEX: defensive stat, max this or CON third
CON: defensive stat, I advise a few early, then max either this or DEX third
MAG: the only stats that matters early! Pump it!
WIL: you gain nothing out of this
CUN: MAG is maxed and you need more damage? Pump your crit. Max second

Class trees

    TL;DR :
    Sunlight : 1+/3/1/1
    Twilight : 3/4+/1-2/3-5
    Star fury: 5/4/1/3+
    Eclipse: 5/5/3+/0-1
    Circles : 3+/3+/3+/3+
    Glyphs: ?/?/?/?

    This amount to 55-59 class points, so you'll have 9-13 (or +2 with alchemist potion) leftover

Unlocked class trees

Sunlight : 1+/3/1/1 All the talents here generate positive energy
    Searing Light : Nice enough when you can make enemies stay on top of it (summons!) your best mono target light damage
    Sun Flare : Put 3 point so it does damage (and for the range), blind is a nice status
    Firebeam : One of your few fire damage spell, so not that great since you won't pump fire damage. Still, it's a beam and it generates energy
    Sunburst : Radius 3 and never gets bigger, 1 point for stun fodder and generating energy in a pinch.

Twilight: 3/4+/1-2/3-5
    Twilight : I 5'd it early because I wanted that negative energy at the beginning of the fight but shouldn't have. 3 is all you'll need to top neg energy on active, and thanks to Hymn nocturnalist you'll end up generating negative energy in mid-game
    Jumpgate : So good when you remember to set it up, 4 for the second jumpgate. The cd is always 20 for the second jumpgate but correctly dimiishes for the first. The teleport cd is 7 for both.
    Mind Blast : I put points in this then took them out several time, I just felt I wasn't getting much mileage out of it. Level 2 for power is good enough, it doesn't get much better. (level 1 : 20%, level 2 : 35%, level 5 : 48%)
    Shadow Simulacrum : Loving this! A rare is giving you a hard time? Give it a taste of his own medicine! I often saw the shadow kill the original even without my help. Sadly, doesn't work on unique/bosses. 3 for targeting big targets and 5 for huge (bone giants and dragons are the main offender)

Star fury: 5/4/1/3+
    Moonlight Ray : Put this on a comfy hotkey because it is your bread and butter early! And mid. And late, after you set up all your circles and you're looking at corona bolts flying past you.
    Shadow Blast : Not maxing it early but getting to 4 after mid game is nice (peak duration of 6 turns) to ensure armour of shadows is always on.
    Twilight Surge : Generates both positive and negative energy! Also do some damage in radius 2 but you don't really care for that
    Starfall : 3 points early for radius 2, this is a nice mid range AoE stun. I decided against putting 5 points because I didn't want to get in situations where I'd have to stun myself to stun others.

Eclipse: 5/5/3+/0-1
    Blood Red Moon : 5 points for 18% spell crit. Not early though.
    Totality : Penetration values get insane late game (I had around 70%, for 10 turns!), and the reset can be nice (mostly circles)
    Corona : Corona is good but I feel like it a bit overhyped. Maybe I just didn't realise how much damage it actually put out.
    Darkest Light : yeah no. 1 point for stun fodder.

Locked class trees

Circles : 3+/3+/3+/3+ All circles to 3 for radius 4 and 7 turns duration, 5 later for radius 5 and 9 turns duration
    Circle of Shifting Shadows : Deals darkness so it procs armour of shadows. Not my favorite because it only gives defense, maybe you could combine this and LAT and get decent result?
    Circle of Blazing Light : Positive energy gain, helpful when corona decide to send only light bolts
    Circle of Sanctity : This is good. Only non damaging circle but silence immunity + silencing others is wonderful. Beware enemy with psionic mirror though, I got silenced in Reknor while in my circle by this. Stressing retreat ensued.
    Circle of Warding : Great circle, projectiles are now a non issue and melee enemies as well. Also deals the best damage and proc armour of shadows.

Glyphs: ?/?/?/? Need to be looked at, sorry! Didn't seem that great though

Generic trees

    TL;DR :
    Combat training : 3+/3+/0+/0/0/0
    Chants : 1+/1/2/1+
    Light : 1/4/1/3
    Hymns : 5/1+/1/3+
    Survival : 1/1-5/1/1

    That's 34-38. You get 48 (50 with alchemist potion) so racials should fit just fine. A few of those can actually be from esorts, too!

And I just realised I forgot staff combat existed during my game. It would probably be interesting, I'll add it later.

Combat training: 3+/3+/0+/0/0/0
    3 in thick skin because it's a nice breakpoint. 3 in armor training for massive armor
    With armour of shadows you could consider light armor training for defense and fatigue reduction, but you'd lose the crit shrug off.

Chants : 1+/1/2/1
    Chant Acolyte : Great skill, gives you 3 chants with different benefits.
      Chant of Fortitude : Increases your mental save and maximum life
      Chant of Fortress : Increases your physical save, phys resis, armour, and armour hardiness
      Chant of Resistance : Increases you spell save, fire/cold/lightning/acid res, and reduces all damage from enemies 3 or more spaces away
      I spent almost all my time with chant of resistance on because
      a) I rarely had enemies within 3 squares
      b) it gives resists to the 4 best resists to have (ok, acid might be debatable but not the other 3)
      c) you can actually get decent spell save since you have a lot of MAG
      d) let's take a look at chant adept!
    Chant Illuminate : Tax point. Mana regen is still nice for staff combat/arcane eye
    Chant Adept : starting level 2, starting a chant cure a debuff (and all cross tier effects). Fortitude cures mental, Fortress cures physical, and Resistance cure magical.
    Now, how often do you have to cure a magical effect? And how often do you have to cure a physical/mental effect? And that's a very good reason to keep Resistance on pretty much at all time, and only switch for debuff clearing.
    Chant Radiant : Light and fire boost is nice, positive regen helps with ressource management (after 2 points you gain positive energy instead of losing it)

Light: 1/4/1/3 All the talents here generate positive energy
    Healing light : Good enough heal but takes a turn to cast
    Bathe in Light: Pump your heal mod, heal you, shield you, refreshes shield duration. And it can crit. So... yeah. Duration cap at 4 points
    Barrier : Damage shield that takes a turn
    Providence : You never have enough cleanse and this one can keep running for 6 turns at level 3.

Hymns : 5/1+/1/3+
    Hymn Acolyte : Similar to chants you gain 3 hymns with various benefits
      Hymn of Shadows : Increases your movement speed, spell speed, and gives evasion
      Hymn of Detection : Increases your stealth and invisible detection and your critical power
      Hymn of Perseverance : Increases your stun, confusion and blinding res
      Like for chant I spent almost all my time on one hymn only, Hymn of Shadows, but I they all have their appeal (more than chants imo)
    Hymn Incantor : Bonus darkness damage, nice, even if you'll get more from gear
    Hymn Adept : Mirroring chant adept, you gain a buff when you end an hymn. Shadows gives movement speed for one turn, detection makes you invisible (low power), and perseverance gives a sizeable and kinda lengthy damage shield
    Hymn Nocturnalist : negative energy regen! 2 points is enough to stop decaying but you need 3 for rest to wait until your neg energy is full. You also fire beams of shadows with 20% blind chance, what's not to love?

Survival: 1/1-5/1/1 I unlocked it and definitely did not regret it. You could find an interesting escort (tinker?) but I hadn't planned my points and thought I'd be too short for tinkers.
    Heightened senses: 1 point is nice to have
    Device mastery : if you use charms max it, otherwise leave it alone (but it's pretty good!)
    Track : get 1 point from thief escort, if you don't get one put at least one yourself
    Danger sense : 1 points is nice since you always have at least 5% chance to save, investing more sucks though

Category points

Start with an inscription at level 10 then Circles at level 20. Then second inscription and finally Survival/escort category of your choice. Glyphs might be worth it, but they didn't seem so.


Early game:
Start with phys wild with lowest cd you find, 1 of regen/shield/heal, and 1 movement infusion
Shield is nice to use at the beginning of the fight when still at full health, heal is nice to clear poison (especially if you're both poison and stun, to be sure the wild clear the stun) and because low cooldown, regen is nice because better numbers than heal and on several turns but takes a turn.

4th slot (level 10): depending on your playstyle, add a second movement or a good phase door, all res and reduced debuff is very good.

When the opportunity arises, switch your shield/heal/regen for an heroism and your phys wild for a phys/mental wild. If you have no problem with statuses (you have providence after all) you could also try a lightning rune. I didn't do it but figured it would work nicely with your huge evasion, further helping you to take no damage at all.

5th slot : Second heroism for constant uptime.

Final layout:
    movement, phase door, 2x heroism, phys/mental wild

Special inscriptions:
    Rune of reflection: very good, would probably replace the wild. Works well with Bathe in Light
    Rune of the rift: can give you a breather in 1v1 and has decent damage but you can't replace much...
    Primal infusion: no, you don’t want the randomness


I'd definitely take armour of shadows, if you want more defense or more offense after that it's up to you. I took Cauterize but apparently shouldn't have since it never triggered. Not a lot of remarkable choices though.

Strength based:
    PES : because you don't want to pump DEX, nor CON, and you crit all the time?

Dexterity based:

Constitution based:
    Armour of shadows : Excellent defensive prodigy since you're always dealing darkness damage. A good chunk of armor, enough hardiness so that you could even be in robes and 20% evasion,
    which stacks with your Hymn! After level 30 I spent the whole game between 40% and 50% evasion (depending on spellpower)
    Draconic Body : Not too bad, with heal mod you can definitely heal to full when it triggers

Magic based:
    Cauterize: excellent defensive prodigy, you can no longer be one shot, yay!
    Temporal form: immunity to stun and a few other, damage boost, res pen, barely anyone has temporal resist. Love this and the anomalies are fun too

Willpower :
    Lucky Day : for more evasion?

    Secret of Telos : for fun?

I found that escort weren't that important on Ano since there was nothing I really wanted, so don't fret it if some of yours die.
On all escort you can take a talent just for stun fodder if nothing interest you, potentially better than a small stat increase even if you never use the skill

    Alchemist: Spell/Stone Alchemy (if you wanna go there rather than survival)
    Anorithil: Free generic points
    Loremaster: you could almost refuse to help him and see no difference
    Seer: Arcane eye, you'll have mana regen thanks to your chants
    Sun Paladin: Boosting your chants, nice
    Temporal Explorer: Precognition (poor man Track) OR Foresight
    Thief: Track THEN Device Mastery (also free generic points)
    Warrior: Vitality, one point only, then Unflinching. Tree is not good enough at 0.8
    Tinker: Category, if you can spare the points

Alchemist quest

+2 generic talent, 2 class talents, +4% spell crit chance
Then go for whatever is left.

Random thoughts

    Early game is so awful I consider exp penalty important for ano. You NEED levels to have interesting spells, and you NEED levels to have energy (since it only scales with level)
    Evasion is op, Hymn + Armor of shadows is broken op. Worth noting : since I was yeek I unlock my first prodigy on dreadfell 1.
    Antimagic shield ruins Ano, thanks god almost noone has it.
    Ano lacks a second good prodigy, almost nothing looked interesting.
    1h staff is awesome if you find, say, life drinker. There are other interesting off-hands but this one stood out.
    Jumpgate is one of the best escape ever... if you remembered to set it up.

    Thanks Bodhi for this one : belt with containment ego (+ max all ressources and HP) is great early game

I write guides and make addons too now, apparently

You can go here for a compilation of everything I wrote, plus some other important stuff!

Includes general guides (inscriptions, zone, prodigies), and class guides (Demo, Anorithil, Bulwark, Zerker, Sblade)

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I'll add on your "you need levels for energy!" that this is so bad early game that you should probably skip hymns entirely until you can get the regen going on at level 14. You'll get a LOT more out of a bigger neg energy pool than what the sustain gives.

I'd say totality is your bread & butter early game. Like, Moonlight ray => totality => moonlight ray for trash that dies in two hits, since the ray is your only damage, at all.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 9:27 pm 

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Great guide! Here are some quick thoughts I had reading it

- Early game you want to look for a belt with the Containment mod. That will give you +HP and +Energy and make the first 15 to 20 levels bearable.

- For the first or second prodigy I like Hidden Resources. Pretty much the only way you can die after level 25 is someone with Antimagic draining your energy to 0 over and over and locking you out from casting. Hidden Resources lets you get all your spells off and the cooldown for Hidden Resources is so low that it will be up by the time your circles are off cooldown.

- Max your circles as soon as possible (especially Sanctity and Warding). Agree that past guides focus too much on the Corona talent. Your circles are your power talents and what will win you the game but they kind of suck until you have at least 3 points in them.

- Agree that Life Drinker is great and deserves its own mention. It's the one item in the game that will really make a difference for your Anorithil late game. Now, here is a very rare tip. The boss of the Shadow Crypt in the Far East has a 25% chance of dropping Life Drinker. Shadow Crypt is easy as Anorithil so you can clear it on your first trip out east. Just make sure you cast your first Circle of Sanctity before the summoned clone casts theirs.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 8:19 am 

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The Corona worship in past guides is tied to its synergy with Hymn of Moonlight. The latter no longer exists. That's why you're not getting why they worship it. :mrgreen:

PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2018 11:25 pm 

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I just recently got my very own Yeek Anorithil win, sort of following this guide. Its a good guide, although there's really not much wiggle room for skilling Anorithil. Here are my thoughts on it:

-I'm not sure why you bother with the Sunlight category beyond Searing Light. The Light category is basically always enough to keep your positive energy high and the damage on the later talents is just awful. Even Searing Light is only good against stuff like shadows and dreadmasters.
-I kind of feel the opposite way about Mind Blast and Shadow Simulacrum. Mind Blast confuses for a very long time and you can keep it up indefinitely with a mere 10% spell cd reduction. Whereas Shadow Simulacrum doesn't work on the most threatening enemies and the simulacrum will get messed up by your circles. They're probably both worth 5/5 though.
-Similarly, you can have perpetual Circles with enough crit mult and spell cd reduction, which is really fabulous.
-I went with Hexes over Survival and didn't regret it at all. 5/5 Burning Hex is really good combined with Sanctity's continous brainlocking and Domination/Pacification hexes are both nice too.
-One point in Channel Staff, whether from Angolwen or from Alchemist escort, is pretty useful. It can proc Corona and your on-spell-hit things while being really cheap and having no cooldown.
-Life Drinker is cool and all, but Lunar Shield is even better IMO. You spend a lot of time protected by huge BiL shields, so the Blood Grasp heal isn't that useful to you. Whereas Lunar Shield gives Moonlight Ray on-spell-hit, which benefits from your high +darkness damage. Its other stats aren't bad either and it drops fairly frequently from the spider back-up guardian. Plus I guess you could block with it?
-Corona is definitely worth 5/5, if only becuase you don't have anywhere better to put your class points. The damage isn't usually that exceptional, but it can get pretty high if you have a bunch of enemies lined up in a corridor. You'll spawn the full 5-6 Corona bolts per crit and they'll all fly right into the face of the nearest enemy.
-Spellpower is a really important stat, considering that a lot of your power comes from Sanctity's chain brainlock. For that to happen, you need to have spellpower a tier above even the final bosses, which can require some preparation.
-I took Cauterize as my second prodigy, but never had it activate either. PES + maxing Str third would probably have helped with the aforementioned spellpower stacking.
-According to the old Anorithil guide, all of the effects of the Glyphs in the Glyph tree can crit. This means that Glyph of Fatigue applies a stupidly strong slow with decent crit mult. Plus they're all instant and cost positive energy, so you can potentially get a lot of Corona bolts in one turn with this and Circles. I still wouldn't unlock it unless I was a Cornac though.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 03, 2019 8:53 pm 

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I just started a Yeek ano(I kinda want to unlock a mindslayer, so yeek is necessary), but I don't get how to beat the boss in the tunnel to Maj'Eyal. It's lvl 21 while I'm lvl 9 and he kills me in 2-3 hits. Is there a way to clear this area or skip it? How is yeek ano better than other races who have access to the normal dungeon selection and can go shop in Last Hope an drown a bunch of NPCs for loot&exp?

PostPosted: Wed Apr 03, 2019 10:26 pm 

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Just rod of recall out of there and come back later, the recall puts you on the (Maj'eyal) world map.

You realistically can't kill that guy when you're intended to go there, I don't know why he's still like that.

Let slip the toast of war.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 04, 2019 8:51 am 

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sweet. Can I realistically recall before the fight is triggered so that the wayist survives till I'm ready to kick ass?

PostPosted: Thu Apr 04, 2019 5:16 pm 

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yeah, enter the dungeon and recall right away, he won't wake up and murder the yeek.

I write guides and make addons too now, apparently

You can go here for a compilation of everything I wrote, plus some other important stuff!

Includes general guides (inscriptions, zone, prodigies), and class guides (Demo, Anorithil, Bulwark, Zerker, Sblade)

PostPosted: Mon Jun 10, 2019 2:32 pm 

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for the second prodigy, I propose a combo of Windtouched Speed + Harmony.
You have the category point and generic points for Harmony, and you even have a fire-damage spell to get the global speed :D (in this case you may also want Staff Combat for the off-turns, which can make you hunger for generics, but still manageable).

EDIT 2019.6.23 ... 73c2c84ab7
here's a winner with this combo
yeah, hungering for generics even on a race as dwarf, so cornac is actually not a bad choice. As a cornac, you're just having some spare class points, while having one more inscription (or enhancing the circle tree?), no generic points hunger and the sweetie zero exp penalty.
(too bad that betraying a sun paladin doesn't give the Mobility tree, otherwise it can be neat for a cornac anorithil, except for the RP issue lol)

and Staff Combat is op on anorithil because you're having a lot of off turns, and Channel Staff damage is only second to your Moonlight Ray. (plus you can knock those orc magehunters to death easily even when all your arcane energy is empty :D

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 23, 2019 1:31 am 

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this is mentioned by Cookedpoo when I'm talking about anorithil in game chat:
leave Circle of Warding at lv4 and range 4, so it can only push enemies to range 5, which is still in range of Circle of Sancity and Hymn Nocturnalist.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 26, 2019 7:08 pm 

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helminthauge wrote:
this is mentioned by Cookedpoo when I'm talking about anorithil in game chat:
leave Circle of Warding at lv4 and range 4, so it can only push enemies to range 5, which is still in range of Circle of Sancity and Hymn Nocturnalist.

You can get around warding pushing enemies out of range of your other abilities by positioning yourself so that they'll be slammed into a wall before they leave the area of your mind blast/circles. It's not always possible to do that, but it works in most areas, including the final fight arena.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2019 2:09 pm 

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just found out that the duration of circles can crit. has anyone mentioned this?

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