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Cults and Wyrmics
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Author:  Chronosplit [ Thu May 17, 2018 12:24 am ]
Post subject:  Cults and Wyrmics

So, we have Scourge Drake and Krog, two different things to shake up at least Wyrmic a bit.

-Scourge Drake seems to be somewhat similar to Undead Drake in that most of the talents run off of the higher of spell/mindpower, and the tree requires MAG. May be a useful companion to Undead, Demented trees being what they are. I can see some interesting builds using both of them come to light, if only for fun. Arcane Might and a Drem or Shalore, anyone?

-Krog is a new Giant race, running around in Antimagic and able to use two 1-handers. Thread posts say that 1.6 will give Wyrmic Dual Techniques, so between Flurry and Dissolve this race could be very strong as a weapon-based Wyrmic.

What do you think of these?

Author:  Skit [ Sun May 27, 2018 6:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Cults and Wyrmics

I really enjoy the scourge drake tree so far, unlike the undead one it seems to fit wyrmic alot better.

Tentacled Wings (TD) does decent damage and it is a pull which is very useful for wyrmic since you want to finish off your enemies in melee.
Maggot Breath (MB) is also great, AoE +50% slow effect with ok damage, what's not to like.
Decaying Grounds (DG) is like hex, so pretty good?
Augment Despair (AD) is the one that seemed the least useful to me. On paper i thought it would be great, since wyrmic got lots of ways to add detrimental effects. But it still seemed to do really low damage.
But my biggest issue with it is that both MB and AD, need TD and DG to generate enough insanity to use, so you have to decide between those two, usually i will pick MB.
In my next run i am trying to "solve" this by using drem so I can get to use both in one cycle, will see how it works out, but I don't have high hopes really think the damage is too low.

Sadly Wyrmic Guile doesn't work on MB (same for Necrotic Breath). I don't know if this is a bug or intended. Wish Wyrmic Guile and Chromatic Fury would be changed to also improve the undead and scourge tree.

Since Wyrmic got 2 Mag bassed trees now I tried a Staff Build and was semi successful with it. I failed at the final boss. ... a3ddcbd372

My next try will be with drem and include dissolve this time and have some other tweaks to the build, hope I have more luck with it.

Author:  Chronosplit [ Tue May 29, 2018 4:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Cults and Wyrmics

Scourge is way better than Undead for working with your build. Not that Undead is useless or anything, Raze and Infectious Miasama can work very well with Scourge in fact, and now you have two trees/breaths for your Magic using build. After playing around for a bit, here's what I have:

-Maxing Tentacled Wings is worth the cat point alone. It's like Abduction in a cone so you can choose when to start your fights, has a huge range, and gets nuts with egos like Arcing or Projection if used on a whole mob. Pair this with Ice Claw and Swallow, or even pair it with Tornado/Wing Buffet beforehand. Also, resource gain instead of loss. Only one thing to keep in mind is that this deals the damage in Blight, which is more of a blessing than a curse when dealing with some resistances really (just keep in mind not to use this on Worms That Walk).
-Decaying Grounds is like the baby of Burning Hex and Ruined Earth. I'm not sure if you can use a Spine of the World combo with this, but it's great either way against bosses. It even gains insanity instead of costs it.
-Augment Despair is basically a Pitless with extra Blight damage instead of decreasing an enemy's beneficial effects. You are here for prolonging bad effects (for example six turns more of Flameshock, Slow, Disease, Disarm, or Blind), but your build may not be suited for it plus it costs insanity which you will need more later. Wyrmic is a stat machine though with the right talents, so if you're not running Doomelf this has great potential (and maybe even if you are running one, because the extension when maxed is one turn bigger than Pitless itself).
-Maggot Breath may be the new best breath if you're pumping MAG and not picking up Higher Draconic Abilities. It's way better than Ice Breath if you're only looking for slow, and on top of that the slow also is a DoT. What more could you ask for?

EDIT: A little addendum here after I played around with this a bit. It's actually not the easiest to generate Insanity for your later two talents. Unless you're packing a lot of spell CD reduction, you'll want to be casting both Tentacled Wings and Decaying Grounds (which thankfully, are both awesome) to get enough resource for either one of your other talents. As you could imagine, this can force you to choose between Augment Despair and Maggot Breath for the talent you want to stick points into. Both are really great, it's just the matter of which one you want for your build. Also, the slow from Maggot Breath and Ice Breath can stack between the two, though that means there's a huge difference between the two: the Crippling Poison can be resisted unlike Ice Breath's slow. Something to keep in mind.

Oh, and it's impossible to inflict yourself with Decaying Grounds. So either way the Spine of the World combo isn't possible.

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