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Why Wyrmic?

It's one of the most powerful melee classes in the game and it's currently a better class when compared to Bulwark, Berserker, Arcane Blade, Rogue, Reaver, Mindslayer, & Writhing one. (Melee)


• My fave class
• Better version of Zerker
• Easy win, fast as hell can be done in 8-10 hours
• Insta Burrow
• Can autoexplore without "autoexplore" stats/gear
• Only needs 3-4 infusions
• Doesn't depend on sustains
• Unlocked Fungus
• Uses phys/mindpower
• Built in pen
• Lightning Speed


• Weakling if you use mindstars instead of a 2h
• Low hp early game
• Survival locked
• 1.0 Combat training

Why do people say Wyrmic is bad/underpowered?

Most people just repeat things that have been said, such as Archmage being the best class/Antimagic is bad because "you miss out on arcane items". Whenever you see someone say Wyrmic sucks always click on their name, check their profile & go to wins to get a grasp of their game knowledge. If it's not in the in-game chat then just ask them for their username. This is a safe way to check if things being said are truly trustworthy or just disinfo/psyops.

Why should I trust your guide?

Cuz the yung slayia has fully ascended


Race choices

Krog: 5/5 The best race in the game for Wyrmic. Born with Antima. 60 built in stun res and puts every monster talent on cd. Even with it's xp penalty this is the BEST race for ALL melee classes except Sun Pala/Doombringer/Daemon because they need spells
Cornac: 4/5 Best xp means better drops and free cat point
Shalore: 0/5 Weak race in general and can't be Antima
Thalore: 0/5 Great racials for Wyrmic but 35% xp penalty makes this race close to worthless
Dwarf: 3/5 Good racials and decent xp with it's extra dungeon
Halfling: 3/5 Great racials and a decent choice
Yeek: 1/5 Never a good pick if you want to win, but you can get great drops with it's high xp mod if you want to bet on getting hp drops. You can't afford to max con on Wyrmic sadly so your hp is going to be horrible. The racials are also useless except the 4th which is a great talent
Ogre: 0/5 *In 1.6 this will be the 2nd or 3rd best pick* Decent racials but not worth the xp penalty
Skeleton: 0/0 Can't be Wilder
Ghoul: 0/0 Can't be Wilder
Doomelf: 0/0 Can't be Antima
Orc: 5/5 Racial scales with Will
Kruk Yeti: 5/5 All around amazing race
Whitehoof: 0/0 Can't be Wilder


STR: Always be maxing this
WIL: Max second. MP is important for Nature's Touch/managing equilibrium/AMS early and mid game, and Ancestral Life/Dominate late game
DEX: Max third, it's important for Precise Strikes
CON: Great stat but can't afford to put any points into it on a Wyrmic, Icy Skin will make up for the hp loss though on all races except yeek
MAG: Useless
CUN: Close to useless, but will give some mindpower/crit with your leftover points


The most optimal inscriptions would be Warrior Heal, Warrior/Psychic Movement, & a mental/phys wild. Warrior Heroism when you unlock your 4th infusion


ICCTW at 30 and Superpower at 42, all others are worthless. Get Superpower at 42 because it gives you a decent damage boost but also gives you the mindpower you need for Nature's Touch, Conversion, Ancestral Life, & Dominate


Always try to save the Thief, Warrior, & Ano. You'll always want Track/Device Mastery, Vitality, & Conversion. Once you get these just take +2 STR +2 WIL when you can.

Alch Pots


BiS Gear

Helm: Eye of the Forest (For blind immune, good stats of Wyrmic too) Mage hat with triple phys egos(Greater, Greater, Lesser), leafwalker, STR
Weapon: The absolute best would be a Disruption/Cripple/Hateful weapon. Disruption doesn't let the sorcs cast a spell, and +25% living is epic. Murderblade would be your 2nd choice
Armor: Plate of the Blackened Mind (The absolute best for any class that uses mindpower, dominate gives 50% all pen and you can keep it up constantly with Device Mastery), Eyal with +armor +hp (Greater, Lesser, Lesser)
Rings: Bloodcaller (Never take off), Of life with double STR ego (Greater, Greater, Lesser)
Amulet: Shard of Insanity (Lets you use Inner Demons), whatever usually try to fill in your stun/blind immunity or go for crit mult/heal mod
Cloak: +0.40 Combat mastery to make up for their pathetic 1.0 mastery/crit mult (Greater, Greater, Lesser)
Gloves: None all the non arcane glove egos suck, I guess you can also use Spellhunt Remnants if you want
Belt: Ravager ego (+phys pen +phys dam)/crit mult/heal mod (Greater, Greater, Lesser)
Boots: Boots of the Hunter/Unbreakable Greaves
Light: Guidance, All pen/crit mult/heal mod (The best choice)
Tool: It sucks that Blood-hexed is an arcane ego for some reason so just try to get +phys dam/critmult/str/phys pen

Class trees

Technique / Two -handed assault 4/1/3/1-2

Stunning Blow: Get this to 4 first thing you do so you can stun on cooldown. Always open with this on every fight, even when you know the monster is stun immune
Fearless Cleave: Learn to love this. It allows you to move during pins/daze, it lets you chase fleeing enemies while dealing damage, it gives a mini-AoE that is sometimes handy for faster clearing. This is one of the top Wyrmic skills. We don’t put more than 1 because we’re not going to use this for damage in combat anyway
Death Dance: Get this to 3 when you can early on for the bleed, and it'll be one of your main damage moves early on. Decent AoE when you're surrounded
Execution: Get one point into this and use it when Swallow doesn't finish the job, which is rare, it's still nice to have as a backup execute

Technique / Combat techniques 1-3/5/5/5

Rush: Keep at 1 point till you've got all your core shit and you can get it to 3 for the increased range breakpoint if you want. Great initiator
Precise Strikes: One of the best sustains in the game, gives a crazy amount of crit and acc. You'll want this maxed by the mid 40's
Perfect Strike: Max this so you don't miss of course, doesn't have a good breakpoint so yeah just max it
Blinding Speed: Max because it's op to have more speed

Wild-gift / Sand drake aspect 5/1/4/0

Swallow: One of the best damage moves in the game, wrecks shit and goes through shit like Blurred Mortality, you'll want this 5/5 asap
Quake: Use this only if you're desperate to get out of range of a melee monster
Burrow: One of the most overpowered moves in the game and a sick buff. DON'T use this as a buff unless you've already Burrowed tunnels to escape, you'll need as an escape early on

Wild-gift / Cold drake aspect 4/4-5/3/0

Ice Claw: One of your main damage moves, you'll be getting this to 4 early on
Icy Skin: It's a nice sustain but I didn't max it till the very end of the game
Ice Wall: Epic move to keep shit away from you, can be refreshed too. Needs to be 3/5 by at least the second T2 you do

Wild - gift / Storm drake aspect 4/0/0/0

Lightning Speed: Get to 2 ASAP. You'll want 4 points into it around mid game, never intiate with it or chase down monsters unless you're sure you won't have to use it as an escape

Wild - gift / Higher draconic abilities 5/1/1/5

Prismatic Slash: Good damage, will be maxed later on.
Venomous Breath: Worthless
Wyrmic Guile: Horrible talent, but if you're close to Blind Immune you might want to put a few more points into it if you're all out of options
Chromatic Fury: Max this for the 25% all pen, with all pen lantern & dominate you'll be close to 100% all pen late game

Useless Class trees that you don't want to waste points into

Technique / Shield offense: Epic tree but you're not using shields
Technique / Combat veteran: Totally worthless since Wyrmic has both great healing & stamina regen
Wild-gift / Fire drake aspect: Not a single good talent
Wild-gift / Venom drake aspect: Not a single good talent

Generic trees

Technique / Combat training 0/3/0/5/5/0

Thick Skin: Worthless for Wyrmic
Heavy Armour Training: Get to 3 right away to equip Massive armor
Light Armour Training: nah
Combat Accuracy: 5/5 as soon as possible so you never miss
Weapons Mastery: 5/5 as soon as possible to deal damage
Dagger Mastery: nah

Wild-gift / Call of the wild 1/1/1/1-4

Meditation: Good
Nature's Touch: Nice heal to back you up when your heal infusion is on cd
Earth's Eyes: Useful in High Peak
Nature's Balance: It's up to you how many points to put here, but keep in mind you can reset the cooldown of Ice Claw, Swallow, Burrow, & Lightning Speed. So to be safe put 4 points when you've got spare points

Wild-gift / Antimagic 5/1/5/1-5

Resolve: Epic talent, really good for equilibrium and stamina management, needs to be 5/5 by the late 20's
Aura of Silence: Worthless bugged skill
Antimagic Shield: Makes you immune to almost all magic/dots, get a point before entering Tempest Peak and max throughout Dreadfell
Mana Clash: Not worth the turn unless it's a randboss mage, always use it on yourself before entering the Sorcs room

Wild-gift / Fungus 1/1/4/1

Wild Growth: Not worth the point but needed to get to Ancestral Life
Fungal Growth: Not worth the point but needed to get to Ancestral Life
Ancestral Life: Amazing talent that makes regen/Conversion/Nature's Touch instant, 4/5 late game when you have enough mindpower to back it up
Sudden Growth: Nice backup heal

Useless Generic trees that you don't want to waste points into

Wild-gift / Harmony: Not needed, but if you're playing a race like Cornac or a 1/1/1/1 generic race, might as well go 1/1/1/1-5 if you've got 4 spare points



T1 Core Talents

4/5 stunning blow, 1 Fearless Cleave, 3/5 Death Dance, 4/5 Ice Claw, 5/5 Swallow, 2/5 Lightning Speed, 1 Execution, Track (Before entering the first T2), 1 Nature's Touch, 3/5 Heavy Armour Training, 4-5 Combat Accuracy, 5/5 Weapon Mastery


Always be on the lookout for Health>Armor>Stun Immunity (Save these items until you can get around 80-100%) heal mod>Phys dam/pen>Ice dam/pen, and Nature dam/pen


• Always try to get a mental/phys wild, most chars without them are near worthless because you have to waste a cat point on a mental wild instead of getting an overpowered tree unlocked
• Always look for a 7-8 cd Heal infusion of your main stat
• Always try to find of Eyal massive armor, bright brass lantern of health, learwalker helm, heroic gloves, or resilience cloak. Just having two of these items makes your char way better and it's not worth playing a char who has none of the above
• Always try to get a 40-50 Thorny Skin totem from Zigur and use this as your charm until you've got a decent amount of armor
• Skullcracker charm is always great through the T1s-T2s (Use either Skullcracker/Thorny Skin as your charm until you've found a Psychoport

Stunning Blow>Death Dance>Ice Claw>Swallow>Execute (If Swallow didn't kill em)

T2 Core Talents


Character at lvl 21


Character at lvl 30


Character at lvl 36

After you complete the first T2 you'll probably have enough points to get 2 into Ice Wall right away, get this to 3/5 as soon as you can around this time. Once you get that done with start maxing 4/5 Burrow to make it instant. You can't Burrow in the Maze/Old Forest and it's fine for it not to be insta in SWL, but you'll want to get getting it ready for Daikara/Halfling Complex/Tempest Peak/Dreadfell. After you've got Burrow to 4, start putting points into Higher drac and max the 4th talent so your Ice Claw & Swallow start to deal actual insane damage with the added pen. Prismatic Slash now enters your damage rotation, and should usually be used right after Stunning Blow, 5/5 it. Max Blinding speed next or float some points into Perfect Strike for Dreadfell monsters. As for the generics, start maxing resolve and at least try to get 1 point into Antimagic Shield before doing Tempest Peak, max AMS while you go through Dreadfell and you're going to be immune to most things in there. Also around this point you're looking to become stun immune before the Master/Vor A


Always be on the lookout for Health>Armor>Stun Immunity (Save these items until you can get around 80-100%) heal mod>Phys dam/pen>Ice dam/pen, and Nature dam/pen


• DON'T autoexplore the Maze/Old Forest/Halfling Complex (Bone Giant Randbosses)/Tempest Peak (Until Urkis is killed) or the char is as good as dead, use Track in these dungeons
• Always use Burrow to dig zig zags at the entrance of a floor since you shouldn't be fighting more than one monster at a time until you're in Reknor
• If you're ever in trouble just activate Burrow/Lightning speed and zig zag away into the walls and it's almost impossible to die
• Don't use Burrow/Lightning Speed to get from room to room in SWL, even though it's faster it's so much better to save these two for an escape since there's a ton of deadly monsters inside.

Burrow>Blinding Speed>Stunning Blow>Pristmatic Slash>Ice Claw>Swallow>Execute (Add Death Dance when you want if there's more than 2 monsters and Ice Claw didn't kill em)

T3 and beyond

Now you've got most of your core shit you can max things like Perfect Strike, Icy Skin, & Precise Strikes. Once you're done with the Antimagic tree start going 1/1/4/1 in Fungus, max Device mastery last


You want as much life, heal mod, phys damage, 100% crit, & crit mult that you can get for end game gear


Be stun immune

Burrow> Perfect Strike> Heroism>Blinding Speed>Stunning Blow>Pristmatic Slash>Ice Claw>Swallow>Execute (Add Death Dance when you want if there's more than 2 monsters and Ice Claw didn't kill em)

Sorcs Fight

Mana Clash self (thanks [REDACTED]/"The Beast") before entering portal>Burrow>Perfect Strike>Blinding Speed>Heroism>Rush/Movement to Elandar>Dominate (Use whenever it goes off Elandar)>Stunning Blow>Death Dance>Prismatic Slash> Ice Claw> Bump>Execute/Swallow (When in execute range)>Close Destruction>Dragon>Undeath>Elemental>Kill Argy

Full Wyrmic run vod ... 3b33d8e1b6

If you want to see it in action or learn better from watching I'll add a full run vod from my latest Wyrmic run. It's 10 hours total but more like 9 hours for the full run part 1 part 2

or just follow me on if you want to see other classes, and if you have any questions about the game just feel free to ask or @ me in the tome discord


In 1.6 not much will change, but if you're a Krog/Ogre you'll take the dual techniques tree. When 1.6 is released I'll get my first 1.6 as a Wyrmic and I'll update this, but it won't be much that's changed

please try not to be so condescending. I play on Madness.

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Low Yeek

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Great guide, I believe one of the best at the moment. Those extra resources to consult are always good.

Can't wait for this to be featured on bpat and Cathbald's pages asap.

Arachnomancer will live.

My precious minigame guide

PostPosted: Sat Jan 05, 2019 1:27 pm 

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Why no points in Venom Drake for Dissolve? Also LOL at Fearless CLeave being "one of the top wyrmic skills." Says something about Wyrmic?

ed: Also, no mention of category points? Also also, one of your screenshots shows 1.7 mastery in Combat Training....

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 05, 2019 8:21 pm 

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Truly the guide wyrmic deserves.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2019 5:43 am 

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Tfw you are on 0/5 Ogre with wrong prodigies and somehow made it through. That can tell something about how good wyrmics are.

Personally, I would like to squeeze in a regen infusion and some points in Wild Growth for more relaxed gameplay.

Also, what's assassin lord deal? Haven't heard about it. Is it possible to miss even if you sided with him?

Sorry for my bed English

My silly wyrmic can't be this OP
So, apparently, this is why we have Fixed cooldown talents

Insane Atamathon in 1 game turn
The Ultimate Endgame Boss

PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2019 2:38 pm 
Low Yeek

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You have only insane wins, which is weird. I guess it must be the unlock addon? I've tried that but it also unlocked all the locked trees so I found it unplayable as it was giving me tons of free category points.

Anyway, you stated "Yeek: 1/5 Never a good pick if you want to win, but you can get great drops with it's high xp mod if you want to bet on getting hp drops. "

That statement is just false. I checked with a dev on discord. XP modifier has no correlation with drops (unless there's an addon that changes this).
If what you wanted to write was something along the lines of "you get higher level faster so you'll have more chances to roll level higher level drops due to doing more areas at max level", then it would make sense. But it is not what you wrote, and people like me, with a low/medium level of knowledge of this game mechanics would end up asking devs about its truth or be misled.

That said, A for effort, the guide is thorough and easy on the eyes.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 08, 2019 12:44 pm 

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worse than the previous mindstar wyrmic guide. Which is better between 2H and 2 mindstars is arguable but there's really a lot of other bad things in this guide.
Wyrmic may be underestimated, but TBH there's really no mean that it can get more powerful than mindslayer and writhing one.
Why are you listing things that almost goes for every class like 'Easy win, fast as hell can be done in 8-10 hours', 'Can autoexplore without "autoexplore" stats/gear', 'Uses phys/mindpower' 'Low hp early game' in pro&con?
Shalore is a 'weak race in general'? Also overestimating the importance of XP penalty. But yeah, Krog is a strong choice for this class.
You unlocked Track tree for what? Heightened Sense? You can get Device Mastery and Track from escorts.
No points in Wing Buffet, Static FIeld and Dissolve?
5 points into Combat Accuracy while maxing Dex, sustaining Precise Strike and have Perfect Strike?
No mention of Tinker unlocks?
The Prodigy choice is not bad, but I'm pretty sure that there're definitely more, and probably BETTER choice.
Finally, you tell people to reroll a lot, both at start and buying randarts. Is it the current fashion?

P.S. The reason why antimagic is bad is far more than the lost of those arcane-powered items, though wyrmic is one of the few class that can benefit from it.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 26, 2019 5:15 pm 

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Great guide! Gave me my first nightmare win :) Hope you make more of these!

PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 2:17 am 

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+1 for 5/5 krog
+1 for 1/1/4/ spec with fungus. I think it should be 1/1/4/0 personally. Fungus makes consume, nature's balance, and the escort heals free actions.

But come on, mindslayer is a free win dude. But I don't have the patience to burrow.

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