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Staff Wyrmic?
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Author:  Chronosplit [ Sat Feb 27, 2016 10:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Staff Wyrmic?

It sounds strange, but would this be feasible with the new locked spell tree in Embers and Staff Mastery? Would it almost require a Cornac?

A build like this would probably require ditching a lot of Strength (if not all of it) and therefore Breaths outside of Necromantic wouldn't be as great of a selection, not even Bellowing Roar, but there are plenty of other options available in Wyrmic's abilities.

Author:  SmallTownGuy [ Thu Apr 28, 2016 3:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Staff Wyrmic?

I'm not sure you'd *have* to go with Cornac, as you'd save a lot of points by not going Anti-Magic anyway. Either Shalore or Ogre might work. They'd want to unlock Undead at level 10 and wait until later to unlock Higher Draconic.

Does Necrotic Breath benefit from Wyrmic Guile?

2Handed Assault 1/1/1/1 (if 2handed staff)
Sand 5/1/4/0
Cold 4/3/4/0
Lightning 5/0/0/0
Venom 5/5/5/0
Higher Draconic 1+/1/5/5 (unlock at L10 or L20)
Undead 5/1/1/5 (unlock at birth)

Race / Cornac
Combat Training 5/5/2/0/0
Call of the Wild 1/2/1/4
Fungus 5/1/5/1
Survival 1/0/1/0 Get these from thief escorts.
Harmony x/x/x/x As desired.
Staff Mastery 1/5/0/0

Total Class Talents 4+10+11+5+15+12+12 = 69
Total Generic Talents 12+8+12+6 = 38

You have extra points to play with.

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