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 Post subject: Necronomancer
PostPosted: Mon Nov 25, 2013 9:59 pm 

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Here's my link. ... 7811d89ad6

The build is solid, but slightly equipment-dependent. Would have been an easy winner if not for shenanigans on the last level of high peak. He cleared all slime tunnel bosses and stair bosses handily. One notable death, beside the usual early-game carelessness and one glitch where I lost 2 lives in one round (see bug report), was getting nuked by my own shade in the Crypt. I was so excited about the Unlock when it has always glitched before that I didn't bother with protecting myself from the incoming thousands of time/darkness damage. Cauterize also glitched on the last level of high peak, when I decided to clear the level instead of taking the portal. This character causes me not to want to play anymore. anyway...

Essentially you can use the Temporal Form prodigy combined with Forgery of Haze and massive boosts to Darkness damage to create a mana-less, self-cloning nuker who basically ignores resistances and affinities. Even our little friend in the slime tunnels with his 100% darkness affinity was helpless. Resisted critical damage from beams was generally in the neighborhood of 1200. Rigor Mortis of course was exceptionally better. Also, this is not a glass cannon. You have plenty of points for Vampiric Gift and Frostdusk, granting immense healing power, plenty of free slots for resistances/health boost, and slots for runes if you decide not to give your shade Temporal Rift and maxed Hexes for giggles as I did. 1400 health with 100's of heal/round is decent.

I set temporal form to auto-cast on sight of enemies, and with Relentless Pursuit, stunning and pinning resistances become a complete non-issue. I should have called him "Coward", not Cruelty. Half of the time I just cast Forgery, then teleported, then z'd back to see the aftermath. If I can get over my disgust with Cauterize's failure and my subsequent YASD on the last level before victory, I'll run the new one under that name.

This would also be a way of making Cold Necromancer viable.

 Post subject: Re: Necronomancer
PostPosted: Fri Dec 06, 2013 6:06 pm 

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'sup minionless buddy! I recently did this also, although with different prodigies and some different talent choices, like no Vampiric Gift. I found it a lot more powerful than expected and most of the game went very smooth I think, although it's been a while so I don't remember the details. Mostly a lot of nuke-and-run at early levels until I got Lichdom and the second spambeam. At that point I basically quit having to run!

I also love Higher race for Necromancer since it gives you the extra vision plus a built-in regen rune you get to keep after going undead.

Here's my characer: ... 271913324e

I kept a point in minions because I thought I would need their help vs some stuff early-game before my nukes got strong.. but it turns out when you can dump all your points into nukes instead of minions, your damage is strong enough on it's own anyway. Then I forgot to take the point out and it got locked in, oh well.

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