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I know alchemist is one of the weakest classes in this game (or maybe without 'one of'?), but it's still my favorite caster. I've won normal with alchemist twice, and recently begin to play alchemist on Insane and got 2 to lv40+, but then my harddisk crashed and I lost all my saves :(

This build requires orc DLC. If you don't have it, consider closing this page. Select Escorts addon is also highly recommended.
I‘m not a statist, so all words like 'most', 'common', 'rare', 'usually' are according to my own experience, which may be biased.

So, let's begin
No need to unlock anything. But come on, you have to win once to play on insane and you still haven't unlocked anything better?
Easy to play. But that's not because it's easy to win, but because you don't have many tools to use.
Unique trees. with few good talents
Fight at range with great range, and with arguably the best corner-snipe skill in game.

Throw bomb has a 4cd, and other than that and Channeling Stuff, only 4-5 damage talents with minimum 12 CD
almost no defense

Your best skill is your bomb, so you want to use it as often as possible, ideally consecutively at the begin of fight, so pick one between Shalore and Drem.
Shalore VS Drem
Pro of shalore: Grace of the Eternals is always good and allows you to cast one more spell during AAD's life span (but do you have such a spell to use?). Magic of the Eternals helps reach 100% spell crit and gives crit multiplier. Timeless is possibly the best skill in game and obviously much better than Frenzy. 100% chance to generate the ogre map, which is relatively easy but gives a lot of experience.
Pro of Drem: Higher hp rate with some innate confusion immunity. Frenzy comes at lv 1. From Below It Devours offers a reliable meat shield (not like your Golem). Having a start dungeon.
I've only played Drem on Insane and it works good enough.

Infusion to Use
Alchemist can select one of the infusions to make their bombs to deal a different type of damage, so which one should you pick?
On early game, this actually depends on what you're fighting and what equips you have got, so use them all!

And later--
Flame Infusion - WORST
damage bonus and damage penetration commonly found on gears
bombs infused with flame only deal HALF damage on initial hit, and the rest are burnt in the next 3 turns. Slower death is obviously bad, and the HALF initial damage is particularly bad when using with AAD.
burning consumes Smoke Bomb
commonly resisted, or even heals enemy
Acid Infusion - GOOD
can blind enemies
damage penetration commonly found on gears
Dissolving Acid can deal good damage
A lot of artifact staves cannot be commanded to be bonused for acid damge.
Frost Infusion - AVERAGE
can freeze enemies, which is one of the best debuff, and yourself is likely to equip for stun/freeze immunity
Ice Core gives you cold affinity, which results taking less damage from your own bomb
frozen AAD DOES NOT amplify damage
Alchemist's Helper has no cold damage bonus
commonly resisted
Lightning Infusion - BAD
can daze enemies
damage bonus commonly found on gears
sync with mana coils
Thunderclap can knockback and disarm enemies
dazed AAD loses HALF of its damage (and it's probably also off-balanced so another 7.5% loss of damage)
requires a category point

So you may wander where's the BEST option? Is there no such thing because alchemist is just such a weak class? Well, it indeed exists!
NO Infusion - BEST
enemies are usually not highly resisted to physical damage unless they're highly resisted to all
no sustain needed
damage bonus and damage penetration commonly found on gears, especially on range weapons, so you can wield those instead of staff (which saves a lot of generic points)!
no damage-reducing status to your AAD, even off-balanced
Alchemist's Helper has no physical damage bonus but you should get far more from your weapons

alchemist's main skill has a 4 cd compared to 3cd of other casters, and doesn't have a lot of other offensive spells to use between bombs, but it's the only class born with Staff Mastery, so the usual playstyle is Bomb, Channel Staff, Channel Staff, Channel Staff, Bomb... But there still exists other playstyles.
This is the usual playstyle. You're going to max the Channel Staff and Staff Mastery (so the most tight on generic points) and use Channel Staff a lot. In your hands, you're likely to equip an artifact staff (especially the Bolbum's Big Knocker, who does double damage compared to T5 non-fixdart staves) for better staff damage. But it may be still better to equip a short staff and a gun/mindstar for higher damage bonus, or a saw for some additional defense (don't use shields because shield tinkers are worse), and most importantly, a second tinker slot.
Ranged randarts can bring you about 100% physical damage bonus and 100% physical damage penetration if you're lucky. And you can actually use them to shoot if you don't bother taking Swift Hand prodigy (you need that to switch between alchemist gems and ammos instantly). Even though you have no mastery on these, the damage is probably still better than staff because 1. shots/arrows use 120% sum of stats while non-artifact staves only 80%; 2. shots'/arrows' base damages are higher than most staves; 3. of that great physical damage bonus and damage penetration (actual test with T5 green weapons and all stats at 100 result about same damage). T4 and T5 ranged weapons also have longer range than Channel Stuff. And Finally, its are weapon attack so it can gloom, cripple, slow... and ruins bone shield easily. Just be careful not shooting your golem/AAD/mouth/self.
And among all ranged weapons, a sling in main-hand and a gun (or whatever offering the best passive bonus) in off-hand is probably the best combination. Bow is worse because it uses 2 stats other than Magic and Cunning so you cannot max all. Gun is worse because it uses steam, has lower attack speed and off-hand gun cannot shoot anyway. Remember that you can use Creat Tinker - Steam Gun to make a no-yellow sling into a gun, so when doing the 4k lottery just ask for slings (guns have more distracting egos) and when you get 2 good ones, make the one with worse procs into a gun.
Though your spells are less and have longer cd compared to other casters, you can still be a pure caster with enough cd reduction. You'll want to get as many -spell cd item as possible. The ego of -10% spell cd can be found on boots/picks, and there's a artifact amulet called Zemekky's Broken Hourglass . -30% spell cd makes your bomb have 3 cd instead of 4 (and your barrier on full time), but can only be achieved with extreme luck or item vaulting. Otherwise you can also unlock Harmony tree and go for Windtouched Speed prodigy, whose -10% cd rounds down, so again a 3cd bomb. (But note that -spell cd comes after the -10% cd of Windtouched Speed, so with -30% spell cd and Windtouched Speed, bomb cd is still 3 lol). Eye of the Tiger may also helps but I don't know how random it is. In your hands, you just wield whatever suits you best (but remember, 2 is still better than 1 for the additional tinker slot).

Magic priority 1, always.
If you plan to shoot, then Cunning second, Dexterity third, Constitution last. If you're also a drem, you may add ~10 points to Constitution before Cunning.
Otherwise Constitution second, Cunning third, and Dexterity last.

This build needs at least 4 escort's rewards so I'm going for this first. And they're (ideally get the first 2 ASAP):
thief - Track
seer - Arcane Eye (I found the Track's uptime is really not enough)
anothril - Light tree unlock
tinker - tinkers unlock
Other good rewards include thief's Device Mastery, sun paladin's Chant of Fortitude (for you first, then your golem) and seer's Vision. Temporal explorer's Precognition is also good if you plan to take Temporal Form prodigy so that you can set your basic paradox high. Also note that you're one of the few classes who can never betray the escorts (and enter Zigur friendly) because of your golem and bomb.
Note that you can use your golem to block escorts.

Category Points
Inscription/Energy Alchemy > Light > Tinker > Inscription/Harmony/Advanced-golemancy

early: Heal/Regenerate, Movement, physical&mental Wild, Shield/Phase Door
late: Heroism, Movement, Medical Injector/Phase Door, Medical Injector/physical&mental Wild. If you have a fifth then a good Heal or a second Medical Injector/a Phase Door which you don't have.

lv30 - Arcane Amplification Drone (AAD)
This more than doubles your burst damage in the first 2 rounds of fight (even with a -20% friendly damage, 80% * 160* is still 128%), and helps your damage once every 10 turns after. It can also block the way, block enemy projectile and draw enemies' fire. Note that there's 2 situations where your AAD won't amplify damage: 1. it's frozen; 2. no enemies seen (that's why you need Arcane Eye along with Track). The produced arcane damage won't hurt you, but will damage your allies (your golem, escorts, etc).
lv42 - Swift Hand for slingers/ Windtouched Speed or Eye of the Tiger for casters/ otherwise choose a defensive one, like Cauterize, Draconic Will, Corrupted Shell, etc. Temporal Form is also good for casters if you don't need cd reduction further, for it gives you some additional active talents, and makes the spell damage you're otherwise not geared for much higher (can somebody helps me form this sentence?). Or Crafty Hands if you've found a couple of artifact gems. Or Worldly Knowledge if you somehow skipped Light tree or if you somehow want Divinity/Chant tree. Garkul's Revenge syncs greatly with AAD but I've never found the second item before High Peak.

You're one of the 2 classes that have a permanent pet, but your golem is way too weak than the other one. Well, your Golem can serve as a meat shield and output some damage in T1s and T2s and make the harsh early game easier, but later, especially after you've learned AAD he probably cannot survive for 1 turn between you and the enemy. So around lvl 25, you should no longer order your golem to follow you. Instead you should order him to stay around the exit (through Interact with Golem - I want to change your tactics - set Unleash anchor) so that you can use Golem Portal to precisely teleport to safety. You can also order him to block the escorts.
Stats - Strength and Magic to 36 for unlock talents, the rest to Constitution.
Talents - Golem/Fighting 1/1/1/1 and Golem/Arhane 2/5/1/5. Take some points from Molten Skin to breath if using drolem.
Inscriptions - 2 Shields and 1 Lightning, or Reflection if you've found it and haven't used it on yourself. Higher numbers are more important than shorter CD, for he's not likely to survive long enough to use them again. If you have unlocked Advanced-Golemancy tree, more Lightnings, then Biting Gales/Acid Waves/Rift. Too bad that he cannot use steam generators and wield saws. (If you find some way for him to use saws, please let me know.)
Equips - A 1 hander with as many debuffs as possible, then aim for higher damage. A shield and a massive armor as tanky as possible. Remember that you can give him tinkers and imbue his body armor with gems. If you have unlocked Advanced-Golemancy tree, 2 pearls in eyes (or spare artifact gems). One more turn your golem survived is one more turn the attacker is away from you, and though not likely, there is a chance that your golem can finish your former attacker off.
Besides, your golem can carry things for you, and note that give item in inventory to party member is INSTANT (actually not an action at all), which can be handy when you're encumbered due to disease/atropy. You can also give him a pick and use him to dig when fully commanding.

Class Points
Spell / Explosive admixtures 5/5/5/0 early 5/1/5/0 or 1 or 5 core, Shockwave Bomb luxury
Throw Bomb: max ASAP
Alchemist Protection: so that you don't bomb yourself to death early, but always make sure that you can refund it to lv1 because you want to use AAD later. (Note that Disarm Trap from Device Mastery is considered as a class talent learned.)
Explosion Expert: more points is bigger bomb area and longer range, which is necessary for corner snipe. This is also how your bomb damage become great -- the more tiles are blocked, the more damage your bomb does.
Shockwave Bomb: always physical damage. Not affected by Alchemist Protection and Explosion Expert so poor damage but can damage your allies, so work with AAD. Never hurt yourself though. Knockback can be helpful. 5 point if using no infusion, otherwise optional 1 point for a stun fodder.

Spell / Golemancy 1/0/0/0 early, 1/5/1/1 core, Golem Power luxury
Golem Power: the first point is really amazing.
Golem Resilience: One more turn your golem survived is one more turn the attacker is away from you.
Invoke Golem: has its use.
Golem Portal: a precise teleport to safety if you've left your golem in safety. Further points unneeded since it's supposed that you're no longer targetable after using this. Can even be used when frozen!

Spell / Fire alchemy 1/1/0/0 early, 1/1/1/1 or 2 core
Flame Infusion: the worst infusion
Smoke Bomb: one of your only defense, though still not reliable and costs a lot of mana.
Fire Storm: range is too short. Doesn't hurt allies though in description it only says it doesn't harm party members, so not working with AAD. 1 point for unlock.
Body of Fire: fire resistance is nice, and though the bolts' damage are pretty low they can still trigger on-spell-hit and on-spell-crit effects, which can be nice. You should usually have no more than 2 foes within range 6 so lv 2 is enough. Mana drain is very small and should be manageable but the 250 mana cost is pretty high so better leave this (and the previous skill) until very late.

Spell / Acid alchemy 1/1/3/2 early, 1 or 5/1/5/4 or 5 core
Acid Infusion: max if using this
Caustic Golem: your golem is probably already dead when hit by your bomb. 1 point for unlock.
Caustic Mire: DoT and slow, very nice. Only hurts enemies. Damage can stack.
Dissolving Acid: high damage and sustain removal, very nice. The damage can be higher than your bomb mid-game if you're using acid, and the CD and mana cost are also fairly cheap. Removing 2 sustains at lv2, 3 at lv4, so if you're not using acid you can just leave it at lv4. Can hit AAD for damage amplification.

Spell / Frost alchemy 1/1/5/2 early, 1 or 5/1/5/5 core
Frost Infusion: max if using this
Ice Armour: your golem is probably already dead when hit by your bomb. 1 point for unlock.
Flash Freeze: INSTANT. Good damage and can pin enemies. Max for max range. No friendly fire so not working with AAD. You can also use this to instantly know where that sneaking/invisible mob is to locate your AAD and bomb.
Ice Core: probably your only defense, which is fairly good, though the physical resistance is lower than it says. Critical damage shurg off is the high spot (that's equilevant to 200 points of Dexterity).

Spell / Advanced-golemancy Locked, [s]unlocking unrecommended[/s] after some reexamniation I found this may be worthy to have, especially if you somehow missed Light tree. Optional unlock with last category point. 1/5/1/5 core, Life Tap Golem luxury.
Life Tap Golem: heal that takes a turn with number higher than Healing Light.
Gem Golem: generally equals 2 armor and 2% resist all per level. One more turn your golem survived is one more turn the attacker is away from you. And if you have some spare artifact gems, you can feel free to put them into your golem's eyes rather than keep waiting for a better armor for your golem.
Supercharge Golem: an immediate revive of your golem. With this, you may Golem Portal - Refit Golem - Supercharge Golem when he's dead - go out to fight that guy yourself again while asking your golem to stay here - Golem Portal again.
Runic Golem: more runes for your golem. One more turn your golem survived is one more turn the attacker is away from you, and though not likely, there is a chance that your golem can finish your former attacker off, especially with the help of more offensive runes.

Spell / Energy alchemy Locked, unlocking unrecommended. I've never used this, so I guess 1/1/until the range doesn't increase/0 early, 5/1/5/until the range doesn't increase core
Lightning Infusion: max later
Dynamic Recharge: your golem is probably already dead when hit by your bomb. 1 point for unlock.
Thunderclap: knockback, disarm, and the CD and mana cost are also fairly cheap. Should work with AAD?
Living Lightning: movement speed bonus is low but still useful. Lightning struck can trigger on-spell-hit and on-spell-crit effects. The turn gain may be lifesaving sometimes?

General Points
better plan ahead, for it can be extremely tight depending on the build.

Race / Shalore 1/1/1/5 core, Magic of Eternals luxury
Race / Drem 1/1/1/1 core, everything but Spikeskin luxury

Race / Parasite TBH you benefit more from the head slot (with the tinker) and a better amulet than from global speed, so generally don't do this. If unlocked, 1/5/1/1 core, Horror Shell luxury if you're also maxing Constitution.

Technique / Combat Training learned in Last Hope with 50 gold. 0/1/0/0/0/0 early and core, Thick Skin, Heavy/Light Armor Training luxury.

Spell / Stone Alchemy 3/3/1/0 early, 5/5/1/0 core
You can get T3 weapons pretty early so lv3 in Extract Gems and Imbue Item. The item's tier can be lower than the gem's tier. Early you may want to imbue a quartz to your body armor for stun immunity. End game you'll probably use bloodstone for higher stun immunity/fire opal for critical chance/pearl for resist all/artifact gem.
Gem Portal is your another mobility skill, which is pretty good in most maps.
Too bad that you cannot use Stone Touch on yourself to gain the damage resistances :/

Spell / Staff Combat 2/3/1/0 early, 1 or 5/1 or 5/1/0 core, Defensive Posture luxury
Even if you plan to use guns or be a caster later, earlier you're still likely to use Channel Stuff a lot. 2/3 maximizes the damage and can still be refunded to 1/1, which is for unlocking Defensive Posture. If you think you can have spare points, feel free to add more points here. And if you're extremely tight on generic points, just leave this tree at 1/1/1/0 early and refund later.
The final skill, Blunt Thrust is for melee guys.
TBH, everyone can get this tree at 1.30 mastery with an alchemist escort and 1250 gold. Can we have another spell generic tree, like Divinity or Conveyance? Or at least have Cunning / Survival unlocked?

Cunning / Survival Locked, unlocking very unrecommended.

Celestial / Light get from an anothril escort. unlock at lv20, 1/3/1/1 core, everything luxury (first get Providence higher, then BiL to 5, then Providence and the other 2)
remember to put Barrier on auto-cast when no enemies visible

Steamtech / Physics unlock at lv36. 4/1/1/0 core, Mechanical 2, Electricity 2 luxury
Core for Back Support, Spike Attachment, Crystal Plating, Grounding Strap, Iron Grip, Mental Simulator, Air Recycler, Crystal Edge and Razor Edge.
Mechanical 2 for Kinetic Stabilizer, Rocket Boots and Fatal Attractor (if you have a way to regenerate steam).
Electricity 2 for Mana Coil and White Light Emitter.

Steamtech / Chemistry unlock at lv36. 1/0/0/0 core (or 1/1/1/0 for slingers), Therapeutics 3, Chemistry 1/3 luxury
Core for Pain Suppressor Salve, or Steam Gun and Headlamp for slingers.
Therapeutics 3 for Fiery Salve, Healing Salve, Water Salve, Frost Salve, Fungal Web, Moss Tread and Viral Injector.
Chemistry 1 for White Light Emitter, 3 for Alchemist's Helper and Winterchill Edge.

Wild-Gift / Harmony required if you want Windtouched Speed prodigy. You probably only need max 9 points here (8 from an item, 3 from refunding), so 1/1/5/2 core. And you may require an equip to regenerate Equilibrium.
You may want to use a T1 nature mindstar or learn Split Poison from a lore master to trigger the resist all from Elemental Harmony.
Healing Nexus sync with Bath in Light.

Corruption / Hexes get from the Fall of Zigur quest, unlock unrecommended.

Example Character Sheet
Shalore Acid Alchemist with Advanced-golemancy and Staff Combat:
have +2 generic points from alchemist mission reward
Spell / Explosive admixtures 5/1/5/0
Spell / Golemancy 5/5/1/1
Spell / Fire alchemy 1/1/1/1
Spell / Acid alchemy 5/1/5/5
Spell / Frost alchemy 1/1/5/5
Spell / Advanced-golemancy 1/5/1/5
Race / Shalore 1/1/1/5
Technique / Combat Training 1/1/0/0/0/0
Spell / Stone Alchemy 5/5/1/0
Spell / Staff Combat 5/5/1/0
Celestial / Light 1/3/1/3
Steamtech / Physics 4/1/1/0
Steamtech / Chemistry 3/3/0/0

Drem physical Alchemist with sling:
have +2 generic points from alchemist mission reward
Spell / Explosive admixtures 5/1/5/5
Spell / Golemancy 5/5/1/1
Spell / Fire alchemy 1/4/5/5 where else can I use my points?
Spell / Acid alchemy 1/1/5/5
Spell / Frost alchemy 1/1/5/5
Race / Drem 1/1/1/1
Technique / Combat Training 5/1/2/0/0/0
Spell / Stone Alchemy 5/5/1/0
Spell / Staff Combat 1/1/1/0
Celestial / Light 2/5/1/5
Steamtech / Physics 4/2/2/0
Steamtech / Chemistry 3/1/1/0

Bombs and Gems
Throw Bomb is probably the best AOE spell in game. Don't underestimate it by the low number in its description -- I've get in dev-mode, set my Magic to 300 (and thus effective spellpower to 100), bonus to all damage at 200%, spell crit chance at 100% with a 246% critical multiplier and not using any equipment but alchemist diamond, and then my Throw Bomb with effective talent level at 6.5 has a 605.2 damage in the tooltip, while Fireflash (the archmage talent) at 7.0 1233.6 damage, but when actually hitting a training dummy Throw Bomb deals 3248 damage and Fireflash 3140 -- bomb is actually a bit higher, and that's in Lake of Nur without any blocking (it's really hard to find such an empty space lol). Usually your spellpower is lower and that's more for bombs since its effective spellpower (and the one of Shockwave Bomb) is the average of your spellpower and the power of the gem used (350 raw for T5 gems). Throw Bomb also have 1 more range (can be further increased with specific gems), only half CD, far less mana cost and NO traveling time.
Bombs use gems, so what gems should you use? Of course not like those alchemist rares who always use alchemist agates, you should use different gems on different situations. Here're my choices:
agate/opal/onyx/ruby/diamond: for the damage bonuse. But note that your bomb damage (before gem effects) are affected by the tier of alchemist gems used, so it may produce more damage by using a higher tier alchemist gem instead of a lower tier one with damage bonus.
topaz: more range.
bloodstone: when you really need some heal, affected by healing mod.
lapis lazuli: mana regen, useful early in long battles..
agate (looted from corpses): reviving golem.

Alchemist Mission Reward
You can usually get four. Mysticism (+3 Magic and +3 Will) and Explosive Force (+4% spell crit) should always chosen. Foundation (+2 generic points) should also be good for some luxury general points. You may also want get Fox (+3 Dexterity and +3 Cunning) at last for an artifact gem reward. Focus (+2 class points) is usually not needed.

Forbidden Tome Reward
The Day it comes - +3% spell crit

remember that swapping tinkers is instant. It just puts the tinkers' talent and the charm of the item attached on CD.
head: Mental Simulator for +3% crit chance and more gun damage, Air Recycler for underwater breathing and silence immunity, or Headlamp for light and accuracy.
main-hand (and possible off-hand): If using Lightning Infusion, Mana Coil for Lightning on spell hit. Otherwise Crystal Edge for critical multiplier, or Mana Coil for mana regen (should enable you to throw one bomb which can regenerate more mana with alchemist lapis lazuli) when needed.
body: Crystal Plating for stats bonus.
cloak: Grounding Strap for stun immunity.
hand: Iron Grip for disarm immunity, or Fatal Attractor for a meat shield if you have a way to regenerate steam.
belt: Alchemist's Helper for damage bonus, Back Support for reduced fatigue and more encumbrance, or Fungal Web if you're using injectors.
foot: Kinetic Stabilizer for passive teleport immunity and some other minor benefits, Moss Tread to leave a trail of slow effect (this one only costs 5 steam, so you can still use it frequently even with no way to regenerate steam), or Rocket Boots if you have a way to regenerate steam.
lite: White Light Emitter for light and weapon damage bonus if also using Crystal Edge.
golem's weapon: Razor Edge if you only have core talents, otherwise Viral Injector or Winterchill Edge for debuffs.
golem's shield: any thing good and cheap?
golem's body: Spike Attachment for armor.

for main-hand and off-hand, see above in playstyle.
For body, early you probably want to be in a light armour to keep fatigue down, and late I actually find robes are ok as long as your total armor is not very low and put some points into Light Armour Training, and they can offer some huge damage bonus and damage penetration. If you don't find any good, then go for a heavy/massive one offering the best defense.
For other slots, priority on -spell cd if you want, then go for 100% spell crit chance (a bit more is also welcome because of atrophy) and 100% stun immunity, and then critical multiplier, damage bonus, damage penetration, spellpower, Magic, resistance, armor, max hp... damage bonus and critical mutiplier is usually better than Magic and spellpower, especiall since your bombs only uses half of your spellpower to determine the damage (the other half comes from the gems), but when you already have ~200% damage bonus and ~300% critical multiplier things may go different.
Some Fixdarts to mention:
generally good stuff: Eye of the Dreaming one, Wintertide Phial, Burning Star, Rod of Spydric Poison, Dakhtun's Gauntlets, Wrap of Stone, Mummified Egg-sac of Ungolë...
specific good stuff
Telos's Staff (Top Half): the only 1H artifact staff. Spellpower, 15% spell critical chance and mental save. Just a pity cannot commanded to bonus to acid damage (fire/cold/arcane/lightning only, 35%).
Telos's Staff (Bottom Half): good off-hand gear. 20% bonus to cold and acid damage, Magic, 8% spell critical chance, 20% critical mutiplier and 20% confusion immunity.
Life Drinker: good off-hand gear. 15% bonus to acid damage, Magic and spellpower, 11.8% spell critical chance (counting the 6 Cunning bonus), and on-spell-hit effect.
Death's Embrace: light armour. 18 armor, 15% hardness, cold/darkess/temporal resistance, 24.5% crit shurg off (counting the 5 Dexterity bonus, ready for full immunity to critical with Ice Core :P), 20% bonus to cold damage, Magic and spellpower and 20% critical mutiplier.
Exiler: 10% bonus to physical damage, spellpower and on-spell-hit effect.
Void orb: 4% bonus to fire/cold/lightning/physical damage plus 5% bonus to all damage, spellpower, 5% spell critical chance, on-spell-hit effect, 30% silence immunity and activate Mana Thrust beam.
Crystle's Astral Bindings: minor bonus to Magic and spellpower, spellpower on spell crit, 3% spell critical chance, on-spell-hit effect. (But Dakhtun's Gauntlets may still be way better.)
Zemekkys' Broken Hourglass: -10% spell cd. The active ability is also useful.
Steamcatcher, Steam Powered Boots: steam regeneration. The boots is almost a granted drop.
Petrified Wood, Windborn Azurite, Goedalath Rock, Lifebinding Emerald: artifact gems with good stats.
General things you may want to save
short staff
everything having damage bonus to cold/acid damage and damage penetration if you haven't decided to use no or lightning infusion, so you can change your damage type depending on your gears and enemy resists, and you may have enough points to max both Acid and Frost Infusion
items + Strength for getting in better armour and attaching tinkers to your golem's equips
items + Constitution if you're levelling Dexterity instead of Constitution and are going to max Thick Skin
items with Wards, especially those to the damage type of your bomb
water-breathing equip
gloves/gauntlets with Disperse Magic charm
hat with Stone Wall charm
mindstar with Burrow charm
torque of psychoportation
torque of clear mind
torque/totem granting the highest sum of Invoke Tentacle/Lay Web/Mind Blast/Rushing Claw talent levels if you're going to take Windtouched Speed prodigy
items +max HP if you want to abuse the snapshot of Chant of Fortitude (this may give you 100~200 additional max HP, but on Insane your sustains are frequently removed so this can be tedious)

To Be Rich
You can extract gems from metal weapons, armors, helms, gauntlets, boots and bullets. If that item is not pink/orange the gem will worth more. Then you throw your pink/orange items into APE and get lump of metals which you use to create tinkers, from which you can extract gems again :D.

any advices and comments are welcome

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I thought Arcane Amplification Drone didn't work with Bombs because Alchemist protection also protects the drone? Or has that been changed?

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This guide only puts one point in alchemist protection so it works with AAD. Honestly I'm not even sure it deserves one point with heavy AAD use since Shockwave Bomb is so spectacularly useless.

This guide criminally underrates stone touch. Stoned is simply one of the best statuses in the game. It prevents action and healing entirely and potentially allows you to one-shot enemies[Although alchemist damage sucks so you probably won't one-shot anything important]. It doesn't work on the final bosses or stun immune enemies, but it still works on the vast majority of things. Zero points in it is just utterly baffling.

The infusion comparision section is also riddled with questionable logic and straight-up factual errors:

Fire Infusion is the most egregiously bad evaluation. Fire Infusion does the most damage of all the bombs by a considerable margin if you're willing to use the admittedly annoying set-up.
The set-up works as follow:
Step 0: Have two enemies within sight, one of which is your primary target
Step 1: Alchemist bomb only the first one with fire infusion on
Step 2: Catch both enemies in smoke bomb
The second enemy now has a 7-8 turn burn on them as opposed to the 3 turn burn that the first enemy has. However, the damage per turn of the burn remains unchanged, so the second enemy will take more then twice as much damage from a single bomb.
This combination becomes even more potent if you're a Doomelf. Between steps 1 and 2, you use pitiless on the first target, so that you end up with nearly quintupled bomb damage over 14 turns on all other enemies. Doomelf is also just a good race in general since you can extend stone touch[Although the duration is special-cased to never go above 8, so be aware of that]. This still doesn't fix the lack of instant damage and I have no idea how it interacts with AAD though, so Fire Infusion is probably still not the best one. It is in no way the worst one though.

I think that the above set-up illustrates why fire infusion consuming smoke bomb is not actually a disadvantage.

Fire resistance on enemies being somewhat more common doesn't matter much since most dangerous enemies with high resistances get that way through resall. However, stone touch grants a bunch of fire resistance so that is a con you didn't mention.

Similarly, Lightning and physical are also resisted by stone touch which is a pretty big con, although it only grants 30% physical resistance which isn't nearly as much as the huge chunk of fire/lightning resistance it grants.

Your logic for equipment load-out also jumps all over the place. No infusion gets a pro listed in that bolbum's and similar work with it, but also a pro for being able to use bows with a bajillion phys damage on them. Pick one and stick with it.

Using ranged weapons is also pretty baffling. It only makes sense with no infusion and swift hands, since then you can swap to a bow right before using throw bomb. Even then you'd be better off between swapping between a randart staff with good spellpower for applying statuses and a fixedart staff with good channel staff damage.

Doomelf is also a very strong racial choice between the fire infusion synergy mentioned earlier, instant teleport that goes through walls and being able to extend stone touch. Their other racials are also really good.

The guide also just has a bunch of weird things in it like taking mysticism and explosive force ahead of generic/class points and 5/5ing shockwave bomb.

In general this is not a good guide. It ignores one of alchemist's best talents, can't decide what it wants to recommend for equipment and doesn't even have the dubious recommendation of a winner to back up the claims being made. The core of the guide, not maxing alchemist protection and using AAD for a big damage boost is pretty solid though.

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Super sad that Channel Staff does not work with AAD.

By the way, does Garkul´s Revenge still result in 1600% damage from AAD, or has that cheat.. I mean, strategy been gutted?

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