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Two-Handed Sword Shadowblade playable ?
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Author:  Chattius [ Thu Apr 14, 2016 7:54 am ]
Post subject:  Two-Handed Sword Shadowblade playable ?


my father played tome for a long long time and he showed this game to me. Currently i am a bit handicapped with a broken upper leg and can spend more time at a computer then i actually want. The hospital had a wlan room, but i couldn't go there on myself. So i played mainly offline.
I got a character in normal roguelike modus to level 25 now. It is a heavily armoured, non stealthy, ogre shadowblade. Her weapon is a two-handed sword in the main hand and a parasite mindstar in the offhand. So i put 5 points in swords but can't do any in psiblade because she started with mana. I unlocked celestal/light and the temporal magic tree.

I plan to get the life stealing ring from the slaver arena. Will it stack with the mindstar? How high is the chance to get higher tier mindstars later in the game?
If they stack, how good will the healing be? Which prodigies would you choose?

I want to do flexible combat (for more reliable healing???) and giant leap.
Another idea could be to take the 'elemental surge' prodigy if i have the luck to find the 'Elemental Fury' ring. Will the damage from the two-handed weapon will be high enough to trigger the elemental surge effects if it is divided on 4 damage types?

The character is named Burgfräulein Runhild. Burgfräulein would be the daughter of the castle owner and Runhild is my second prename i got from my grandma: she who protects with wisdom (runes).

Thanks in advance

Author:  Razakai [ Thu Apr 14, 2016 9:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Two-Handed Sword Shadowblade playable ?

I plan to get the life stealing ring from the slaver arena. Will it stack with the mindstar? How high is the chance to get higher tier mindstars later in the game?

Bloodcaller (the ring) applies on all sorts of damage. Whether that be melee or spells, so yes, it'll stack with the Mindstar.
You'll certainly find plenty of Mindstars late game. However without Psiblades, they may not be the strongest choice. There's a number of excellent Shadowblade daggers you'll find - keep an eye out for Mercy and Mandible of Ungolmor. Of course, you'd need to invest points into Dagger Mastery for optimal damage, but Shadowblades tend to have a fair few spare generics.
Bloodcaller's actual healing averages out to 4.5% of all damage you deal. You can unlock training dummies in the Sher'tul Fortress that will tell you how much damage per turn you do so you'll have a good idea.

Which prodigies would you choose?

Cauterize is always a good choice for survivability. You can unlock the requirement by zapping yourself with a fire wall wand for a while.
Damage-wise, Arcane Might is good considering you have magic anyway. Flexible Combat can be good if you have the right gloves - Dakhtun's Gauntlets or a randart with Dominate/Cripple for example.
While it might not be the same raw damage as AM/FC, Windblade is great on normal difficulty for clearing out packs of enemies.
I wouldn't recommend Elemental Surge.

Author:  Chattius [ Fri Apr 15, 2016 8:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Two-Handed Sword Shadowblade playable ?

Thanks, currently i am level 28 so it is still a bit for the first prodigy.
It's somehow amazing how a single item can help you. I found the Lightbringer's Wand and it does damage, works as meatshield, the orb doesn't move so i can block a passage to start a movement rune to run away... I consider it currently as more useful than an artifact or orange twohander which i haven't found yet, grmbl.

Author:  Razakai [ Fri Apr 15, 2016 8:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Two-Handed Sword Shadowblade playable ?

Once you complete Dreadfell and return from the eastern continent, you'll be able to buy randarts directly from the Last Hope merchant (if you rescued him). Expensive, but guarantees you what's usually a quite strong weapon.
Although in my play experience you'll have no problem finding artifacts 2hs. There's a lot of very strong ones out there. Champion's Will, Deathblyd and Borosk's Hate are all good choices, or randarts that have gloom/torment on-hits.

Author:  ster [ Tue Dec 13, 2016 8:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Two-Handed Sword Shadowblade playable ?

for prodigies just pick naloren (for the 10/10 exotic mastery, which will do far more than anything else and will let you use the like, 1 good whip in offhand too (skeletal claw)) and maybe arcane might if you're investing in mag. i'd use either a really good parasitic mindstar or fixedart daggers like shantiz/spelldrinker/mercy in offhand since your damage from there is mostly going to be insignificant.

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