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Quick Skirmisher Overview from a Ghoul's Perspective
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Author:  Tasidar [ Wed Jun 18, 2014 1:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Quick Skirmisher Overview from a Ghoul's Perspective

Hi, I'm Tasidar. This will be my first guide. I haven't won the game yet as I only play on Roguelike but I noticed a lack of guides for the new class.
Update: I have won the game now, once, on a Stonewarden.
I wanted to scribble down some observations for those who have newly unlocked Skirmishers and are trying to make sense of the class.

2017 update: Picked the game up again and had a nice run up to the Shade of Telos and played sloppily; greedily trying to finish the fight after clearing adds instead of resetting it by going up stairs and renewing cooldowns. I've lost a few high level runs here. Seems to be a lesson I never learn :lol:. Small edits that I might update later if I actually get a win on this race/class combo.

Switching a piece of gear (preferably) with the Quick Hands prodigy with an affix, I think its called 'Deep Breath', that lets you restore half your stamina is mandatory. This class, even with the remedies in its kit is still stamina hungry as hell. Stamina scumming with the Deep Breath gear lets you go heavy armor (you'll still need Pace Yourself, the cooldown on Deep Breath is pretty long).

Edited guide to remove the advice to level constitution, use gear instead to qualify for thick skin & get +HP gear to achieve survivability. Constitution has a very poor return and is a noob trap I've fell for for a very long time. Hopefully DarkGod buffs it.

Hunt down a high range sling as a priority, spend gold if you have to. The 9-10 range increases Kill Shot damage into the One-Hit-Kill mark vs most dangerous mages and some random rares.

Use a teleportation rune, drop a shield rune.

I took the poison catagory for the poison that reduces healing because I ran into two fights where I was being outhealed by the boss (the notable one being the naga boss in the Temple of Creation). Skirmisher damage isn't massive and some fights can be fairly drawn out.

I still had a spare Catagory point left over after purchasing rune slots and Poison. It felt bad but in the end I sunk it into raising the Called Shots catagory.

The 'Feel' of Skirmisher.
With the new ammo reload mechanics all archers classes have been given more incentive to 'kite' their enemies i.e. shoot then move, shoot then move. Skimishers have been given Vault and Tumble (and passives that improve them) to make them fun kiters. However Vault will get you killed if you use it to leap foward into the fog of war because as an escape it puts you further into danger unless you do some planning.

The way to deal damage with this class seems to be via 'proc' or 'on hit' effects. Bash and Smash, Hurricane Shot, Bombardment & Knoggin Knocker are multi hit talents; some with unimpressive ratios. So, when you are appraising gear favor inferior proc gear over other superior options.

Races (or my apologies for not having a decent rundown on race synergies)
Unless I'm going for a particular unlock I play Ghouls on all my classes (Unless they completely lack a regen mechanic). It's my favourite race and they are alot of fun with Skirmishers.

- Ghoulish Body and Trained Reflexes stops 'WTF?!' damage spikes outright. You will never walk around a corner and be instagibbed by anything.
- The 'Offensive' clensing runes favour ghoul skirmisher playstyles so you won't grieve for your lack of incriptions; True melee fighters have a hard time without heroism, healing, regen and movement infusions and delicate casters are too squishy to have the correct positioning required to get the most out of Acid Wave and Biting Gale. Robust and mobile Skirmishers strike the right balance.
- In addition the instant rune blasts make up for another weakness of skirmishers: weak AoE damage.
- Ghoulish Leap! Another kiting tool and more of those are always welcome.

- No Antimagic :twisted: . Willpower is a skirmisher stat so this is a biggie.
- Global speed -20% :shock: . However you feel this less with Swift Shot and Superb Agility. If it freaks you out wear Eden's Guile boots.
- Healing options are thin on the ground. You are relying on Tireless Combatant regen and Shielding Runes. You will want a solid shield rune, a teleport rune for resetting boss fights + three offensive clensing runes. Note that you don't get massive damage spikes on a ghoul; it will often be layers of damage over time debuffs that will kill you.

If I had to play a non Ghoul I would avoid Halfings because you get enough crit via the skirmisher kit and a high cunning. Halfings are only good on classes that arn't going to raise their cunning IMHO.

Prime Stats
Dexterity > Willpower/Cunning > Strength to qualify for armor.
First you are focusing on Dexterity first to qualify for better sling damage talents. Ghoulish Body will raise your Con high enough by itself to snap up the first level of Thick Skin. Get enough cunning to qualify for Kill Shot and be able to keep raising it while at the same time working on your willpower for stamina and health regen. Use Con gear to nab the last levels of Thick Skin

Talent and Generics rundown
Technique / Buckler Training (1/1-4/5/0)
This is unreliable damage mitigation, the skill that deflects projectiles is golden however and great to max turning many enemies who would be a nightmare into a joke. Smash and Bash is your best early game nuke and your only 'GTFoff' me button for enemies that have closed into melee after that you should start considering Vault/Leaping away to kite because some of your stamina/life regen will be denied while you have enemies at personal range.

The last talent seems like a dud.

Technique / Skirmisher - Slings (5/1/3/0-5*) *only raise bombardment once you have Capacity+ bullets and a piece of Deep Breath gear or you'll run out of ammo and stamina.
Hurricane shot needs to be raised quickly to 3 at least for ten AoE shots; its nice to Quick Hands switch to Sling Bullets that have a 'Blast on hit' effect as those 10 shots will overlap and help clear large rooms of enemies. This is the only skirmisher AoE option in the kit :cry:, rune blasts can help make up the shortfall. Also as a FYI Bombardment counts as stamina expense for Eternal Warrior resist all stacks.

Technique / Tireless Combatant (5/4/5/4)
Hard to find the spare points to qualify for & level this tree but its something you need to do eventually. Remember to try and keep enemies non-adjacent.

Cunning / Called Shots (1-4/5/1-4/4)
The first talent in this tree is great even at 1 talent point and will often be your ranged opener.
Kill Shot is your Best nuke surpassing Smash and Bash if cast at max range; use Tumble to get the best damage. One of its best uses is vs necromancers and summoners who fill up the screen with minions, or dangerous wizards who hide behind bruisers that need to be taken down pronto. None of these skills require direct line of sight; marvelous.

Cunning / Poisons & Cunning / Traps
I picked the poison category for access to the reduced healing poison which I felt was necessary.

Technique / Acrobatics (3 or 4/3-5/5/4)
Tumble doesn't improve at level two (ignore the crit bonus, that's not why you are taking it) and only becomes useful at level three and four. Note that it is instant like a chronomancer's phase door and functions mechanically similar and won't suffer paradox failure.. albeit it is much shorter. It is great to set up Kill Shot or as a Line of Sight breaker.
If you have reached zero ammo try tumbling behind an enemy (an instant action) then vaulting back before sprinting away to quickly reload up. Then you can turn to fight again. You can turn 45 degrees after Vault without the run speed dropping off. Managing your ammo can be tedious and the main challenge of this class. One of your first goals is to hunt down a decent ammo pouch with the 'Capacity' modifier so you have approximately 60 shots to work with.

Undead / Ghoul (5/3/1/0)
Max Ghoulish body pronto to qualify for early Thick Skin for free as well as being able to slap on the armor that you like. Get Leap to 3 which should be good enough. Skirmishers have no synergy with Gnaw.

Quick Hands for, among other things, stamina scumming with a piece of Deep Breath(I think that's what its called) gear that restored 50% of your stamina.

Author:  Tasidar [ Thu Jun 19, 2014 1:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Quick Skirmisher Overview from a Ghoul's Perspective

I had Borfast's Cage drop for me fairly early so I'm trying out a massive armour build with Pace Yourself to reduce the fatigue. 620 health for level 16, not bad.

Author:  Tasidar [ Thu Jul 03, 2014 1:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Quick Skirmisher Overview from a Ghoul's Perspective

Died to the Dragon boss in the slime pits, didn't switch to a psychoportation torc fast enough. RIP.

Author:  edge2054 [ Thu Jul 03, 2014 2:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Quick Skirmisher Overview from a Ghoul's Perspective

Bummer :(

But hey thanks for posting this. It got me interested in playing a skirmisher. I went thalore as I still need the oozeomancer unlock. Alas I think I got bored around dreadfell.

Maybe I'll give them another shot sometime as a ghoul.

Author:  Faeryan [ Sun Nov 09, 2014 2:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Quick Skirmisher Overview from a Ghoul's Perspective

Ranged char with the less appealing ranged weapon, shield that no ranged char would or should use, horrible ammo management, all in all a horrible class.. until you play one. This class is a barrel of fun to play, at least for me.

So far at level 35 or so I just went East and haven't had any serious troubles with anything except Old Forest graves (my fault) and few unlucky champions of urkrokh in Dreadfell vault. The latter even got me killed, partly because of my own stupidity. I forgot how hard they hit and didn't flee at 40% HP.

The guide itself seems pretty accurate from what I can compare playing a Cornac AM Skirmisher myself.
Gotta say the Wil increase is a must for Skirmisher (especially that I didn't do much stamina regenerate tree until the last few levels) and with AM I actually have a good reason for that.
Cornac with extra category point and no racial tree makes an obvious race to pick for AM Skirmisher.

As for the skills I gotta say the AoE skill is a must have for room clearing. Tumble and whatnot in the generic tree are really good too. Had a few tight spots because I didn't level their range enough early on.

Shield bash thing was my bread and butter skill early while afound 30 I moved towards Kill Shot and other Called Shot skills. Kill Shot with 250% bonus damage (which equals around 1200 hits) even with my pretty bad sling pouch is pretty awesome.
With AM there's just a bit of shortage of artifact bullets. Found two so far and both arcane. :(

Bombardment or whatever it is that makes default shoot do 3 hits I haven't yet specced but having a lot of anticipation for it.

Stamina management with heavyish armor is bad as is low str for lugging things around. Many times I've found myself with empty stamina bar but it was nothing that my big regular hits couldn't have handled. In top of that Vital Shot doesn't use stamina which is awesome.

Just gotta get some disarm and mind resists and I should be set on winning. Those two are really common and bad effects on me. Don't know if they changed to be more common in the last few updates but I've been away a while and don't remember them being THAT common before.

Author:  grobblewobble [ Sat Feb 07, 2015 10:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Quick Skirmisher Overview from a Ghoul's Perspective

Faeryan wrote:
Just gotta get some disarm and mind resists and I should be set on winning. Those two are really common and bad effects on me. Don't know if they changed to be more common in the last few updates but I've been away a while and don't remember them being THAT common before.

Acid runes will disarm you since the last few versions. Because acid runes are very common, the result is that classes relying on weapons are now really annoying to play because you're constantly being disarmed. And disarm immunity is hard to find, much harder than stun/freeze immunity. I think this was a bad design decision.

Author:  Tasidar [ Tue Feb 21, 2017 12:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Quick Skirmisher Overview from a Ghoul's Perspective

Minor update on the guide. Removed some info that would've led people astray such as leveling Con. Hopefully I can post a win in the future.

Author:  ster [ Tue Feb 21, 2017 1:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Quick Skirmisher Overview from a Ghoul's Perspective

dont play a ghoul if you want to win, on any difficulty. infusions are far better than you seem to think (survival is way better than doing a bit of damage with disarm/freeze attached, shielding runes are ok but they lack duration) and gspeed loss hurts too

Author:  Micbran [ Tue Feb 21, 2017 2:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Quick Skirmisher Overview from a Ghoul's Perspective

If you keep dying to the Shade of Telos, do remember that that zone is optional. You can always continue to use the Farportal in Reknor and completely ignore Tannen or do the annoying demon part of the Tannen quest instead.

Realistically, Ghoul would be a lot better if runes were better. As of now, Runes are pretty meh. Nothing they have can compare to Heroism/Movement in the slightest.

Author:  GlassGo [ Sun Mar 11, 2018 11:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Quick Skirmisher Overview from a Ghoul's Perspective

Remember that now you have Tinker's salve and can play Ghouls whatever you like!

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