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 Post subject: Smithfield UI v1.0
PostPosted: Tue Mar 03, 2020 3:35 am 

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Smithfield UI is the union of tactical-minimap and hunting-keys.

The nature of the changes makes it impractical to modularize through options, so instead I've published the parts and the whole separately. If you find that you like these changes, you only need sms-ui.

Tactical Minimap, changes the tactical borders and the colors of the minimap objects to match.

You are green.
Friendlies are light blue. So are stairs.
Neutrals are purple. Oranges are hostiles.
Hostile Elites, Bosses and Rares are shades of Red and easily distinguished from one another.

Hunting Keys, facilitates keyboard-only play especially for those using a small screen.

ToME is essentially a 20x20 game. Most of the time players are interested in a 10x10 octant of that 20x20. Realizing this, I've made an addon which, using the center of the screen as a reference, allows you to offset the view in the opposite direction of your movement, thus giving you a full screen ahead of you.

Press your scroll key (i use 'z') then press a movement (i use modified-vi keys). This moves the view so that everything is in front of you in the direction of movement. You can use it in succession to quickly look around. Rest centers the view on the character.

Pressing scroll twice, enters 'scroll' mode which moves the view by about 5 tiles each time you press a movement key. Again, pressing the 'rest' key centers and exits 'scroll' mode.

Pressing the 'scroll' key a third time, exits 'scroll' mode leaving the view at its current location.

Warning. In this initial release (1.0), both the hunting-keys addon and the sms-ui addon break some of the mouse targeting functionality. It does not cause any script errors (that I am aware of), but it does essentially maim the use of the mouse to move the screen around. In time, I will resolve this issue, but its a non-issue for me as I do not wish to use the mouse at all. It also maims a few places where the game centers the view upon the player, most especially at the start of a zone. This, again, is something that I will fix at some point, but this method of camera control is so simple and immediate that it does not cause me any inconvenience. It is two key presses to center the view and its an action that stays in your muscle memory from constant use. Compared to the difficulty that I've experienced with the existing scroll/centering logic, this is a much preferable situation.

If you prefer keyboard play, and have a small screen (like 1366x768), then you will very possibly find this quite useful. But if you use the mouse to aim and attack, you won't like it.

The tactical minimap is completely safe for any use. This is the primary reason that I've split them into pieces.

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